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  1. karans

    FS: Keyboard and Mice Razer Gigantus V2 medium mouse pad

    Note: Do not buy this for precision click aiming. This was too smooth for me compared to other high friction ones for precision clicking. Watch some reviews first to figure if this is right for you. Some wear in the middle (see first pic) Fixed price. Do not send any offers.
  2. karans

    FS: Others Elgato HD60s Capture device

    Selling my ununsed Elgato HD60s capturing device. Only used for testing in the first month of purchase. Had streaming plans at that time but never started. Been lying unused since then. 2 cables, HDMI and Type C were used for other devices and are not in new condition. Price is fixed.
  3. karans

    FS: Video Card Newly Replaced Asus Strix RX 570 4GB

    Selling newly replaced Asus Strix RX 570 4GB, Warranty Till March 2021. I had bought this from an erodov user in September 2018. RMA request opened on 5-Dec-2020. Got the replacement today: 22-Dec-2020. Has been replaced ~3 times in Jan-Feb 2019 (once because of actual problem, then next...
  4. karans

    WTB RTX 2060 @ 20k

    Hello, Looking for an RTX 2060 @ 20k, age <= 1year.
  5. karans

    WTB 144hz monitor under 10k

    Looking for a 144hz monitor under 10k.
  6. karans

    FS: Mobile Redmi K20 blue 64G in Good condition

    Phone's condition is 9.5/10. Used with the guard and cover. Cover's brand logo has faded a bit. Already a Fair price. Not negotiable.
  7. karans

    Another new member

    Hola. New member coming from erodov to sell some stuff Looks like I need some points to make a sale thread.