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    WTB Used ddr 1 rams

    Looking for used but working DDR 1 RAMs (DDR 400). Urgent. Anybody out there?
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    WTB dual core - C2D + Mobos and 80-160 GB HDDs

    Need 80 or 160 GB hdds - 2 nos and core 2 duo or dual core proccy+mobos - 2 Nos. Please PM if available. Urgently required.
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    Urgently required 19" LCD monitor

    Looking for a used 19" LCD Monitor. Preferably Samsung / LG / Viewsonic. Any remaining warranty on it would be great.:)
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    CORE 2 DUO Processor, 2 GB RAM

    Looking to buy used C2D proccy and above 2 GB Ram. Please PM me if available.
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    C2D processor + Motherboard + 2 GB Ram Combo needed

    Hi, Need a under warranty combo of C2D processor + Motherboard + 2 GB Ram urgently. Please quote price including shipping to Mangalore, Karnataka. Thanks in advance Regards.