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    Okay, since everyone is bad, let's stop improving and instead keep comparing who is worse. 2 wrongs make a right apparently
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    WTB New or in warranty PSU of 750W or higher

    Pm'd. Btw I'm waiting on a CX550 RMA myself, and the service center guys said that in some cases they also send refurbished units in case a new replacement is not available.
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    Apple announces lossless Apple Music is coming in June at no added cost

    But why is this the case? I would assume that a service like Apple Music or Spotify would primarily target headphone and IEM listeners right? To me, providing hi-res/spatial audio on a streaming service whose effect is seen only through speakers is not a very good idea
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    Amazon's New World MMO is reportedly killing Nvidia 3090 GPUs

    As far as I know, this only affects EVGA FTW3 3090 models, not 3090s in general. Buildzoid did a video on this, worth watching if you want to understand more: youtube(dot)com/watch?v=dbCrNBpW-RQ Seems the culprit has been identified: Seems only EVGA FTW3 models are affected, although Nvidia is...
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    Linux PC boots directly to Win 10 after Kali install.. not getting option to select os

    Try changing default boot partition to Kali in your BIOS/UEFI
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    WTB 1x16GB 2Rx8 DDR4 32000 SODIMM

    Hi all, Let me know if you have the product in title available for sale. Basically want to purchase dual rank x8 memory banks 3200mhz laptop ram. Should have minimum 3 yrs warranty (if new) or 2yrs (if used), and be JEDEC compliant (NOT XMP). Thank you.
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    WTB New or in warranty PSU of 750W or higher

    Hi all, Need to buy a PSU with at least 750W, preferably 850W. Minimum 80+ Bronze, warranty of at least 3 years (if used) or 5 years (if new). Please pm if you have any offers. Thank you.
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    Car & Bike The car thread ......

    Sonet felt pretty low in quality once you start looking for it, and is very cramped. Venue felt slightly more upmarket, but was just as cramped. Plus looks hideous to me from outside. Both of them are glorified hatchbacks, even more so than the likes of Ecosport and Brezza and Nexon. Nexon still...
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    What are you listening to right now? (Music Recommendations!)

    I think there's an issue with thee way yt handles embeddings, as a result of which none of the embedded videos are working anymore. One way to see the links is by using the "Reply" option for a message, which will show the video id of the yt link through which you can go to the yt url. But I'm...
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    CPU/Mobo Ryzen 5900x crash problems!

    That's seems to be more than adequate actually, and shouldn't be causing any issues. Yea would be a good idea to check for Mos and VRM temps, you can see them in hwinfo under the motherboard group. Keep hwinfo on while gaming, and see what Temps the motherboard temp readings peak at while doing...
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    CPU/Mobo Ryzen 5900x crash problems!

    Should be enough, but PSU quality doesn't depend on 80+ certification. Gigabyte's 80+ gold PSUs have proven to be quite bad in terms of reliability and general use. What is the exact model of your PSU, and how old is it?
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    Audio Audiophile and gears

    Small follow-up on the mini-review: After a bit more back to back testing, I can definitively say that there's a subtle but consistent improvement in bass quality (bass feels "fuller") and quantity (even at lower volumes, ie, within the bounds of the apple dongle and tempotec, bass seems to be...
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    CPU/Mobo Ryzen 5900x crash problems!

    Was having a similar problem, where system would shutdown or just freeze randomly while doing heavy CPU based tasks. Weirdly, clocking my 3600XT down to 3ghz fixed it. Eventually, PSU turned out to be the issue
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    FS: Power Cooling and Modding Sealed RM850x

    Please let me know if @SunnyBoi backs out, will make payment today itself. Thank you.
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    Budget 51-70k Laptop AMD

    Hey although this is a good laptop for the price, I wouldn't recommend it unless you can buy a ssd and use it as boot drive. This only has a HDD, so although the specs are veey good, it won't feel fast to use since the hdd would be a huge bottleneck. Better buy a model with at least a 256gb ssd...
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    FS: Others Arctic 120mm fans, AM4 CPU Cooler, Mouse & more..

    Redeemed the second code, thank you so much!
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    Am i allowed to sell helmet?

    People have listed cars and such, helmet should be fine imo. You can use the tag "FS: Others" while posting the fs thread
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    Audio Audiophile and gears

    Yea the MT-600 series are hybrid amps, and I reckon the reason you haven't tried it because it's pretty new - launched just a few months ago. And yes, I matched the volume levels and there was no difference in sound quality, but the dongle had a very slight but constant high pitched hiss in the...
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    Apple announces lossless Apple Music is coming in June at no added cost

    Haha to be fair I was happy with my Tempotec till the time I started playing with parametric eqs, and after applying preamps southwards of - 10dB, it started feeling underpowered. So I thought I might as well get a good amp and complete the setup. The Tempotec is still splendid for portable use...