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    Ps3 games

    is mafia still on sale ?
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    God Of War III- 1450/-

    Is it still up for grabs ?
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    Auto Logon & Lock v1.0

    It works thanks a lot
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    Video TATA Sky query

    I suggest you continue using tata sky as they are the best in the business. AFAIK you can keep the dish with you and you will not get a refund.
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    Win a FREE Copy of COD:MW2 Prestige Edition

    here is a link update Win a FREE copy of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Prestige Edition -
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    Windows 7 - internet suddenly stops working

    Sometimes when windows goes into sllep or power save or hibernate some hardware components (like card reader, usb port, wireless etc.) dont wake up until you restart.
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    Buying a Treadmil- Advice needed

    My gym uses precor, they are very vern good. Dont know how much they cost though.
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    Airtel U/L GPRS for 99 PM ?

    Lucky guys, i was on this plan before. Airtel discontinued it i beleive (like 3 months back i think)
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    Play Station 3 - DIWALI CLEARANCE

    interested in gta 4 and burnout. Any chance for price negotiation ?
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    Game Titles YOU CANT WAIT FOR

    gran tourismo 5
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    PC Peripherals Please Help me configure HTPC + gaming rig

    :ashamed: LOL Any reason against blu ray drive ? Thanks for the rest of the suggestions though. Will look out for amd too are they cheaper than intel ? Is the performance worse/same/better than intel processors ?
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    Audio Can the Logitech x-540 function as a good Home Theatre?

    You can connect a home theatre to your pc.Proper Home theatre quality wil any day be better tha logitech speakers. You might need to upgrade your sound card though.
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    PC Peripherals Please Help me configure HTPC + gaming rig

    I have a budget of 30-40k (max 50 not more) I Already have a case, dvd writer, linksys pci wireless card and cabinet from my old p4 rig. (cabinet is a branded hp one, I am hoping i can still use it) I will be needing the following : 1. Processor (Would prefer intel, I had an amd laptop before...
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    Graphic Cards Suggest a GPU for Intel P4 Rig

    If I build a new system i might as well go all out and get a good performance system that i can use for gaming too. I have a HP desktop as of now, can i use the same cabinet, dvd writer, linksys wireless card and hard drive (i have an 80gb HD, I will use it in addition to a 500gb or 1TB hard...
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    Graphic Cards Suggest a GPU for Intel P4 Rig

    wont something like this work ? IF this doesnt work i guess i am better off getting a new desktop. The one i am using is more than 7 years old anyway :D
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    Graphic Cards Suggest a GPU for Intel P4 Rig

    Someone please help me
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    Graphic Cards Suggest a GPU for Intel P4 Rig

    Hi I have an old p4 desktop and i am planning to buy a new 23 or 24 inch monitor for it. I use it basically for watching movies listening to music etc. I dont mind the overall performance but it gets a litlly laggy when i watch HD content. I think i have some intel graphics as of now. Also I...
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    Nokia Maemo...It's finally official

    Is it available in India ? Any pricing details ?
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    Stereo BT headset..But without earphones

    Any reviews of the bh 214 by nokia. It seems to be much smaller than the sony plus you also get in ear earphones
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    5 month Old Nokia N96

    I think you need to reconsider the price. A friend of mine bought a 10 day old n97 with box and everything for 25k. life timer was less than 7 hours.