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  1. Shubham1401

    Health & Fitness Corona is in full swing and its not Joke !

    Apparently Pfizer vaccine would be available in India from July end onwards If this becomes reality then I guess...
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    Bye Bye are awesome

    Why did i read this in Modi voice? :D
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    Health & Fitness COVID Vaccine Experience and your preference.

    -> 18-45 -> Covishield -> Didn't feel any side effects till midnight. It started with pain in my legs along with slight fever and chills. I do not like to pop pills if I can handle it so didn't take Dolo till 6AM. Spent the whole night awake due to body pain. Took Dolo on next day and slept like...
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    What is better exercise, cycling or walking?

    Exercise is 20% of the equation and rest 80% is diet. I'm in no way asking you to go on a fast and deprive yourself of food. Calculate your maintenance calories (lots of calculators available online), and try to maintain a calorie deficit of 5-10%. App like healthifyme give calories of indian...
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    Activities that helped me manage my stress since the past year

    I'll call out the unpopular option here - Work My motto was - 'Worrying means you suffer twice. Drown yourself in work, so that you have no time to worry.' #NotOriginal
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    Health & Fitness COVID Vaccine Experience and your preference.

    Are you feeling better? Was it vaccine related side-effect?
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    Health & Fitness COVID Vaccine Experience and your preference.

    A lot of apartments and offices are collaborating with private hospitals at least in Bangalore to get people vaccinates. Seems like a similar kind of arrangement. Make sure your vaccination status gets updated on Arogya Setu/Cowin if you opt for this.
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    WhatsApp sues Modi government over new privacy rules

    So Whatsapp is the 2nd wave Rhea Chakraborty? :dead:
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    Audio What speakers do you guys use?

    I use Panasonic HT30 which I bought for 4k around 5 years ago. They are quite powerful though they suffer with the same problem with anything else in this budget - muddy bass which makes understanding movie dialogues a pain. I used them for both TV and Gaming. Not gonna upgrade until they give...
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    The vaccine chaos

    @red dragon Sir. Need your advice. I have skin allergies (Deodorants, Volini spray, sunscreens give rashes which clear out in a week without medication) and eating maggi gives mouth ulcers and swelling on lips. I can consume all other food items safely. Can you please suggest if I should be...
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    FS: Headphone Plantronics Voyager 5200 UC

    Selling on behalf of my brother. He is using this headset for office calls. It has some usage marks which can be seen in the photos. Battery life is solid and gives over 6.5 hours on full charge. The dock gives 3-4 charge cycles before it needs to be plugged. The mic noise cancellation on this...
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    Budget 31-40k Lightweight laptop for a Doctor

    The Intel 11th Gen i3 Version is even cheaper. It has all the goodies - FHD screen, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD and 1.5kg weight...
  13. Shubham1401

    Xiaomi has launched Mi TV Q1 75" - QLED, 192 Zones, 120Hz

    This TV looks like the real deal. The price, panel quality, speakers everything looks great. Not to mention if you are a gamer then it can go all the way up to 120FPS on 4K so quite future proof as well. iGyaan has the best review so far in case any one is interested.
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    Mi 11 Ultra at 70K

    70k is a lot of money. Just a few years back a proper flagship was around 30k. Let's not call these phones VFM just because it has become the norm to sell similar phones for 100-120k.
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    Noob here, need suggestions about which console to choose.

    Just Witcher 3 -> One X / PS4 / PS4 Pro (Buy cheap, play the game and sell it) Want to game further -> But the latest and greatest that you can afford.