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  1. harmandeep

    Airtel BroadBand North - Static Range - Phishing or Malware or Safe ?

    Hi, If we browse any of these IP Address - we are redirected to Google's web page. Now how has this been implemented and is it a Web Threat or Safe ??? IP Address Range: | Airtel BB North Static Example1: Example2:
  2. harmandeep

    FS: Laptop Dell Inspiron 14R - 5420 | Color - Silver | i7 3612QM | 1TB | 4GB | nVidia 630M

    Product Name: Dell Inspiron 14R - 5420 | DELL Inspiron N5420-Intel Core i7-3612QM 3rd GEN /14 "RED /BLUE/ SILVER -UBUNTU | eBay Purchase Price: Rs 43539 Expected Price: Rs 42300 (Non-Negotiable) Shipping charges : Local Buyers Only --- DELHI NCR / AMRITSAR / BATALA Manufacturer page URL...
  3. harmandeep

    FS: Motherboard Intel E5300 LGA 775 - R0 Steppings | Abit IP35Pro

    For Sale ! Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Expected Price: Rs 2,750/- | 2600 Pickup. Time of Purchase: DEC 2009 Company official Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty...
  4. harmandeep

    WTB AMD Phenom II X6 | Mobo

    Hi, i am looking for 1)6 Core AMD Cpu (Unlocked or Locked Multiplier) within Warranty and with Invoice & 2) MOBO with Onboard Graphics and USB3 - ATX or MATX within Warranty and with Invoice. --- My location - Delhi/NCR --- PM Your Offers
  5. harmandeep

    CPU/Mobo OS - Virtualization - VMware - New PC - Suggestions

    Usage: OS Virtualization HyperVisors: HyperV, ESXi, VMware Workstation Virtual Instances Applications: Windows Server, Linux, Sharepoint and Exchange Server System Access: Remote (including Out of Band - aka IPMI or in INTEL Consumer Realm - vPRO) / Console | So i favor On board Graphics Hi...
  6. harmandeep

    WTB Quad or Hex Core Processor with Motherboard - NCR

    Hi, i am looking for following - (within warranty, original packaging, Invoice) 1) Intel 2nd Gen / 3rg Gen Quad Core with Mobo (with 4 RAM Slots) 2) AMD Athlon II X4 or Phenom II X6 with Mobo (with 4 RAM Slots) My Location - Noida PM Your Offers.
  7. harmandeep

    OS Virtualization - VMware - Laptop Recommendation

    Max. budget - 40,000 INR/- Brand - Dell / HP / Asus / Lenovo HDD Requirement - 500 GB or More (7200 RPM only) Screen Requirements : 13-14" only (with Optical Drive) Applications: VMware Workstation / ESXi Processor - i3,i5 or i7 (Second Gen --- Third Gen if possible :) ) Memory : 8GB (after...
  8. harmandeep

    MCITP --- NCR --- Which Institute

    Hi, need advice on behalf of mine cousin --- which institute to join for MCITP Ent Admin training ... in NCR Region Max. Training Fee Budget --- 25,000/- and is there any institute which trains students on a particular module (say 70-640) and then prepares student how to attempt 70-640 exam...
  9. harmandeep

    BCDEDIT BootStatusPolicy Query - Dual Boot

    OS Currenlty Booted is Windows 7 (osdevice partition=C:) and BCDEdit is executed on this OS to dump below Info:- Below dumped is BCDStore Info: C:\windows\system32>bcdedit /enum Windows Boot Manager -------------------- identifier {bootmgr} device...
  10. harmandeep

    PC Peripherals APC UPS Query

    Hi, i wanna purchase a New UPS - but need a bit info for these specific models 1) APC BR600CI-IN 2) BE650Y-IN Query - When UPS discharge fully, and thereby when AC Current is restored - will the UPS will automatically turn on the Current or NOT - or do we need to PUSH the power button to...
  11. harmandeep

    AMD X4/X6 C3 Revision and Motherboard DDRIII 4 Slots

    Hi, need a AMD Athlon II X4 or Phenom II X4/X6 - C3 Revision only - and a AMD Motherboard any Brand - DDR III 4 Slots - ATX or mATX - Within Warranty. Shoot Your Offers | looking for a Quick Deal.
  12. harmandeep

    How do these Intermediate Certificates do thier Certificate Chaining

    Hi Guys, Below System in Screenshot is Win 2003 Sp2 Server, with no windows updates(virtual instance) I wanna confirm how these two Verisign intermediate CAs complete their Certificate chaining ? because in these certificates(albeit they are expired) have no AKI (Authority key identifier...
  13. harmandeep

    Windows Router - NetBT broadcast forwarding

    Is this possible in Windows Server 2003 Software Routing to allow - NetBT broadcast forwarding (UDP ports 137 and 138) - as possible with many cisco devices ? I Know this ain't nice to let Broadcats on WAN links --- but still is it possible ? DHCP relay agent in 2003 allows BOOTP forwarding...
  14. harmandeep

    NetBIOS name resolution not using HOSTS file and DNS

    Target - Test Windows Name Resolution Process and Hierarchy being followed ISSUE - Steps 6 and 7 (of section --> Windows Methods of Resolving NetBIOS Names) not being carried out Setup:- WINS Server - / 8 DNS...
  15. harmandeep

    Where to Buy --- Energenie ENER007 Power Meter --- Best Deal ?

    Wanna Buy 2 Units of Energenie Power Meter ENER007. Suggests best possible Deal. Regards Harmandeep
  16. harmandeep

    ZTE Blade as 3g modem ( no tether )

    Hi, Guys i have been trying to get mine Blade running CM 7.1.0 --- to act as 3g Modem (Dial UP) i.e. no tethering (RNDIS). Is that all possible ? I can we can browse internet using Tethering/NAT/RNDIS but i want direct access to DialUP device.So thats why i had been trying. I started...
  17. harmandeep

    CPU/Mobo 80 GB RAM Suggestion - 4GB X 1 DIMM Modules - 20 Units

    Guys, need advice on purchasing 20 Units of 4GB DDR III Dimm modules. We require units which are to able to overclock-able to 200-300 MHz with No or just a Slight increase in their Voltage. Memory Controller will be of AMD C3 Revision Sempron Chips ( all unlocked ). Systems will be equipped...
  18. harmandeep

    Require a USB n/g Wifi Adapter - working with Aircrack - all sorts of Modes/attacks

    Hi, i am looking for USB wifi Adapter n 150/300 or sole G, which are equipped with Chipsets whom Linux Device Drivers are fully capable for working with Aircrack-ng (linux) all modes and features, as good as provided by ath9k. Currently i am biased towards TP Link TL-WN722N which used...
  19. harmandeep

    Amd Athlon II x4 / Phenom II x4 C3 Revision with 880g Mobo DDRIII

    Require 880g mobo with 4DIMM Slots and 2 PCI Slots, and CPU only with C3 revision. PM ur offers.
  20. harmandeep

    ZTE Blade Gen2 Mod Help

    Guys, i had recently got a new ZTE Blade - Gen2. I had followed CM documentation- and have root'd successfully ( Permanent Root ) following the steps shown here ZTE Blade (Gen2): Root and Recovery - CyanogenMod Wiki Z4Root worked (tried various versions) for TEMPORARY ROOT'D only, and above...