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    pc games for sale

    Hi...Putting up my pc games for sale....Shipping charges extra...I would prefer local buyers(from Bangalore)...Disks are in perfect condition...Pls check pictures for more information... Reason for sale: Planning to buy PS3 in sometime.... Call Of Duty: World at war - 400 Call Of Duty: Modern...
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    PC Peripherals Printer with less cost per page

    Hi all, I am for a printer which has less print cost per page. My use would be mostly black and white prints. Budget is around 4k. Yesterday I have seen "HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 2010" printer which has 0.9 rupee print cost per page. Pls tell me this printer is ok or suggest me any other printer.
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    Wireless router for BSNL type1 modem

    Hi...I need u guys help in buying wireless router. I have BSNL broadband connection with type1 modem. I need a router such that I can connect my desktop (ethernet) and latop via wifi. Pls suggest me some basic router not expensive, range is not a problem 500to1000ft is fine. Thanks for your...
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    Storage Solutions Need suggestion External or Internal HDD

    Hi all.... This is my config running on "Corsair CMPSU-450VX" GIGABYTE-MA790GP-UD4H, AMD Phenom2 940 BE, PALIT GTX 260 SONIC, Corsair 2X2GB, sony dvd drive and 500GB WD HDD. I am planning to buy another 1TB harddisk for data backup. Just wondered my PSU could handle one more 1TB internal hard...
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    Broadband in Bangalore

    Hi guys, Need help in choosing Bangalore ISP. I use it mainly for gaming and occasional downloading. I tried Airtel in my place and no ports available. which one should i go for BSNL/Reliance/Tata Indicom/Hathway. Thanks Venki