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    Powerstick 8 GB

    A brand new unopened powerstick for sale. The Powerstick is a USB rechargeable alternate power source for cell phones, cameras and MP3 players. An internal Lithium Ion battery stores power from your USB port or USB wall adapter. The PowerStick comes with several adapters to allow you to plug...
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    Mega sale!

    Hey guys, Lots of items for sale: Lets start with the Freebies: AMD Socket A heatsink + D-Link Hub ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting Onto the sell able items: Seagate 500 GB external drive: Warranty valid upto October, 2012...
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    Acer Aspire Revo AR1600-U910H

    Have an Acer Aspire Revo AR1600-U910H for sale. This is about 6 months used and has more than 6 months of warranty still remaining on it. For detailed specs check - Acer Aspire Revo AR1600-U910H Intel Atom 230(1.6GHz) 1GB DDR2 160GB HDD Capacity NVIDIA ION LE graphics Windows XP...
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    BIOSTAR TForce TP35D2-A7 LGA 775 Intel P35 ATX Intel Motherboard

    This a brand new RMA'd motherboard. It works perfectly fine. It has been tried and tested. There is no warranty remaining on this one. For details check: - BIOSTAR TForce TP35D2-A7 LGA 775 Intel P35 ATX Intel Motherboard Pictures:
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    Linksys WRT54GL

    WRT54GL for sale. The router is about 2-1/2 years old. This is the one flash-able to third party firmware. Works perfectly fine. No warranty remaining though. This sale is only for mumbai buyers. This one still sells for 3k+. So dont lowball.
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    Ipod Nano 8 GB (Blue & Pink) & 2 Nokia N73 Phones

    Have two iPod Nano's 4th Gen. Warranty valid will May 2011 on both of them. Some more pics of the iPod: Two Nokia N73's. No warranty but both work perfectly. Lowballers will be ignored.
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    Nokia C3 Availability in Mumbai?

    I'm looking forward to buying the Nokia C3 asap. Lets start a GO if possible. Some of my friends too are interested in getting this phone. Called up my dealer as well today, but he says that it should be out during this week sometime. Please holla back if you spot one for sale anywhere in Mumbai.
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    Cheapest netbook?

    Guys which is the cheapest netbook available right now? There would be a preference to the 10" netbooks, but if i said that i had to buy 3 under 40k so then what are the options?
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    Samsung 1GB X 2 Laptop DDR2 Memory + Acer Extensa Battery

    Samsung 1 GB X 2 DDR2 667 MHz Memory - Price Expected - 1550 Acer Extensa GARDA31 4 Cell Battery - Price Expected - 1500 Both of the above products work fine, they've been used for approximately 1 year. The battery gives a backup time of approximately 2 hours.
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    Google Sharing

    GoogleSharing is a special kind of anonymizing proxy service, designed for a very specific threat. It ultimately aims to provide a level of anonymity that will prevent google from tracking your searches, movements, and what websites you visit. GoogleSharing is not a full proxy service designed...
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    PC Peripherals Firewire confusion

    Was planning to get an Acer ION Box from the states. But the lack of a firewire port has been bothering me from buying the box. The reason i need a firewire port is for transferring video from my age old DCR HC-90 video cam. Is there anyway i can add a firewire port externally through some hack...
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    Nexus One gets pricing details, to be sold unlocked

    After just hearing that the Nexus One phone from Google will be coming on January 5th, information about its pricing has leaked. T-Mobile will be selling the Nexus One for $179.99 with a two-year contract, or consumers can purchase off of Google directly, for $529.99 unlocked. There is only one...
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    Linksys WRT54GL

    Selling off my Linksys WRT54GL. Its in mint condition, i have put the tomato firmware on it. Approximately 2 years old. So 1 more year of warranty to go. These routers are far better than the WRT54G Series or even the new linksys series available right now. WRT54GL still sells for 3.5~4k. Dont...
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    Hard drives

    Seagate 1 TB HDD: Bought 3 months back. Expecting 3650 for it. Standard Seagate Warranty applies. Lowballers dont bother pm'ing.
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    Storage Solutions Solid State Storage on Steriods

    YouTube - Jesuits in Vegas! - gadget @ Interop - Fusion io
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    Audio EP-630 Medium Sized Ear-Plugs Needed

    Guys, I just lost my EP-630 Medium Sized (Default) Earplugs. Anyone having spare ones could please donate to me or any idea where could i buy these things :) Dhanyavaad!
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    PC Peripherals Acer Aspire AR1600-U910H ION Availability

    Acer Aspire Revo AR1600-U910H - Acer Aspire Revo AR1600-U910H Intel Atom 230(1.6GHz) 1GB DDR2 160GB NVIDIA ION LE graphics Windows XP Home - Desktop PCs Guys anyone know if this is available or not in india ? This retails for 200$ in the US. Seems like the most VFM deal right now...
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    Seagate 120 GB HDD

    Segate 120 GB PATA HDD for sale. No warranty remaining. No Bad Sectors. The drive is approximately 3 years old. No low-balling please.
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    Two 8GB Ipod Nanos

    6k Each. Or pick up both for 11.5k and also get a free HCL Car FM Transmitter with it. 1 Pink + 1 Blue 4th Generation 8GB Ipod Nanos for sale. More than 6 months of warranty remaning and they come with a free pouch as well. Lowballers stay away.