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    17" LG 700E CRT, Black, No Warranty

    Hi, I have a 3+ Years old (As far as I remember, 4th April 2006), LG 700E 17" CRT Monitor which is for sale. There is no warranty on the product. I shall provide testing warranty, for which you will have to visit my place and can test the monitor to your satisfaction, no future warranty after...
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    Happy B'day Bikey and Rushabht

    Heres wishing you guys a very Happy B'day!! Hope you have a great day, party hard and have an amazing year ahead!! PS: I await a treat from both of you :P
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    Urgent: Need information regarding AD 3D Expert Course at MAAC Malad

    Hi, As the thread title reads, I need information about: Course Curriculum Faculty at the institute Future Scope Infrastructure First Hand Experience about the course First hand experience about the institute for AD 3D Expert Course at MAAC, Malad. The information is needed to guide...
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    Happy B'day Masky

    Yep, you read it right. :ohyeah: Today is Masky's B'day!! Heres wishing him a VERY VERY HAPPY BDAY!!! Hope you have a great day today and party hard!! All the best!! :hap2:
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    Happy B'day IceFusion

    Hey Dude, Happy B'day!!! Hope you have a great day today and party Hard!!! Hope all your dreams come true and wishing you the best for the coming year!! Now, that being said...Wheres my treat!!?? :bleh:
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    GMail Introduces Color Themes

    31 New color themes to choose from in GMail. Read More This just got activated in one of my accounts this morning. Although not a very wide variety of colors to choose from, but a few of them are good ;). As they say, something is better than nothing ;)
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    PC Peripherals Erratic Behavior by Liteon LH-20 A1P and LG GSA 4167B

    Hi, Recently, I had a forced upgrade :P. Current config reads: C2D E7200 Gigabyte GA73 VM S2 (Yea I know the dual channel RAM issue :P) 2 GB of DDR 2 800 Mhz RAM 160 GB + 80 GB HDDs and the above two (Liteon LH-20A1P writer and LG GSA 4167 B Writer - Both IDE) All powered by a new Corsair...
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    Happy B'Day VinCE

    Happy B'Day V-in-CE!!! :D :hap2: Hope you have a great day today and party hard!!! :ohyeah: All the best!! :D :clap: :cool2:
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    Car & Bike Finally, the F1 Track in India by 2010 at Greater Noida!!!

    So, the wait is finally over. Sometime back this is what was announced. Read the article here: BBC SPORT | Motorsport | Formula One | India to build F1 track for 2010
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    Urgent:Need Information about PG/Flat Accomodation in Mumbai

    Hi, A friend's friend is coming over to Mumbai in a few days (will be here by 21st) and "she" shall be needing a PG accomodation in the suburbs along the likes of Bandra, Andheri etc. She shall be here for a job search and will need the place for about a Month before finalizing the job and...
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    Winners of WCG India

    CS - ATE Warcraft III - Sagar Vaishnav FIFA - Reuben Pereira NFS - Arun Ravi Singh (w00t!!! Congo Dude!!! All the best for Seattle!!!) Age Of Empires - Chotu Vohra Project Gotham Racing - Yash Mayekar Heres wishing the best to the winning teams/individuals!!! :hap2: Hope you guys do well in...
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    I am now the leader of Kangaal Party of India

    The reason for the same... The box!!! The (Smart)Phone!!! The accessories....note the small converter on the left connect standard nokia chargers into the phone due to the smaller jack. Another pic.... I suck at photography:bleh: Serves the purpose though.
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    Storage Solutions Recommend A New HDD

    Hi, My old HDD conked out. Without going into details, I just wanna mention that I want to buy a new one. My budget ~ 2.5k Kindly recommend some HDDs of 80/160Gb capacity with Model numbers and the good points if possible. I shall be heading to Lammy tomorrow morning. Any help will be...
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    Happy B'Day Harshal

    Heres wishing one of the good members on TE a Very Happy B'Day!!! Hope you have a great day today and party hard!!!! Hope all ur f1 dreams and other dreams get fulfilled soon;) All The Best DADAJI!!!!:bleh:
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    Storage Solutions Unable To Defragment Primary OS Partition ( C Drive )

    Hi, I am facing a weird problem off late.....will start the story from the beginning.... Some facts before I begin... AMD 3000+, 1 GB RAM DDR (512*2 MB), Asus A8N-VM Motherboard, Seagate 80 GB (7200) SATA (2 Partitions, 20 GB(Primary,NTFS), Rest in D: again NTFS), Powersafe 400 W PSU. I opened...
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    Happy B'Day Arun_Rulezzz

    Heres wishing one of the best gamers in India a very Happy B'day. :D :party: :food2: Have A Blast Today!!! :food4: :food6: :food7: And Party Hard :food5: :food3: :food1: May you get an Octa Core GFX SLI next year:rofl:
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    User Guides LCD Monitor Basics

    We use monitors as our main source of output display in computers. And with LCDs becoming really popular, have you ever wondered what they are made up of? Well heres a small presentation i had made for my college sometime back. Thought I should share it here so it can help others incase they...
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    New Worm/Trojan/Adware doing the rounds of Yahoo Messenger via IM offliners

    Hi Everyone, Incase you get a message from me or anyone else on Yahoo Instant Messenger with similar text and links as below: "check out my new personal website : h t t p : / / mytermex .com c0ol !!! " OR "there's going to be a meteor shower tonight : h t t p : / / nsl-school .org / ?i...
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    A Non-Veg PJ

    chicken ... Mutton ... Pork ... Fish ... Prawn ... Beef ... crab ... Duck .................................. what......its a pure non-veg pj......:bleh:
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    PC Peripherals HP ScanJet 6300C Problems

    Hi I was gifted an old HP ScanJet 6300C by a relative. I installed the software on the disc and followed the instructions. After which i plugged in the scanner using the USB connector. The scanner was detected properly. The lamp turns on and the scanner makes a small grinding noise. Now there...