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    Can I buy Micro Sim Online?

    I am coming to India next month and I was wondering if I could buy Micro Sim (Airtel, Idea, Vodafone, Aircel really don't care) anywhere online? I am pretty sure I won't be able to get them where I live. I looked around at ebay and network carrier's site but couldn't find one there. Is there any...
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    Anyone interested in Moto Atrix 4G?

    Mods, please delete this if it's not the right section. I really don't know where to put this thread. So I will be coming back to India in May (May 20th to be precise) and would like to know if anyone was interested in getting a phone from U.S. for cheap? (something like Moto Atrix or whichever...
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    Motorola Atrix 4G - Start of a new era?

    I am sure everyone of you must have read about Moto Atrix 4G. If not here are a few links: 1. 2. Motorola Atrix: another look (video) -- Engadget 3. A complete guide to the Motorola Atrix, a phone + laptop I...
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    Dell Adapter Cord (US Model)

    I will be moving to US for my studies and I have a Dell Studio 1537. I was wondering if anyone of you who have purchased your studio's from US have the adapter cord lying around? I don't the complete adapter. Just the cord that connects AC and the adapter. Please PM me anyone has it. :)
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    Anyone here from Buffalo, NY?

    I will be going to SUNY Buffalo this Fall for my Bachelors. So was wondering if any TEities already there at Buffalo or would be joining this year? Perhaps we can share flight together :)
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    Bindaas Bargain Deals

    Didn't find any thread for Bindaas bargain so creating one (yes I used the search option :P) Today's deal seems good though not great. WD 500GB portable for Rs.4200 shipped. Good deal for anyone looking to buy a portable HDD. - India's 1st One Deal a Day Online Shopping
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    Vodafone to offer iPhone 4!

    Didn't want to post this in that other iPhone 4 thread which is more of a fighting ground :P. Still if this is wrong, please merge it with that thread :) Vodafone should really set the pricing at max Rs.35k if they really want it to be a success. I think anything above that will hardly find...
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    Apple now worth more than Microsoft!

    Source Also read this: Apple's amazing journey P.S. Please don't start a war here now!
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    Video How is Samsung's 3D LED TV's?

    My cousin wants to buy a LCD/LED TV and has a budget of about Rs.50k. Screen size is flexible depending upon the price but between 32" and 42". Today's times has a Samsung ad for 3D LED TV and the 32 incher is priced for Rs.52k which includes a complimentary 3D glasses too. Also comes with a...
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    Feel Cheated by! :/

    I had ordered a Mobile Phone from Naaptol on Feb 19th. After 3 days, i.e. on Feb 22nd I got a call from them saying that the product is not available with the dealer and hence I would be issued a refund in 10-15 working days. The status of my order soon changed to 'Refund in Process' as well...
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    Tribute to German Bakery (Very touching Video)

    9hwxTiCnSDM R.I.P German Bakery and please come back soon! :(
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    iPad Vs A Stone!

    Got his in mail and found it pretty hilarious!:rofl:
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    Hathway 256kbps UL new tariff (Great pricing)

    Just got a leaflet of Hathway in my mailbox. Says "Unlimited 256 kbps for just Rs.378* per month". Talked to the CC and the * was for taxes extra making the plan about Rs.420 or so. But you need to pay for 6 months to avail this offer. Still it's a great plan in that price! :) Note: This...
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    Looking to buy Nokia E71/72

    I am looking to buy a used Nokia E71/72 phone. The condition of the phone should be good. Need not be under warranty. I am open to offers but please don't quote unrealistic prices. I have checked ebay and a used E71 goes for around 10k to 13k (depending on condition and accessories) while E72...
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    Where can I get housing panel for iPhone 2G?

    My friend dropped his iPhone and now the screen is broken completely and I guess the digitizer also has broken. We were able to find one on ebay for about 2k. But he is also looking for the rear cover of iphone as it has suffered dents and scratches due to the fall. I googled and found that...
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    Best Personal Reminder Application?

    I tend to forget TONS of things so I wanted a simple and easy to use personal reminder software for windows. Can anyone suggest me one? It should be simple as I don't want it to do hell of tasks. Just pop-up a reminder window - simple! Would be good if it has nice GUI :ohyeah:
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    CAT exam servers crash at all centers across India

    CAT exam servers crash at all centers across India- Education-Services-News By Industry-News-The Economic Times Prometric adds "Servers didn't crash. They were just overloaded!" :rofl:
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    Laptops Dell and Core i7 - Only delays!

    My roomie had ordered a Studio 16 XPS with a core i7 on November 1st and since then all he has heard from them is "Your order will be shipped next week". Today when he called, they told him that Studio's are facing some serious issues with core i7 processor and hence the delay. He still wasn't...
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    Idea 'Talk for India hour' - Really!?

    I have written up this post on my blog here. Please share your views on what YOU think about this 'noble' initiative!
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    CX300 Earphones - Rs.600 shipped! (Need at least 5 people)

    While browing at the DealXtreme forums, someone referred to this site: that deals in wholesome orders. There I came across this great deal. Wholesale Genuine CX300 In-ear Noise Bass-driven Earphone (Black) | They seem to original Sennheiser CX300 earphones and if we can...