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    about cdac banglore

    I think my friend attended Wimc course in Bangalore in Feb 2012. I think he attended the main CDAC centre of Bangalore as it was his second choice after CDAC Pune. His experience was good in terms of teaching and placement.
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    3 month old baby girl raped by neighbour :(

    unbelievable and shock does not describe what I feel. Rapes, sexual assault has got to be stopped somehow but We are hearing more and more gruesome stories.
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    Advice about HDFC Account

    Thanks for your replies. I know I should have got it closed earlier on but now I am out of country and they say only I can close account. I don't have anything else with HDFC. One of my friend had a fixed deposit and they ate whole FD to recover charges. So, for savings account they don't take...
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    The Aam Admi Party

    It might be offtopic but still. I think it's human nature to exploit others at-least a little bit when we have power. None of the netas are 100% honest. AAP also won't be. But it's better to have someone who takes 100 rs does developmement of 80 rs and eats 20 rs rather than present netas which...
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    Advice about HDFC Account

    I had a salary account in HDFC. I left job and it got converted to savings account. I am not using that account for a long time and have lost its debit card, cheque book etc. I went to bank to close my account and they told me that you need to pay 800 as demat charges, 2500 for minimum balance...
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    The "Everyday" show-off thread !

    Can you confirm if it works for other non NES games like subway surfers, asphalt, etc?
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    placements of cdac

    I studies DAC in feb 2013 batch. You won't face much problem due to gap as I saw others also having some gap and they got placed but you should have some definite answer. Maybe you can show some other work. But for CDAC make sure you are mentally prepared, it's called commando course for a reason
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    Need suggestions - course in CDAC or go for job

    We all had this habit in engineering :p no worries
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    Need suggestions - course in CDAC or go for job

    You should try to do C C++(Opps Concepts) and data structures before commencement of course. If you are passionate and ready to work hard, you will enjoy course. My advice is just to keep a clear head. DONT miss any class. Keep on writing even if you don't understand. Try to do it in lab, then...
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    Need suggestions - course in CDAC or go for job

    Pune has Commom Campus Placements so, there won't be any disadvantage. Sunbeam is a very good institute. If you are ready to take sanyaas and focus only on studies it's worth it. If you have 60+ in 10th 12th and Btech, you will get lots of opportunities
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    Need suggestions - course in CDAC or go for job

    If your rank for DAC is 750, you will get sunbeam.
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    Need suggestions - course in CDAC or go for job

    Only centres worth taking are CDAC pune, CDAC bangalore and Sunbeam pune for DAC course. These three centers get filled first. Sunbeam Pune is private, their admin is quite good and they put lot of effort on each and every aspect of placement(Some students go for Sunbeam pune rather than CDAC...
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    Need suggestions - course in CDAC or go for job

    I joined CDAC DAC this february. I can tell you some facts but ultimately you have to decide. Yes, lot of companies come to CDAC for placement but their shortlisting criteria is your 10th 12th Engineering and CDAC marks. You will get maximum calls if you have 70+ in all 3. There is no doubt that...
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    C++ platform dependent and Java Platform Independent

    @tifosi @theoracle Thanks for your reply. It cleared lot of doubts. I am using Visual Studio 2010. I said about Turbo C because our teacher gave example of Turbo C. I thought that Turbo C also creates a Virtual Machine.
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    C++ platform dependent and Java Platform Independent

    Guys, I have lot of confusion about same basic concepts. I am posting whatever I feel is right(might be entirely different from reality) It would be great if someone could explain We have been taught that C++ is platform dependent since .exe generated in windows can't be run in linux. But...
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    Work Permit Canada

    One of my friend is in very big confusion related to Work Permit of Canada. My friend has got admit for MS in Canada at University of Victoria. His Study permit states Program of Study: Computer Science Length of Studies: September 04, 2013 to September 2014 (Minimum) or September 2018...
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    Need information about IELTS exam

    I think TOEFL would also be accepted. It's very easy if basic english is good. One can easily score 110 out of 120 Just watch notefull videos and practice some tests from barron's CD
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    Laptops Macbook pro early 2011 RAM Upgrade

    One of my friend has Macbook pro early 2011 specs i5 2415m 2x2GB DDR3 320GB HDD Apple officially supports 8GB RAM and intel website also shows that max RAM supported by i5 2415 is 8GB. But, some people have mentioned that it is capable of supporting upto 8GB...
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    Confused about transfer of vehicle from haryana to pune

    W@rrier Sending bills of petrol pump won't be a problem but I am not sure if cops abide by it. I am also worried about how many times I will be stopped. I will be traveling 12 kms one side from magarpatta to Market yard, gultekdi. I always wear helmet. - - - Updated - - - onlyravi thanks. I...
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    Help needed in finding accommodation in Pune

    Thanks guys for your valuable inputs :)