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  1. d3vils33k3r

    WTB JioFi

    I need JioFi, in cheap rate and good condition and working with warrenty bill, box and all original accessories are welcome.. Need JioFi latest one.. I guess JioFi3
  2. d3vils33k3r

    Need information about Custom

    I am thinking to IMPORT a mobile , i.e One Plus 3T from usa due to a cheap deal.. and the courier is either Singapore Post or Aramex.. I asked the seller to de-value the item to $50 around and mark the item as gift. 1. So will the item be charged as custom by Aramex / Singapore Post or it...
  3. d3vils33k3r

    FS: Mobile Galaxy S5 [ 7 Months Warrenty Left - Best Condition ]

    Mobile is in Mint Condition , handled with extreme care.. 0 Scratch , and is used with back cover and tampered glass screen protector from day 1 . Free 1 x Amzer Back Cover ! and 2 x Tampered Glass Screen Protector ! Invoice of Rs 42415.00 ( will be given to buyer ) Shipping via : Bluedart...
  4. d3vils33k3r

    FS: Mobile HTC One M8 [1 Month OLD] [ 4G LTE ] [ Price Dropped ]

    [ 2nd Mobile after LG to support 4G in INDIA ] HTC One M8 (Glacial Silver) Brand New Mobile - Used For 5-10 mins at max. KEY FEATURES OF HTC ONE M8 (GLACIAL SILVER) Glacial Silver Edition 4G LTE India Supported. 5 MP Secondary Camera HTC UltraPixel Primary Camera Wi-Fi Enabled Android OS...
  5. d3vils33k3r

    PC Peripherals DeathStalker Ultimate Support Problem

    Recently I had purchased Razer DeathStalker Ultimate from Flipkart , and it was having a fault in Trackpad area. ACRO ENGINNERING CO. KHASRA NO- 522/1,VILLAGE JONAPUR DELHI-110030; PH:-01126659635 So I contacted "Acro Eng" which is the official distributor in India and they sent me a reply to...
  6. d3vils33k3r

    Need Windows 8.1 Pro with WMC Untouched.

    anyone know where can I get Untouched MSDN ver of Windows 8.1 Pro with WMC ? Please post download link
  7. d3vils33k3r

    FS: Tablet Apple 128 GB iPad Air with Wi-Fi [New,Packed]

    Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: IPAD AIR 128GB WiFi Expected Price: Rs - 49,999/- + Shipping or H2H Deal (for local near sodepur/dumdum stn) [I AM OPEN TO REASONABLE OFFERS VIA PM ONLY] Source and Time of Purchase: 29/05/2014 Reason for Sale: Need Urgent Money RMA/Servicing...
  8. d3vils33k3r

    PC Peripherals Cabinet fan controller panel - where to buy?

    can anyone tell me where to get and what is called.. I have seen cabinet with specific monitors to control fan and also it shows the temperature and other details.. I haven't found it on net .. so can anyone help me to get it in India better if anyone post with estore link and whats its name ??
  9. d3vils33k3r

    PC Peripherals Need E-ATX Cabinet Suggestion for A Gaming Rig

    Recently I build a new gamming rig and I want a good looking cabinet for that , the problem is my mobo is E-ATX and I am not finding any suitable and good cabinet for it which is available for purchase online. Below is the config of my rig , please advice me some good cabinet which is available...