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    WTB Mobile Charger - Micro USB. Samsung preferred.

    Hi guys, I'm looking for charger for my Galaxy Nexus preferably 1AMP Samsung or the original ones that come with phones. I'm tired of all the "OEM" fakes on ebay and the original ones aren't worth so much money. Please PM me your offers Thanks :)
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    User Experience Designing- Courses and Career

    Hi all, I am persuing BCA degree in Bangalore and I am very interested in the field of user experience designing(UX design) and HCI(human computer interaction) and I am looking to start a career in those fields. As i have a basic understanding of UX designing and its working, could you guys...
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    FS: Mobile Galaxy Nexus 5 months old, with bill and intl. warranty

    Hi all, I'm selling my beloved Google Galaxy Nexus which is around 5 months old, purchased from through ICC world which reached me on 22/05/2012. As the pictures say, i have taken utmost care of this master piece, believe it or not, I have never placed the phone on a hard...
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    FS: Laptop HP M6.15days old, all aluminium slim laptop. i5/6gb/750gb/2gb GFX.

    Product Name: HP Pavliion M6 1002-TX with HP branded bag pack. Expected Price: Rs 49990Rs. Shipping charges: At actuals, Free for Bangalore buyers Manufacturer page URL: Not able to find HP's link, here's flipkart's HP Pavilion M6 Series 1002tx Laptop: Compare, Review HP Notebook...
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    Very simple VB college project - Need help urgently.

    Hi all, I need help in doing a VB college project, the project is very simple, we named it "EasyPay" What it does is. 1. Create 10 tables with bill details(phone, water and electricity) and assign them unique numbers. 2. You enter a unique number and the table that you created corresponding...
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    Laptops HP M6 slim aluminium laptop with 3rd gen i5/i7

    Hey guys, I came across this beautiful laptop by HP called the M6-1002TX, with i5/i7, 750GB HDD, AMD 7670M. This lappy isn't available everywhere and i found it only in an HP store. The main attraction about this laptop is the brushed aluminium lid which looks similar to the MacBook and the HP...
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    Budget 41-50k HP Pavillion DV6 or Inspiron 15R SE or anything else?

    What's your Budget? 50k What will be your primary usage for the notebook be? Web surfing, Casual Gaming What size and weight considerations do you have? 15.6" Any brand that you prefer- HP, Dell or any brand that you detest? Lennovo,acer Ok, this is yet another "which laptop to buy...
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    FS: Storage Hardware WD Caviar Black 1TB- Sealed, Brand new

    Product Name: WD Caviar Black WD1001FALS 32MB cache Expected Price: 5690 Shipping charges : At actual. Description if any: Brand New WD 1TB caviar black. Reason for Sale: Extra Product condition: 10 of 10 Purchase Date: April 2012 Remaining Warranty period:Till December 2014. Warranty available...
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    WTB Silicon Ear Bud Tips

    Hey guys, I'm looking for the silicon earphone earbud tips for my samsung's earphone, Unfortunately it came with only the medium sized silicon which are too big for my ear canal so i'm looking for the smallest sized earbud tips like the one in the image, Please PM if you have them. Just...
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    The Samsung Google Galaxy Nexus Thread.

    Google Galaxy Nexus - Discusson GALAXY NEXUS simple.beautiful.beyond smart Pure Google Galaxy Nexus is the latest smartphone from Google and comes with Android 4.0, the best Google mobile services and fastest updates directly from Google. Tech Specs Screen [*=left]4.65"...
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    Lots of Hard Drives- New Sealed(RMA) and Used, 160GB - 2TB.

    For Sale Product Information Product Name: 1. WD 1TB Caviar Black WD1001FALS BRAND NEW with 2 and a half yr warranty - 6290Rs, 2. WD 2TB Caviar Green WD20EURS >> http://www.techencla...-warranty-6190/ 6190Rs SOLD 3. Seagate 250GB DB35.4 RMA SEALED Warranty upon request - 1990Rs 4. Seagate...
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    2TB Western Digital, Caviar Green with Warranty @ 6190

    For Sale Product Information Product Name: 2TB Western Digital, Caviar Green Expected Price: Rs 6190 Shipping charges:Free Manufacturer page URL: Description if any: This product was purchased abroad and is eligible for Western Digital "Out of region"...
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    MSI nVidia 8400GS 1GB DDR3,2 yr warranty @ Rs.990

    Product Name: MSI N8400GS 1GB DDR3 ​ Expected Price: Rs 990 ​ Shipping charges: FREE Manufacturer page URL: Description if any: This card has been used for less than a year, working perfectly just like new. Reason for Sale: Not...
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    Sharing network to 3rd flr. from ground flr. (35-40 Ft.)

    Hey guys, My family and my brother-in-law live in the same apartment complex but my BIL stays on the 3rd floor where as we live on the ground floor. Problem: My BIL wants to use my wifi internet at his home and i need some help in sharing my internet connection with him. The wifi signals from...
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    Offers on laptop?

    Guys i'm planning to buy Dell Inspiron 15R online and the price at is around 32.2k, Are there any good offers or freebies for purchasing stuff above 30k? Mods please delete this topic, Posted by mistake. Reported using the report button too.
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    Buy Galaxy Nexus or wait?- For something big(SGS3)?

    After i lost my galaxy spica, i almost bought the Galaxy s2 and when i was looking around for reviews i changed my mind and decided to wait for the Galaxy nexus, After i read about the confirmed specs of the Nexus prime it got me wondering if the galaxy nexus is a major upgrade over the galaxy...
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    I'm starting this thread as there is no dedicated thread to discuss deals on I found Samsung Galaxy S i9000 for 17599Rs after applying "KOOVSJACK4" "KOOVSGRAB11" is a coupon with 3500Rs off on purchases over 20000Rs.- Now working!:clap: Galaxy S2 for 26490Rs after applying "KOOVGRAB11"
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    Used Galaxy S or anything else? <14k

    Hey guys, I recently lost my spica and now with a very tight budget i'm on a lookout for a used phone. My budget is 14k and i cannot tolerate these low-end android devices anymore(glaxy fit,pop,ace etc.), I'm looking for a mature high end android device, So, i am left with samsung galaxy S...
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    Samsung Galaxy S i9000

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a used samsung galaxy S, Preferably within warranty, Please PM me your quotes. I stay in Bangalore and sellers from Bangy are preferred. P.S- No siblings of SGS please.
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    Noob buying a DSLR/High end point&shoot <25k. Advice needed

    Hi guys, This question is from a person who is used to taking photos from a Canon IXUS 50, 5MP point and shoot camera. We're going on a vacation to Europe and that is why i need a good camera. I have a budget of 25k and i am looking for a good camera, I am a bit of a photographer but Not too...