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    Earphones like Klipsh S4, Hippo VB etc...

    I Have Klipsch S4i.........want to sell for 3800/-... I bought it directly from Klipsch main dealer (Mumbai) of it shipped to Chennai... bought few months back.....but rarely used..... cos my Nokia N78 won't detect plays fine on ipods, iphones, mp3 players, even on...
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    WTB: low end graphic card for counter strike only

    mine 6600GT is PCIe, 256MB, for 1200/- include shipping
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    FS: Apple Ipod Photo 30GB

    You have quite nicely maintained your ipod, if it's still working fine, then it's a jewel, Don't sell this one of a kind jewel, Atleast you can show your Grandchildren that you have one of the oldest version of ipod which you bought when ipod was not that famous:P ,.....................I too...
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    IC: ASUS Xonar DX for 3.65 k

    Hey that's a nice pricing for Xonar D2X, my computer dealer asked for Rs 10700/- :@ for that, and 4700 for DX, I am really interested in buying DX one, pls let me know what is your dealer pricing for the DX one
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    Samsung 740N, Creative Audigy Value 7.1

    I am next in Line for the sound card, let me know when other's back out