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  1. TheCoolerPlayer

    All OS Feature phones with WhatsApp support? (apart from JioPhone)

    Hi all, Need a phone for a relative who needs a second phone purely for having a second number and whatsapp account (and no, dual sim phones are not okay with the said person, they want to keep 2 separate phones only). Any decent feature phones, preferably under 3k (max budget is 4.5k), which...
  2. TheCoolerPlayer

    Budget 0-20k Best high-wattage PSU under 9k?

    Hi all, I'm in need of a relatively high wattage PSU (at least 750W) in a strict budget of 9k (with additional 100-500 for shipping etc). Currently looking at the Silverstone DA850 (5 yrs warranty) and Antec Neo Eco 850 Gold (7 yrs warranty). Are there any better (or higher wattage options)...
  3. TheCoolerPlayer

    WTB 1x16GB 2Rx8 DDR4 32000 SODIMM

    Hi all, Let me know if you have the product in title available for sale. Basically want to purchase dual rank x8 memory banks 3200mhz laptop ram. Should have minimum 3 yrs warranty (if new) or 2yrs (if used), and be JEDEC compliant (NOT XMP). Thank you.
  4. TheCoolerPlayer

    WTB New or in warranty PSU of 750W or higher

    Hi all, Need to buy a PSU with at least 750W, preferably 850W. Minimum 80+ Bronze, warranty of at least 3 years (if used) or 5 years (if new). Please pm if you have any offers. Thank you.
  5. TheCoolerPlayer

    Weird type of hard shutdown under random loads

    So here's a strange problem I'm having with my desktop with the following specs: Ryzen 3600XT Vega 64 Liquid (Power limited to 250W) 2x16GB 3000 Corsair LPX 1x8GB 3200 Corsair LPX (All 3 sticks running at 3266Mhz @ 1.38V) MSI B450M Mortar (Non-Max) Corsair CX550 Now, I'm having shutdowns under...
  6. TheCoolerPlayer

    Why are threads locked and posts deleted without citing any reason(s)?

    And this is not just sale forms, but other threads and posts too. I've had posts of mine in different threads removed without informing me, and even after asking, I've not been given any answer (whether I've broken the rules or anything). As good as the mods are, to me ateast, there seems to be...
  7. TheCoolerPlayer

    Sending headphones via courier to Kerala

    Hi all, I want to buy a pair of headphones as a gift for a person staying in Kerala at the moment, but amazon, flipkart and other ecommerce platforms aren't delivering stuff there. So will it be possible to order a pair at my house and then ship it via ShipRocket or Speedpost? Or will that still...
  8. TheCoolerPlayer

    Recommendation for good soldering kits?

    Hi all, Was looking around for my sobering kit but it seems to have been misplaced around the house, so in the market for a soldering and desoldering kit which has everything included in it. Found some good ones on but all are out of stock. Plenty to be found on Amazon but not sure which...
  9. TheCoolerPlayer

    Good quality Display Port to mini Display Port cables/convertors?

    Hi all, Kindly suggest a good mini DP to DP cable, or a mini DP to DP convertor for the purpose of using a laptop's mini DP port to connect to a monitor. I already have a Display Port cable so if it would be possible to get a DP to mini DP convertor (if they exist) I would much prefer that...
  10. TheCoolerPlayer

    Making Music

    So I guess this is the next step @quaratineinthesejeans? @NotMyRealName and all other musicians of TE, maybe we can use this thread to discuss ideas, share resources and just generally come up with music? Looking forward to the discussions! :)
  11. TheCoolerPlayer

    Budget 90k+ Feedback on HP Omen 2020 and other ~1L gaming laptops

    Looking to buy a high end laptop which can game and also has decent battery life at around 1L mark, but saw that the Omen en0037AX is available for 1.2L on flipkart. Specs as follows: 4800H 2060 115W 2X8GB 3200Mhz RAM 1TB NVMe 70Wh Battery 144hz 300nit 100% sRGB display Is it worth extending...
  12. TheCoolerPlayer

    Budget 90k+ Best thin and light laptop around 1L (+- 12k) which is not a MacBook Air?

    Hi all, Dad needs a new laptop for work. No gaming needed at all. MacBook Air 512GB model is in strong contention, but want to avoid that because he needs at least 1 USB type-A port, plus he's never used a Mac in his life before. An ethernet port would be preferred but not necessary. Also IT...
  13. TheCoolerPlayer

    Is trustworthy?

    Hi all, Looking to order a dac amp from the above mentioned store since they have it available to ship. Anyone have experience with them? Called them up earlier today and the guy on the other end seemed decent enough, but would like hear some feedback before biting the bullet. Thanks for reading...
  14. TheCoolerPlayer

    Audio Headphone help - fixing broken 3.5mm jack?

    As attached in the pic, one of my sibling's AKG K92 3.5mm end broke due to bending it while removing it from their laptop -_- Can I simply cut the last few cm of the cable and solder a new aux cable end to it? Sorry if this comes off as a noob question, I have basic soldering skills but not sure...
  15. TheCoolerPlayer

    FS: Networking TP Link 5Ghz AC1350 MR3620 WiFi Router

    Hi, Selling TP Link Router as no longer required anymore. Bought in September 2018 with 3 yrs warranty, pslip attached for same. Has USB 2.0, supports 4G dongle's, has 5ghz ac wifi, supports guest mode, parental controls etc. Original bill, box and accessories included. Feels like new save for...
  16. TheCoolerPlayer

    User Review The best (budget) USB DAC AMP - Apple USB C to 3.5mm

    Hi all, This might seem a bit of a strange review but this has been one of the most surprising purchases for me. I had been searching for USB based DAC AMP from about 2 months, and came to know about Apple's type c to 3.5 dongle about 2 weeks ago (made for the newer iPad Pros which don't have a...
  17. TheCoolerPlayer

    WTB A USB DAC AMP for under 3000

    Hey guys, Looking for a decently powerful (anything more powerful than the fiio a1) USB DAC AMP to use primarily with my laptop. Doesn't necessarily have to be portable (battery powered) but portability is welcome as well. Hard limit of budget is 3000, not a paisa beyond that. Obviously the...
  18. TheCoolerPlayer

    What are you listening to right now? (Music Recommendations!)

    Hi all, I'm starting this thread for sharing music recommendations with all of us. Mods please delete/merge post with other thread if it already exists, I tried searching for one but couldn't find it on the forum. Also I'd request members to NOT use this thread to debate the technical aspects of...
  19. TheCoolerPlayer

    Budget 0-20k Best cabinet under (or around) 5k on (Plus any feedback about Silverstone PS15?)

    Hi all, I recently got finished with building a PC for deep learning and web dev purposes. Got incredibly lucky and managed to snag a Vega 64 LC in this day and age for a very reasonable rate to finish the build earlier this month. Below are the components in the build: CPU: Ryzen 3600XT CPU...
  20. TheCoolerPlayer

    WTB Used B450M, B350M or A320M motherboard under 4k

    Hi all, Looking to buy a used B450M, B350M or A320M at a reasonable rate priced under Rs. 4000. Strictly looking for matx motherboards only, no ATX or mITX offers please. Warranty preferred, though not necessary. Hit me up with your best offers via PM. Thank you.