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  1. luciferaw1

    [Advice Needed] Need to sell my Alienware 17 R4

    Here is the link to the laptop in Sell thread. Like others in the thread suggested that I should take advice on the price that I should set for this device. Here it is. Open to advice. I have also mentioned about the USB on the right side not working which will cost around 3K to repair...
  2. luciferaw1

    FS: Laptop *Price Drop* Alienware 17R4 (i7-7820HK | GTX 1080 8GB | QHD G-Sync)

    Bought in my college life for portability. Used for gaming and Graphic Designing. Selling it because looking to assemble a PC from scratch. Got a job so wont be traveling that much and hence no need for a laptop now. It is the highest model with GTX 1080 and i77820HK overclockable CPU. It has...
  3. luciferaw1

    Budget 30-40k A good Smart phone under 40000

    I have a Oneplus 3 and I am thinking of upgrading now. Can someone suggest a good phone under 40000. I like tinkering with my phone and hence I like Oneplus as their warranty remains intact even if we root the phone. Open to suggestions.
  4. luciferaw1

    RTX 3090 leaked images. 3 Slot dual fan design

    Here is the live comparison image of RTX 3090 with RTX 2080. This image is of the Founders Edition card that is to be released on September 1st.
  5. luciferaw1

    User Guides Understanding the working of a CPU

    I don't know about others but I have been into reading a lot about CPU and all the tiny little details of what microscopic pieces of silicon are capable of today. I have come across 2 good resources to understand how CPU works. 1. For beginners- If you are new into this I would suggest going...