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    Budget 90k+ Laptop under 1L with upgradable RAM to 32G

    Hi There, I want to buy a laptop Budget: 1L (+- 10k)] Mainly for work purpose (having a graphics unit is not important, main considerations are RAM 16 GB upgradable to 32 GB and at least 128GB NVMe SSD) screen size < 15.6 inches preferably Brand no matter No gaming, mostly for work Main...
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    FS: Video Card 2x 5850

    1) Product Name: Sapphire 5850 Expected Price: Rs 6500 Shipping charges: Standard, on buyer Manufacturer page URL:Link Description if any: Product in good condition, with original box, all the accessories like cd, cables,vga to dvi adapter, manual, crossfire bridge etc. And card is flashed to...
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    WTB WTB 480/570/580

    as the title says please PM me.....with acceptable price quotes
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    Budget 20-25K Android phone for mails, internet, camera

    Questions:- 1. Budget? A: 25k STRICTLY 2. Preferred Form Factor(flip, bar, slider)? A: Bar 3. Preferred display type? A: AMOLED 4. Do you have any brand preference or dislike? Please name them. A: HTC 6. Camera required or not? If required, please specify type like front camera/flash/etc. A...
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    Need android ADT or less for eclipse

    the latest version 1.7 is not working under eclipse indigo, and someone with same problem switched to 1.5, so thought i'd give it a try but the problem is i cant find it, anybody who can give me a link for download ? if someone has it already, i'l give my mail id please mail that to me
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    CPU/Mobo need someone to check my processor

    i have a problem with my motherboard, which can be found in this thread i have checked or replaced everything, except for the processor i need someone near to my location (haridwar)...
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    CPU/Mobo Boot issue with asus m4a88tdv-evo usb 3 again?

    i bought this mobo 6 months ago, had to rma it cause of boot issues, after sending it i went to college now upon returning i checked it, issue is the same, fan runs, LED glows, no display, neither any beep i used generic hp 2gb cl9 ram (then and now), could that be the issue? it worked for 2-3...
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    corsair tx650 or above

    looking for a corsair tx650 or above, products with warranty preferred
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    Amd 5850/5870

    i am looking for a 5850/5870, but will make the purchase after 7th jan after reaching home as i am at college now, products with warranty preferred
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    help with perl and cgi

    hey, i have to create a form, and send the input value to a cgi file,i have installed perl and apache 2.2, but my cgi files do not run, either in cmd, or in the browser i went through many links and tutorials, but couldnt understand <directive> thing if anyone has hands on experience with it...
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    Storage Solutions SATA HDD detected in BIOS, but stuck loading windows was working fine earlier, but now it it not can too many hard restarts cause this problem? cause i bought new mobo, and it had major issues, had to hard restart, did it many times seriously hard drive is seagate 500gb 7200.11 i googled but i think my last resort is to use seagate's...
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    CPU/Mobo First time(possibly) RMA,what should i know?

    there is a pretty big chance that i would have to rma my motherboard, and this is my first time, so i would like to know what exactly is the procedure and what is to be donw there the problem is with my motherboard, in this thread --...
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    corsair value select 1x4gb 1333 ddr3

    corsair 1x4gb 1333 ddr3[sold] HP 1333 2gb avlbl i bought this ram with other components,like 10 days ago but have to change cause this one is incompatible with my motherboard i bought it form itwares, and the exact link is TheITWares - One Stop for all Gizmos!CORSAIR 4GB 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM...
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    CPU/Mobo boot issues with Asus M4A88Td-V EVO

    i bought this mobo 3-4 days ago and i have been experiencing some boot issues with it my setup-- amd 1090t @stock asus m4a88td-v evo usb3 corsair ddr3 1333 (4x1gb) value + generic 2gb 1333 corsair vx450 ati 5850 what happens when i power up my system is, the green LED glows and cpu fan starts...
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    PC Peripherals Cooler for mosfets?

    i am going to purchase this motherboard in a while now i have heard ( and seen) that the VRMs run hot, especially when overclocked so i wanted to buy these mosfet coolers here Enzotech MOS-C1 Forged Copper Mosfet Heatsinks - Multi-Pack (10 pcs) now i know i can get those on lynx, but from...
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    need help in 2 pass assembler

    i have a project(6th sem vtu) and i have to create a 2 pass assembler i got the code from this link here and here (pass 1 and pass 2 respectively) i we have to give in out as input.dat, but the problem which i am facing is i cant get the output for 2nd pass can anyone tell me what can i do for...
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    8k budget for cpu

    my friend is building a new comp for his dad, and he wants to limit the budget to 8k only, and can stretch to 8.5 max.... he already has monitor, speakers, and all, he'll need new processor,mobo,ram,hdd,dvdrw,and generic psu and NO grafix card so, please build me both the combinations, AMD...
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    what are various M Tech entrance exams?

    i wan to know what are the different types of entrance examinations in india, irrespective of quota and management issues i know there is GATE, but what else? also, in which examinations 3rd year (pre-final year) is allowed to sit? info regarding distant studies is appreciated
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    how does the Airtel Bill for limited plan count?

    i had 1299+ tax inlimited plan wen i was in bangalore, and since i was to come back home for 1 month, i changed it to 250 limited, and now my friend says, the bill is 7000/- some of my friends might have been using it, dont know in what manner, but i just cant believe its 7k anyways, what my...
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    1.5k budget....which speakers to go for

    my friend wants to buy set of speakers, budget is 1500 we saw a couple of them locally, best within the budget were 1) intex 4.1, some 2600 watts for 1500 rs 2) creative 2.1, for 1400 rupees he's more interested in the bass, not the surround sound is the intex 4.1 better choice than...