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  1. Zinc

    Any experiences with Groupon (India)?

    Anyone having any sort of experiences with Groupon India? I mainly wanted to ask two things: 1. How's the general quality of the stuff (since there are a lot of generic items there)? 2. Do the deals being offered actually have some benefit to the buyers? TIA!
  2. Zinc

    Are all International Debit Cards (VISA) supposed to work abroad?

    I have an international debit card from Union Bank of India and had assumed that it will work abroad. It was activated and used in India. While I was outside India, I tried using it on multiple occasions, failing each time. It usually gave an error saying "Bank refused the transaction", etc. It...
  3. Zinc

    Daikin FT50MV16, Made in Thailand, Imported in May 2012 for 39.5k, OK??

    Hi guys, I know it's not the best time for buying an AC but a friend is buying one and is getting the following quote in Noida, please suggest whether this is ok: Daikin FT50MV16 1.5T 5 Star Made in Thailand Imported in May 2012 Price: 39.5k (excluding piping kit) Installation: 1500 + Piping...
  4. Zinc

    Bluetooth Headset: SAMSUNG HS3000 vs Sony Ericsson MW600: Some quick queries

    ORIGINAL SAMSUNG HS3000 STEREO BLUETOOTH HEADSET 4 TAB iPHONE BLACKBERRY LG HTC | eBay - Sony Ericsson Hi-Fi Wireless Headset With FM Radio MW600: Headset I was about to buy MW600 for my SGS2 from FK for 2660 but after inquiring with them regarding warranty and bill they have now...
  5. Zinc

    Whats with the different Anti Virus programs?

    I've been using Norton Internet Security for quite a while and been very happy with it as it does its job quietly in the background and I haven't noticed any considerable slow down unlike its previous older versions. Sometimes I use my pen drive on some other system like a friend's or in a cafe...
  6. Zinc

    Steve Jobs passes away

    Steve Jobs, Apple co-founder, dead at 56 RIP Steve
  7. Zinc

    Best way to get SGS2 in Kolkata, both online/local stores?

    I had ordered a SGS2 from ebay but the seller turned out to be a fraud and I'm still in the process of getting my refund :bomb: So I have two options now: 1. Buy online again for which I'm slightly apprehensive now. But anyway, has anyone bought a costly item like this and got it shipped to...
  8. Zinc

    Need help creating a custom desktop

    Can anyone give a tutorial on how to create this: The Orange Clock Desktop Also, please be advised that I'm a complete noob regarding this :ashamed:
  9. Zinc

    Agent [PS3]

    At the time it was announced I was confused between this game and LA Noire, thinking that both are same. Its been long since we saw a fresh exclusive for PS3 from a major developer :ohyeah:
  10. Zinc

    Are V Guard products available online from a reliable source?

    I was looking to buy a V Guard Crystal Plus voltage stabilizer for my TV but its not available locally at my place or in nearby areas. So, can I somehow source it online? And more importantly, is it even recommended to buy a heavy stabilizer online and get it delivered to UP, given the octroi...
  11. Zinc

    Laptops Targus RMA Experience

    Recently I had a good experience with Targus RMA detailed as under: Just a few days back my Targus Wanderer backpack got torn at one of the seams. I don't know how I managed to do that as its pretty well manufactured. Anyway, I contacted the Targus CC via their helpline and was told to send a...
  12. Zinc

    How to Store/Keep the consoles for long time untouched?

    I constantly need to pack my consoles (PS3 and Xbox360) for long periods of times, sometimes months, while I'm away from home. I need to know the usual precautions that need to be taken while storing such items for long periods, which can be upto 6 months. Anyone? Thanks!
  13. Zinc

    SolEol: Subtitle Searcher for Movies and TV Shows

    I came across this nice little utility for batch searching subtitles for movies and tv shows. This is actually an alpha version but I used it on Windows and seems to work fine. It uses for searching the subtitles (and also needs an account for the...
  14. Zinc

    Audio Earphones for Nokia C5

    My sister got a Nokia C5. She wanted to know whether it'll make a difference in the SQ if she bought a good quality earphones. Is it advisable to buy new ones for C5 and will they make a noticeable difference in the SQ as compared with the ones provided with phone? If yes, then please suggest...
  15. Zinc

    Targus Backpack Warranty Card issue

    Me and my friend were on a lookout for a laptop backpack and finally decided upon Targus Wanderer TSB114AP. While I was checking out some other possible options, he ordered the bag from ebay via a power seller (harshcorp05). I was slightly skeptical about it as the Targus authorized online...
  16. Zinc

    Samsung Google Nexus S finally on pre order - Flipkart (Rs27999)

    Samsung Google Nexus S: Full Phone Specifications, Price, Reviews I waited for this phone for, I don't know how long but is it now a good option? Dual cores are hitting the market now and it seems a bit late :(
  17. Zinc

    Pleae suggest a USB Modem for BSNL 3G, UP (East)

    Guys I need a USB Modem for BSNL 3G and my location is near Lucknow ie UP (East). After going through TE and many other forums, I'm pretty confused as to which one to go for. In my city I'm getting Idea E1550 3.6mbps (which is actually manufactured by Huawei) and Huawei T-Mobile (:P) 610...
  18. Zinc

    PS3 and Xbox 360 games

    I'm back at home for a while, so bumping this old thread with updated prices Games for sale, as under. All in pristine condition, prices inclusive of shipping. 1. Gears of War 2 Std Edition (Xbox360) - 600 - - Sold to Saiyan - 2. infamous (ps3) - 800/- THIS ONE NOT A FIRST HAND...
  19. Zinc

    Move over Jedi Knights, Germans develop mind controlled car

    Just saw this one on a news channel and was amazed. Couldn't wait to check up with Uncle Google and found lot of links. Unthinkable - Move over Jedi Knights, Germans develop mind controlled car
  20. Zinc

    Audio Best small, high performance speakers set?

    Hey guys! I travel a lot and need good speakers for my laptop (a 2.5 years old HP Pavilion DV6767TX, if that helps) which I can carry around with me in my luggage (yes, the one in the flights) without making it too heavy. A 2.1 solution seems a bit weighty to me, given the fact that I usually...