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    WTB 16-24 Bay Storage Server Enclosure

    Looking forward to purchase New/Used Storage Server cabinets which can hold 16-24 nos of 3.5" SATA Hard Disks. Hot-Swap feature is not high on my requirements list but desirable. If old, it is perfectly alright if the internal hardware (CPU/Mobo, RAID, PSU) does not work but the SATA back-plane...
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    Mobile/Laptop Processor: Intel Core2Duo, 2.33 GHz

    I'm looking for Intel Core2Duo, 65nm, 4 MB L2 2.33 GHz Mobile/Laptop Processor Additional Specs for the requirement as follows Clock Speed: 2.33 Ghz Processor Number: T7600 sSpec Number: SL9SD Please let me know if you have one available for sale.
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    1GB or 512MB DDR 333 (PC2700) SODIMM - Laptop RAM

    I'm looking for 1GB (preferred) or 512MB DDR 333 (PC2700) SODIMM RAM for an old laptop. If you have these available for sale, please PM me with full details (Part number, Make, Expected cost, City...) Pickup from Bangalore is preferred but would consider outstation supplies as well.
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    How to connect TataSky HD-STB to LCD Monitor?

    I would like to connect the Component Output (YPbPr analog component video) of TataSky HD-STB to an old 19" Samsung LCD monitor (VGA/DVI-D Input) which is lying unused so that I can free up my 50" big screen TV from running all day with those "saas bahu" crap load (which unfortunately my folks...