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  1. anandkrishnantc

    FS: Consoles HiFiBerry Digi+ Pro unsued

    HiFiBerry Digi+ Pro . Digital audio output for Raspberry based system. Unused. Bought in US.
  2. anandkrishnantc

    FS: Consoles [SOLD]Raspberry Pi display unused

    I selling unused Raspberry Pi with box and stand assembly . Unused and bought in US. Details are in the pictures.
  3. anandkrishnantc

    Video Reliance Big TV DTH - poor service

    I had booked Reliance BigTV/Jio DTH in March by paying Rs. 499 online. After a long long time, two days back one guy came and fixed "Independent TV" dish and STB by collecting Rs. 2000 from me. He said, all the receipts will be send by online. So far I am getting certain channels , but looks...
  4. anandkrishnantc

    Storage Solutions PCI SSD on Intel DB75en

    Hi , I am using a desktop with Intel DB75en motherboard. My conventional HDDs are dead and now I must go for a new Bootable disk. I wish to switch to SSD (preferably a samsung M2 card). Is there any option for me (other than SATA) interface with the current MB which has some PCI and PCI express...
  5. anandkrishnantc

    pull switch for ceiling

    I am looking for a source for good quality electrical switches which can be turn ON and OFF by pulling a rope for ceiling lamps . Any recommendations/suggestions? In the west it also called as bathroom light switches.
  6. anandkrishnantc

    GoPro camera

    Looking for a GoPro camera in very good condition around 5K. With battery in very good condition.
  7. anandkrishnantc

    Endoscopic inspection camera tool

    Hi experts, I am in need of a small inspection camera tool which can be used to inspect unreachable corners/sides in various practical scenarios. I dont want a recording facility, but a small screen to view the images with clarity, LED lights attached with the camera , and a 1 metre long cable...
  8. anandkrishnantc

    Other Mobile signal booster

    Is there any device which I can place outdoor to catch weak signals from Mobile tower? This is to use in an area where a lot of vegetation prevents mobile signals to come inside the house.
  9. anandkrishnantc

    Asus Router repair

    My Asus Router got some problem (most likely due to some power spike). Router works fine with Wifi and internet. But no LAN ports are working. I am able to connect using wifi with devices. But I want LAN to work with PC and printer. Is there any good repair shop in Bangalore who can check MB of...
  10. anandkrishnantc

    Windows Need a better Email client onWin10

    I am not happy with in built Email client app coming with Windows 10 on my desktop. It is not giving better user control and configuration options. And a lot of bugs too. Is there any better Email clients available for Windows 10? I need to sync with my Yahoo and Outlook emails. -Anand
  11. anandkrishnantc

    How to learn Python?

    if a person need to learn python, what are the modules to take up?
  12. anandkrishnantc

    Mac Yosemite -not able to re-install

    I have a Mac Mini which started restarting continuously. Done HW diagnostic test by pressing D while starting. But not able to go to disk utilities menu by pressing command+R as mentioned in the Apple forum. I want to go for a OS re-install connecting with internet since HW diagnosis showed no...
  13. anandkrishnantc

    How to print a scanned painting

    Hello friends, I have an old oil painting soft copy (should be scanned with high fidelity). the pixel shown by windows is 4016 X 5400. How to determine the best print size? Is the print size depends on the printer resolution? If I open it in my Dell monitor, (sets for 1920 X 1200) with 100%...
  14. anandkrishnantc

    How to convert ethernet printer to Wifi?

    Hello experts, I have a ethernet enabled printer located in a different room. Each time I need a printout, I had to have connect the printer using a long ethernet cable connected to my wifi router (which has a capability of print server as well, but not used). I am looking for a HW solution...
  15. anandkrishnantc

    PC Peripherals APC UPS Internal circuit connection

    I am using a APC UPS BI850SINE for the last 1 year. When I checked the box, I see Red and Black (Positive and Negative) terminal cables from battery are connected in an unexpected way inside the UPS. The Red cable from the Battery (which is connected to Positive terminal of the Battery) is...
  16. anandkrishnantc

    Other iPAD repair

    My ipad2 is damaged (glass screen is broken , but its working fine). Any good repair shop in Bangalore to replace the outer screen? I checked with Apple care, they will only replace the whole device. -Anand
  17. anandkrishnantc

    FS: Photography Nikon D40X + 12-24, 24-85 lense kit

    I have the following items up for sale. Not heavily used. Good condition. Almost 3 years old Nikon D40X camera body (with original strap, charger, battery )- 15 K condition- excellent. no scratches , no repair Nikon original remote - 500 Nikkor AFS 12-24 mm Wide angle lense(with hood, back and...
  18. anandkrishnantc

    FS: Mobile Freshly purchased Lumia 920(Black)

    I have a Lumia 920 Windows 8 phone Black today (Purchased by one of my relative ). I love Windows phones, but this is pretty large for me and not suiting my usage . I do have a Samsung Omnia , again a windows phone which is pretty good for me and I think Lumia is a wrong choice . I have all the...
  19. anandkrishnantc

    HDMI ouput Blackout during power fluctuation

    Hi Everyone, I am observing this ONLY with HDMI . Whenever my refrigerator or Mixer Grinder turn ON or oFF, HDMI output to Computer monitor or TV will blackout for a moment. I am not having any issue if TV is connected thru composite, or PC monitor with DVI. Its strange. Do anybody seeing same...
  20. anandkrishnantc

    Mac OS Help on XCode IDE

    I am novice in Mac Programming IDE. Want to know where I get a step by step IDE help for building small applications for MAC? Any links? XCode help , at least for now looks as complicated as the IDE. thanks for your help.