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  1. zhopudey

    WTB Nexus 7

    Want a nexus 7, preferably 32gb for cheap! Hit me with your offers. I'm in Mumbai. Can trade with a 3 month old galaxy grand.
  2. zhopudey

    Nexus 7 vs galaxy tab p311

    So I made an impulse buy of the Nokia 808 ( 16k on zoomin). Now I think I should sell off my galaxy grand and get a tab. Am considering either nexus 7 or tab 2 p311. N7 pros - Latest sw always Better rez screen Better at heavy games ( not important to me) Tab 2 pros - SD card slot...
  3. zhopudey

    Storage Solutions HDD mbr is corrupt. How to recover?

    Stupid partition magic has foosked up my hdd :( Can't access my data partition. Now, acronis disk director can see the partiotn, and even lets me browse the files on it. But it cannot assign a drive letter, cannot clean it or split it. I tried a program called Stellar Pheonix data recovery, but...
  4. zhopudey

    Note II vs Nexus 4

    I was earlier thinking about N4 vs N7 3G. Have dropped N7 from the race, but now I've added Note II as a contender :P Here's what I've thought out till now - N4 Pros - Fastest updates, straight from google. Faster cpu and gpu. Note II Pros - Bigger screen Bigger battery MicroSD USB -OTG...
  5. zhopudey

    Nexus 4 or Nexus 7 3G?

    Damn the pricing is awesome! I had been waiting for the N7 3G for a long long time, but the N4 is now vying for my attention. I know one is a phone and the other is a tab, but what are the other arguments? N4 is surely faster. Which device will be more future proof? Android doesn't have a lot of...
  6. zhopudey

    FS: Desktops Athlon X2 240 | Asus 780g | 4gb DDR2 | EMU 0404 PCI soundcard

    Clearance Sale! 1) AMD Athlon X2 240 + 2) Asus M3A78-EM motherboard + 3) GSkill 2x2gb DDR2 800 Pi Black RAM - 5000? (no idea really :P) 4) EMU 0404 PCI soundcard - SOLD! The dust comes free :P Reason for sale: Upgraded recently. Product Name: Athlon X2 240 | Asus 780g | 4gb...
  7. zhopudey

    PC Peripherals PC shuts down automatically

    I am running an Athlon II 240 on an Asus M3A78-EM. I think cpu temp sensor on my mobo has gone kaput - it always shows cpu temp above 98C. Lately, my PC has started shutting down on its own after an hour or two of usage (h/w shutdown, not windows). And it does not start again immediately. I have...
  8. zhopudey

    How is the Ainol Aurora II tablet?

    I was browsing thru the various chinese tablets, and thought the Aurora II to be a good deal. It has an Amlogic cortex A9 dual core, dual mali 400, and a LG IPS screen for under 12k. But I can't find any detailed reviews for this tab. Firstly, how is the build quality? Is it good enough for our...
  9. zhopudey

    WTB Phenom II X6

    Anyone seling a phenom II x6 processor? 1055t or 1090t or something? I want to upgrade my aging amd rig... PM me with any offers.
  10. zhopudey

    Need input on xperia Pro

    My friend wants to jump onto the android bandwagon. His budget is under 15k. He is not interested in motorola, so the defy is out. How good is the xperia pro? It is priced the same as the neo V, and my friend likes the keyboard. How good is the built quality? Any alternatives in the price range?
  11. zhopudey

    Camera Wish To Borrow Dslr + Lenses

    I'll be visiting aurangabad next month for a short 4 day trip, and feel my 1000d with kit lens will not be good enough for shooting inside ajanta and ellora caves. Could anyone lend me a cam with good high iso performance, and a nice fast zoom lens (such as the tamron 17-50 f2.8) ? TiA
  12. zhopudey

    Which is the best custom ROM for Galaxy S i9000?

    I'd tried CM7, got bored - went back to stock. Now the news of CM9 got me excited, so decided to give CM7 a try again. But the camera still sucks, and I miss the samsung codecs. So I'll stick to a samsung based rom for now. But the question is which? I've tried a few custom roms earlier...
  13. zhopudey

    Need to upgrade PC for around 30K

    Q: What is your budget? 30-40K Q: What is your existing hardware configuration (component name - component brand and model) CPU - AMD X2 something Motherboard - Asus M3A78-EM GPU - onboard RAM - GSkill 2x2gb ddr2 Pi Black Monitor - Dell 19" SMPS - Corsair VX450 Case - Antec SLB Q...
  14. zhopudey

    Car & Bike Need opinion on HMM Achiever

    My 5-yr old platina needs a long overdue upgrade. My daily commute is around 16km, purely in city traffic. I am not considering Bajaj or TVS. I have thought of the following bikes - 1) Unicorn - My 1st choice. But no bike is worth a 5 month wait 2) Dazzler - The styling has totally turned me...
  15. zhopudey

    Audio Which budget earphones/iem for SGS?

    The stock earphones for my SGS are gonna kick the bucket soon. The cable will soon break just above the 3.5mm connector :( I need a decent replacement, but nothing too expensive. I mainly watch movies on my phone, so the sound should be loud and clear, with good amount of isolation. Music...
  16. zhopudey

    Camera Where can I rent lenses in mumbai?

    Where can I rent lenses for my canon dslr? I need a tele zoom lens for 3 days - 70-300 IS or 70-200L IS, or even a simple 55-250 IS would do.
  17. zhopudey

    Car & Bike Suggest a mid-range bike

    My platina has dragged on for almost 5 years now, and I'm thinking of retiring it before it falls apart :P Now, I would have loved to get a Dazzler - except that I'll only use the bike to commute to and from the railway station. It's around 7km one way. Spending 70k+ for this seems like a real...
  18. zhopudey

    How to check temps of remote PC?

    Is there any application to check temps of remote PCs over the network? I need something to monitor the render servers in office. I tried VCTemp from the coretemp addons ( Core Temp - Add Ons ) - but it is too plain. Am looking for something a bit more polished.
  19. zhopudey

    Help me spend my money...

    Baah, I'm bored, so I want to get a new toy :P I have thought of the following options - 1) Upgrade my cpu to a 1075T - but I don't game or do 3D or any heavy work at home. So not much use. 2) Get a 55-250 IS lens - but 95% of my snaps will be of my daughter, so don't need a tele right now...
  20. zhopudey

    Which software for multiple backup schedules?

    I need an app which can do multiple backup schedules, e.g. backup folder A daily, folder B weekly, and folder C monthly. Am running win 7. Even paid apps will do.