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    need help with medical insurance claim

    recently i have been blessed with baby girl :) i have medical insurance in the company, but unfortunately the hospital where my wife had delivery is not in the insurance network list. Hence i had to pay the bill first and needed to claim later. coming to my query, room rent was 3000/day but in...
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    WP Nokia Lumia 635 from Amazon US Is this a good deal for 50$ ? It can be unlocked by requesting code from AT&T
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    Android HTC one M7 from ebay usa
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    Is there any operator in delhi offering unlimited plans for making STD calls?

    or atleast vfm plans like 20paisa/min std call to any network?
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    Android is there any app for remote access of andriod phone

    i have searched on playstore and found one app airdriod., but this seems to be work if laptop on mobile on same wifi i am looking to access remotely andriod via laptop web browser?
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    Android does redmi note have inbuit fm transmitter?

    earlier i has seen, some nokia phones has inbuit fm transmitter with which we can play songs in car audio from phone. does redmi note have this functionality?
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    Android How to block ads in chrome on andriod phone ??

    For example refer the attAched snapshot Apart from this how to block banner ads on websites? Basically i m looking for adblockplus sort of app for andriod
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    how to add paytm wallet in UBER app?

    anyone here using UBER service? this week they are offering 5 freerides if we add paytm wallet I tried numerous time adding wallet, but couldnt do so :banghead: when i go to payment options it is not showing option to add paytm wallet :bored: this is...
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    Android why developers cant produce lean applications (smaller size)

    my experience with htc explorer earlier days i used to have 6-7 apps installed on my mobile now i cant install more than 1 app other than playstore :mad: in my opinion developers should create leaner applications, i mean of lesser size which saves data and further time and further environment :p
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    any upcoming offers on flipkart?

    I am planning to buy mobile for around 10-15k any credit cards offers can we expect in the near days?
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    32inch LED TV

    Last year around march we had bought samsung LED tv for around 34k of which display gone bad after 14 months :( and they are asking 15k for replacing the panel Instead of replacing the panel we decided to go for new tv can anyone suggest good model in any brand 1. Budget. ~35k 2. Viewing...
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    Does anyone have experience with Home insurance here Like one in the above link, does any have experience with home insurance claims? this insurance seems to cover electrical appliances too. so for instance if LED/LCD is out of waranty and with this insurance can one able to...
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    Is MTS application deliberately showing wrong speeds?

    As mentioned in the title, I have a doubt about the upload and download speed which appear on the mts application. I was uploading some photos in website, and it is showing avg upload speed as 60 kb/s...but at the same time mts application is showing 660kbps... How can it my...
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    Need advice in buying tablet under 25k

    Budget <25k Required features voice calling and 3g facility (optional) front and back camera For medium gaming extended storage size >7inch I was looking at Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 and Apple Ipad mini suggestions welcome incase of any other good models
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    Lenovo, Toshiba tick off Indian e-tailers

    The rift between online and physical retailers grew deeper on Tuesday, after technology giants Lenovo and Toshiba issued notices that warned consumers that e-commerce firms were not authorised resellers. These warnings come a few months after camera major Nikon issued a similar notice, and a...
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    eye glasses for general purpose

    i am looking to purchase glasses for general purpose like for using computer longer times like that which kind of glasses should i choose... Any suggestions please
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    what to do with home inverter battery for 4 months without usage

    Soon one of my friend is going to abroad for 4months. His house will be locked for the period. He has got inverter and luminous battery...6 months old.... While leaving should he switch off the main or leave it on for the battery charging? I heard it is not a good thing to keep battery idle for...
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    Laptops Dell XPS 15 Laptop battery

    can anbody recommend whether I can buy this laptop battery from amazon US.... they are offering 18month waranty and has gud feedback frnd...
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    Android problem with htc explorer volume down button

    For some reason since today morning my htc explorer is behaving weirdly. volume down button is keep on pressing itself. I tried to restart the phone then it went to hboot menu. after restarting couple of more times now the phone is on but the volume down button is on keep on pressing itself...
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    Laptops Suggest some good reliable laptop repair store in new delhi

    My 4 years old HP laptop is not working properly recently, like faulty audio, slow booting sort of... does anybody know reliable laptop repair store in nehru place, delhi?