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    FS: Headphone OPPO ENCO M31 Wireless Earphones in Pristine Conditon (Only tested)

    Price : 1499/- (Shipping free) Purchased from Amazon on 11th Feb 2021 and got it delivered on the day of posting the ad (13th Feb). This is the Black Color variant.
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    FS: MP3 Player Fiio M3K Player with 16GB Memory Card in Good Condition. Read Description.

    Product Name: Fiio M3K Description : I bought this from Amazon but it wasn't brand new. It was listed as "(Renewed)" and was going for less than its MRP. The player itself looked new. Silicon cover and the included micro USB cable looked new. Micro SD was Sandisk, new & sealed. Screenguard was...
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    WTB A Portable Music Player under 5000

    I need a Portable Media Player Maximum Budget :5000 Preferred (but not limited to) : Fiio M3k, Shanling M0, Any FiiO or Cayin products, Xduuo products, Zishan Products, Sansa.
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    WTB Samsung Galaxy S i9000 (The very first S)

    I need a Samsung Galaxy S i9000 (the one with AMOLED)
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    WTB Samsung Galaxy S i9000 (The fiest version)

    I need a used Samsung Galaxy S i9000 in working condition.
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    Android s4 came with lollipop instead of Kit Kat. Is the phone used?

    I bought the Deep Black S4 from Flipkart. EVerything was sealed. Only the phone's screen guard had some smudges and seemed almost like a fingerprint (I'm not sure if it's normal). Everything else seems intact. The device has Android 5.0.1 pre installed. But I checked everywhere and this version...
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    Buying hard disk for someone else risky?

    My classmate asked me if I cud buy him a hard disk from eBay (he doesn't have access to internet) he gave me his debit card details and I added the money to mobikwik and bought the drive from eBay. Now the product is on its way, but I was thinking (okay this might sound real crazy) is there any...
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    Security Software How does 3 years protection work for Kaspersky?

    So if I buy KIS 2015 (3 years), by the the time KIS 2018 releases, would I still be using KIS 2015 or am I entitled to free upgrade every year (sounds unlikely).
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    Graphic Cards Which brand 750 ti to get for better warranty and reliablity of the product?

    I am getting a deal on MSI 750 ti but on the Amazon website it states only 1 year warranty? Is that true? Also read some bad experiences with MSI Rma on another forum. Are these one-off cases? Is it true that MSI warranty is from date of manufacture and not date of purchase?
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    Are eBay coupons applicable on auction?

    These coupons like Ebay09deal.. Cud they be applied on items won in an auction? Or are they exclusively for Buy It Now items?
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    What does the Speed Post do after opening the packet?

    For the first time in my life, I shipped a Non document thru Speed Post. The person at the office asked me to pack it well. I used a bucket load of bubble wrap, a whole big sellotape , some air filled covers I got from Amazon etc... I shipped it from Kerala. Few hours later when I tracked I saw...
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    Budget 20-25K Best smartphone if i plan to sell it off in a year

    So I am all excited for the Galaxy S6 but i can't think of buying it until the prices come down to ~30k. I have been using an i9000 Galaxy S for 4 years now and I can't stand it anymore.(except for music with its wolfson chipset, ofcourse) So what I am looking for is something around 20k that...
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    Promised refund from ebay seller- i2cworld_inc3

    I bought a Koss KSC75 headphone from the ebay seller :i2cworld_inc3 The next day I was able to re-cable my damaged Koss Portapro headphone. So II asked the seller if it were possible to cancel he order. The reply was (pardon his/her English) : Dear Buyer, Thanks for your mail. your item is not...
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    Shree Ganesh Enterprises. Defective product from Ebay. Seller no longer on ebay.

    I bought a Kobo Glo from seller: atharaventerprises2014 this month. The product was dead on arrival and unfortunately I accepted the receipt. In the invoice , the seller details are as follows. Shree Ganesh Enterprises A 101 GULMOHAR CHS PLOT NO 52 an NAvi Mumbai - 410210 I googled but...
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    Audio Koss Portapro "Prolite"

    I was going to buy portapro from amazon (snapdeal and flipkart dont deliver to my place).. I contacted Betta Electronics (I messaged on whatsapp) and they confirmed the one sold by DKK retail is "OK". But I don't understand why there is a "Prolite"in the title. Is this original. Anyone has...
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    Android Galaxy Tab S 10.5 for less than 30,000/- ?

    Is there any place in India (online or otherwise) where Galaxy Tab S 10.5 is selling for less than 30,000/- ? It seems to be the only tablet that hasn't been getting any price cut here.
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    FS: Video Card Sapphire AMD/ATI Radeon R7 250 1GB DDR5 with Boost Graphics Card

    Sapphire AMD/ATI Radeon R7 250 1GB DDR5 with Boost Graphics Card
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    FS: Headphone Just 8 Days Old Philips SHL3000BL in Pristine Condition

    The cushions are just like new without any signs of wear and tear.
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    Audio Koss Portapro Lifetime warranty in India?

    I'm buying a Koss Portapro from Betta Electronics. They told me they will provide the lifetime warranty. Could anyone who have bought from them please confirm it? Do we have to incur any charges for claiming the warranty? I couldn't get it delivered to my place from Flipkart or Snapdeal, so I...
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    WTB Want a canon 600d in good condition.

    Does anyone have a canon 600d (body only) for sale?