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    FS: RAM HyperX 8Gb/2400mhz/DDR4

    This is my first post.. if i did something wrong please point it out.. secondly, I wont able to post CPU-Z screeshot as i haven't build the pc yet.. and my current pc doesn't support ddr4.. Ram module is brand new not even used for nano second. Thank youBUMB*
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    Help Buying Mid-Tower Case For My Ryzen

    Advice Please.. My build - Ryzen 2600x B450 Gaming Carbon Pro AC 2x 1Tb WD WD SSD 8Gb DDR4 Seasonic S12II 520W (1 year old) As the title suggest.. i need help regarding buying a good mid tower case with good air flow, plenty of fan options and future upgrades. I have bought all the items...