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  1. satishinti

    WTB Ipad mini Retina wanted in exchange for an Ipad 4.

    I have an Ipad 4 16GB wifi with warranty till december 2014. Accessories available: Original charger, Belkin Snap Shield Case (Grey) and Apple iPad Smart Cover Leather (Tan). Need an Ipad mini Retina verision in exchange for it. PM me if anyone is interested. Location: Bangalore
  2. satishinti

    Video Suggest 29"or 32" LED TV within a budget of ~20k

    Suggest 29"or 32" HD (720p) LED TV within a budget of ~20k Viewing distance would be 8-10 feet, need USB Playback with most format support like Toshiba P2305 or PU200. Mostly used for DTH and USB Movies, no gaming. Considering brands like Toshiba,Panasonic,LG as they provide VFM....Samsung and...
  3. satishinti

    iOS Iphone 4s Standby time same as Usage time (battery drain)

    Hi I got a Iphone 4s recently and the battery is draining very fast when compared to my friend's iphone. Upon checking the various causes for drain like google now sync, location settings, mail sync, etc I came to know that even after turning them all to off, and with very minimal apps or no...
  4. satishinti

    iOS Disadvantages or drawbacks of having a R-Sim 7 Unlocked Iphone 5

    I sold my HTC One X and now want to shift to IOS... Started a WTB Iphone 4S thread, got a few offers but not on my budget....and many of them are R-Sim 7 unlocked and not Factory unlocked. I have seen many listings of Iphone 5 and 4S with the same R-sim unlock..... Price of iPhone 5...
  5. satishinti

    WTB Need an Iphone 4S black under 21K

    Need an Iphone 4S black under 21K budget. Condition need to be decent without any dents and scratches. Need to have original charger and headset. Warranty not an issue. 1-1.5 year old phones will also do if having good battery backup. Need to be Factory unlocked, with iOS 6.1.2 or lower. PM...
  6. satishinti

    Homeshop 18 EMI conversion delay [CC bill generated]

    I remember reading somewhere on the forum that some faced this issue, so i am here to ask for some sujjestions. I purchased a Samsung galaxy note with coupon code @22k , there was a samsung 12 month 0% interest EMI offer valid for the product, paid with my friends Standard charted CC card...
  7. satishinti

    WTB Galaxy Note 1 in good condition

    Hi, Need a Galaxy Note 1 (white, Indian version prefered) which is in good cosmetic condition and with good battery backup. Warranty not an issue, and basic accessories like charge/cable and headset would be good. budget would be 15-17k depending on the condition. PM me with the above...
  8. satishinti

    Budget 10-15K Need a CDMA Android phone which works on TATA CDMA netwok

    Hi, I need to buy an android phone for my sister, need decent specs (HD Video - 720p Recording, good voice recorder, min 4 inch screen, ICS or higher ) which works on TATA CDMA Network coz only TATA has a decent signal strength at home. Can consider used phones or imports from US, seen some...
  9. satishinti

    Audio Which IEM can i expect in exchange for a M2

    I have a 1.5 year old Brainwavz M2 brought for around 2k from a T.E member. I have used it for a very less duration i.e may be ~150-200 hours in the last 1.5 years, and now its lying un used after i got the soundmagic ES 18. I like the bass and the signature of ES 18 more than the M2 (personal...
  10. satishinti

    WTB HTC One X white 32GB indian version or Galaxy S3

    HTC One X white 32GB indian version or Galaxy S3 (Search Ended) Need a HOX white 32GB indian version (no at&t or other carrier ) with in my budget of 22k.... else if someone can offer a Galaxy S3 indian version, can shell out till 24k.... HOX prefered.....if i dnt get any good deals then will...
  11. satishinti

    FS: Headphone For Trade Only__Sennheiser HD 202 and MeElec-M31 for Sony XB 300.

    For Trade Only ! Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Sennheiser HD 202 MK II Headphones Buy Sennheiser HD 202 II Headphone Online At Price Rs.2290 - India Expected Price: Presently considering a trade with Sony XB300 only Time of Purchase: August 2011 Company official Indian...
  12. satishinti

    WTB Need a PSU (min 400W)and Cabinet bundle within warranty below 2K

    Need a cabinet bundle for in a budget of 500/- in Pune 1. Mother Board - GIGABYTE GA-785GMT-USB3 GIGABYTE - Motherboard - Socket AM3 - GA-785GMT-USB3 (rev. 1.0)
  13. satishinti

    Budget 0-20k Need low cost PC for torrents and HD movies (Used Hardware)

    I am in need of a desktop PC with in a budget of 10K for watching HD movies,torrents, browsing. Planning to go for a used hardware in good condition, will buy next month(September). Q: What is your budget? 10K (without monitor,KB,Mouse,Speakers) Q: What is your existing hardware...
  14. satishinti

    WTB Want an android with good condition within 5-6K

    Need an android with touch screen (No keyboard or qwerty) for use of 4-5 months as standby. Can offer 5-6K depending on condition. cosmetic and working condition should be good. Warranty: not necessary preferred brand are sony(xperia w8,live,xperia mini- not x10), samsung, motorola (defy)...
  15. satishinti

    Want a Used Moto DEFY in good condition.

    Hi I want to try the Moto DEFY after reading the reviews on TE and other forums. So if anyone is willing to sell their used DEFY (not more than ~6-7 months old) can PM me. I am ready to pay a max of 9k depending on the condition, as the new phone is 13.6K on LetsBuy(after coupon)...
  16. satishinti

    Should i go for a used DEFY or a new DEFY....??????

    I am in a little confusion....give me some suggestions.... I became a fan of defy after seeing the love for it on TE and other forums... But i wont be using any phone for more than 6-8 months.... and i have plans for buying an Iphone later(~6months) so should i go for a new or an old...
  17. satishinti

    Audio Sansa e250 vs Clip+ SQ

    i know its(e250) an older model compared to the clip+ but i got a good deal with the e250 (i am looking at it because clip+ is not available at present, it's out of stock at pristinenote), keeping that aside... just can anyone compare the SQ(only) with the both devices Rockboxed......
  18. satishinti

    Need a Clip+ and brainwavz M2 [ new or used ]

    Hi everyone.. I need a new or used clip+ and Brainwavz M2 urgent, as i got rid of my apple 80GB recently...looking for its replacement... So if anyone has any of these gear for sale please PM me or post here..... Thanks. Satish
  19. satishinti

    Leaked Moto DEFY+ on O2 Germany

    Just checked this link.... i think its a good news for the defy fans....:clap: motorola_defy+_leaks_on_o2_germany
  20. satishinti

    Audio Suggest an IEM for BassHead ~2k INR

    I need suggestions for a good IEM (for Clip+) with lots of bass(Quantity and Quality) but not muddy.The mids and highs are not a priority. I will be using it for mostly Indian music. It should be available in India, mostly i will purchase online. My budget will be around 2k. As i like sony...