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    FS: Video Card MSI GTX 580 Lightning Twin Frozr III with warranty

    For Sale ! Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: MSI GTX 580 Lightning Twin Frozr III Expected Price: Rs 15K Time of Purchase: 11 May 2011 Company official Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: Yes | 18Months Reason for Sale: Need cash for Laptop Purchase...
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    WTB Good X58 Motherboard

    Hi all, My Ud5 has broken socket pins and mobo is not booting. I want to buy any good X58 mobo preferably with warranty. Interested to buy locally in Delhi Ncr via personal meet. Interested members can pm me or reply in thread.
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    Sapphire HD 5870 1GB DDR5

    1) Product Name, Manufacturers code : Sapphire HD 5870 1GB DDR5 2) Final Selling Price : 17K + shipping Non negotiable 3) Purchased From : SMC Nehru Place. 4) Time of Purchase : Jan 2010 5) Warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period : Yes 2.7 Years. 6) Reason for Sale : Need quick cash...
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    Zotac 9800GT Amp Edition

    Hi all , I m selling Zotac 9800GT Amp Edition card , which I bought around Jan 2010 from Gowt1ham (member on online forum E). Here are all the details - 1) Product Name - Zotac 9800GT Amp Edition card 2) Brought from - Gowt1ham (member on online forum E) 3) Reason for Sale - Bought for...
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    Graphics card 8800GT/8800GTS/9800GT or similar ...only nvidia

    I want to buy 8800GT/8800GTS/9800GT or similar.. Those interested can pm me or write in forum with offer price... I need the card urgently.
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    Evga gtx 280

    Hi all, I am selling my Evga Gtx 280 as need quick cash. The card was bought by my brother while he was in US from newegg in July 09. Details : Product : Evga GTX 280 (621Mhz is base clock , so I think it is SC) Accessories : With original box and accessories Brought From : Newegg USA Warranty...
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    Corsair TX750 Watt PSU

    Hi all, Selling my Corsair TX750 Watt psu ...It is almost new as I have used it only for 1.5 months. Selling it because I have got Corsair HX850 watt. Details :- Product : Corsair TX750 Watt Date of Purchase : 4 May 2009 Purchased From : Direct Advantage Nehru Place Original Bill : Available...
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    ATI 4850 or GTS 250 + Corsair VX 450

    Hi , I want to buy 4850 .....Better it is ddr5 or GTS 250 , and psu corsair VX 450 to power it .. Pm me the offers.... Both should have warranties left....
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    [fs] Cm 690

    Hi all, I am selling my CM 690 Cabinet as I will upgrade to CM HAF 932 after the sale. It is in excellent condition and is black painted. I will provide original box + cabby + bill + all accesories + 1 extra amigo 120mm fan . Will upload better pics soon Price - 3.4K + shipping...
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    Finally shifted to X58 with 920 D0

    Hi frnds, After going through some thoughts , I have finally moved to X58 setup :ohyeah: ....and bought core i7 920 D0 from nehru place, GA X58 UD5, OCZ 6GB 1600Mhz and 1366 bracket for thermalright ultra extreme... And I m getting good results from the setup in terms of overclocking, gaming...
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    OCZ Flex 4GB DDR2 PC2 9200 Rams

    Hi all , I am selling my OCZ Flex 4GB DDR2 PC2 9200 default 1150mhz rams because I have shifted to x58 ...These are 4 rams of 1 gb each , working as it is as when i first installed them in my system ..Some Details of rams are as follows - 1)OCZ Flex 4GB DDR2 PC2 9200 (4x1gb) 2) Purchased from...
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    FS : GA EP45 UD3P + Q9550 E0 + OCZ 1150Mhz + TRUE

    Hi All Here is main parts of my rig which I will be selling becoz I'm shifting to x58 ...reason for sell for all is same x58 1) Gigabyte EP45 UD3P ....I think all know about it , one of best P45 , overclocks both C2D and C2Q very well....great board Purchased from - KMD (all accessories...
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    Linux Which is better Ubuntu or Mandriva for first time

    Hi Frnds I am new to linux but like it very much.I have read some of Darky's articles about linux and really they are very good:clap: . I like the smoothness and graphics of linux like ubuntu and mandriva , and once a while back I also installed ubuntu on my pc as it was the easiest linux os...
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    Its the Green boy.........gtx 280

    Hi Frnds Recently two weeks ago I sold my 8800GTX and was thinking to get the new gpu and finally decided to get Evga GTX 280....:) :) Games are much much smoother on it like crysis, crysis warhead, assasin's is my second evga gtx 280 as first one was heating excessively like...