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    PS3 to Monitor : Where can i get these in pune

    Hi guys.. Need your help... can someone tell me where can i get these in Pune.... HDMI A Male to DVI-D (24+1) Female Adapter 3.5 mm to 3.5 mm Audio Coupler - Female to Female Stereo Audio Cable - 3.5mm Male to 2x RCA Female or something similar to these... History : Have a Samsung P2350 with...
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    Need Help!!!!.......Moving to Pune.. :)

    Guys m moving to Pune from Mumbai n need your help in settling there i mean i want Info for : 1. Residential area's Near and around Kharadi... 1 BHK Needed Budget: 7K~ 2. Broadband connectivity which one is better depending on locality 3. As there were no electricity cuts in Mumbai so i have no...
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    Graphic Cards Facing Issues with XFX 275 GTX

    Was out of town and after that busy with a project so I started my PC after 3-4 Months ....Card is working fine when there is no load of 3D graphics.... I mean while running windows watching movies its perfectly fine..... When i start any of my installed games it just start flickering without...
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    BlackBerry Storm With top strip not working

    How much can i sell this BlackBerry for its top strip that has screen locking buton and mute buton is not working. scratch less and rest is perfect :).
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    Study Material Required...

    Can someone tell me a good torrent site for study material want to get certified in sql server 2008 as a DBA so basically looking for study material on MS SQL Server 2008 Certification Examination: 70-432 and 70-450?
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    1 TB 3.5" External HDD Under Warranty

    Hi Guys Want a External HDD 1TB 3.5" that shud be under warranty WD, Seagate or any brand ....
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    Urgent Requirement 9800 GTX / 9800 GTX+ / GTS 250

    9800 GTX / 9800 GTX+ / GTS 250 Needed for my friend in Delhi........ local pickup will be preferred :) Open to offers please quote reasonable Prices.... And its the card has to be bought before this coming weekend :D :hap2:
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    Storage Solutions Help needed for HDD Warranty.....

    Guys i m curious does External HDD 's Such as Seagate freeagent comes under international warranty :)... one of my frnd is going to singapore may be i cud ask him to bring me one 2 TB drive :D thanks in advance.... Is any one knows anything regarding this situation :(
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    Flat 500 Rs Discount on any purchase from Vijay Sales

    Hi Guys PM me if you want 500 Rs Discount on any purchase of above Rs 5000 even on discounted price offered by Vijay Sales.:clap: Only for Mumbai.....
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    Urgent : Cab CM 690 or Similar :D

    Hi guys m working on my new rig n still short on cash :ashamed: so looking for some used stuph.... My Budget CAB - Good Ones like CM 690... 3k RAM - DDR3 1333 4GB...3.5 - 4K
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    PC Peripherals Yet Another 24" Dilemma

    Hi Guys need you help once again. Gr8 Confusion between Samsung P2350 and Dell S2409W price-wise and feature-wise :S:@. Price that i m getting For: Samsung P2350 : 11350 :hap2: (From Lamington Road) (I dont KNow what accessories comes with this one)(Warranty 3 Years) Dell S2409W : 11831.04...
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    PC Peripherals Gaming Rig for 60K

    Q: What is your budget? 60 K :( Q: What is your existing hardware configuration (component name - component brand and model) None :hap5: Q: Which hardware will you be keeping (component name - component brand and model) None :hap5: Q: Which hardware component are you looking to buy...
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    PC Peripherals Suggestions for PSU

    Guys m Researching on my new Machine For Gaming Currently I own a Lappy HP DV5-1015TX. Need your help is selecting PSU for my Yet not decided configuration. I m working To pack everything into my Small Budget OF 60 K MAXXXX. Proccy Core i5 750 Mobo MSI P55-CD53 RAM 2 GB DDR 1333...