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    WTB 2tb nvme

    Product is working fine and willl share feedback
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    WTB Monitor , Ram , PSU And Graphic Card.

    I am making system for my cousin bro , i hve cpu+mobo, ssd, cabby and cooler, so looking for good monitor (144hz freesync) , Ram 8x2, PSU 550-650 and Graphic card below 10k
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    WTB Looking for a new 2ds xl or 3ds xl or old 3dses and dses

    Got 2ds green color with 256gb sandisk class 10 full of games and it is modded
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    WTB 2tb nvme

    Received product will update after testing(7days warranty)
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    WTB Octa Core Processor

    I got 2700x and rog corshair vi hero mobo
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    WTB Processor [4c 8t and above]

    Got 2700x and rog corshair vi hero mobo for sale
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    WTB 2tb nvme

    Deal finalized and made full payment with @PradUp for seagate firecuda 2 tb nvme m.2
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    WTB 2tb nvme

    Looking for 2tb m.2 nvme
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    CPU/Mobo AMD Ryzen 7 5800X running hot

    Which cooler are you using?