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    Windows Share download link of Win 7 x64 using retail key

    Hi Require Win 7 x64 final edition . Link requires retail Win 7 key . Keys on Dell , HP are not retail keys and its not taking keys I have . Anyone whose got a retail key can share the download link for Win 7 x64 bit thanks
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    Did a new data breach happen 3 days back & 20 minutes back ?

    Hi Chrome is showing most password compromised , To name important ones Techenclave twitter Xiaomi facebook bigrock myntra pizzahut spotify primeabgb lghome KFC fabfurnish flyingreturns pepperfry moneycontrol mdcomputers all bsnl sites shopandship few google...
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    Why is my Netplus ZTE F670L ONT sending DNS data to China

    Hi I just upgraded my modem to ZTE ZXHN F670L . firmware details are as in pic . I have Pihole + unbound running on a Pi and using that as DNS resolver through modem itself for all devices I have been observing this pinging to China server frequently . I dont want it . How...
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    VPS Query

    Hi guys BF sale is on . Wanted a VPS for running own VPN , PiHole and small seedbox for Bonus points on trackers + tinkering Budget $4 Had checked different websites/forums including lowendspirit . I have no idea about most of these providers if any one is using can pls guide about their...
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    PiHole should be a must

    Didnt see PiHole being discussed so .... After using PiHole on a Pi from last one week i feel it should be a mandatory equipment in everyone's home network if it has more than 3/4 devices including mobiles , TAB or PC. The amount of queries it has been blocking in my network is insanely at...
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    WTB Pogoplug or Pogoplug Archlinux repair service - Will pay for repairs

    Hi Looking for pogoplug less than 1500 . Many took it and many are not using it If anyone wants to sell PM me I have pogoplug Pink E02 . It was on Archlinux . Some issues while uboot update has bricked it . If anyone can repair it i will send it across and pay for repair service Now while...
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    Budget 21-30k ITX build

    What is your budget? 25-35kK What is your existing hardware configuration (component name - component brand and model) PSU - Corsair CX430 SSD - Samsung 860 EVO + 2TB HDD Processor - Core i5 Sandy Bridge RAM - Kingston Fury 8GB Motherboard: Asrock H97M pro4 Case - Corsair N200 fans - Corsair...
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    BSNL Wireless Broadband query

    Coming on to another router question , anyone using BSNL Wireless broadband . It working on RouterOS v6.42.10 , Has a wireless AR 9000 module See attached PICs below Was not able to find anything on Google or BSNL website . Not complaining as speeds are way better than landline broadband but...
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    HELP - Restore Pogoplug E02 to pogo software

    Hi I have Pogoplug Pink E02 with uboot and archlinux / debian , have both Want to restore it back to Pogolug default software . Pogo already has a serial port PL2303 soldered to it so serial connection no issues I have checked net but havent found a working solution If any one can help me out...
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    Help - Unknown IP in network , Hacked ??

    I am using BNSL 3G in Huawei e5573s hotspot . Hotspot IP Only 2 devices connected to hotspot but i am able to ping , the address doesnt open in browser . Tried telnet on default port , did not connect .Ftp asks for username and pwd To whom does this belong ? BSNL...
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    Can BSNL prepaid be linked with Aadhar in another state

    Hi Can BSNL GSM prepaid be linked with Aadhar in another state ? Let us say BSNL prepaid issued from State A I am in state B now Can i go to BSNL office in State B and link mobile number issued from State A the number is in roaming and I am not going to go to State A by 6 Feb 18 which is the...
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    Storage Solutions Which is the best MSATA SSD out of three

    Hi getting a second hand msata SSD Can anyone please tell which is the best and most reliable out f these three based on controller and speeds . Choice is restricted to these three . Requirement is normal usage SSD Samsung 840 EVO 250GB mSATA...
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    FS: Mobile Samsung S7 USA 27k

    USA Samsung Galaxy S7 G930A AT&T SNAPDRAGON Excellent condition . No blemish , no issues , no nothing . Cant see any scratches on device as always with screen protector from Day 1 . You might spot some only on sides outside screen protector so 4.5 /5 Supports all Indian 4G bands and mobile...
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    FS: Others LG G3 accessories brand new & old

    Every item is for LG G3 only . Spigen , Amzer , Nillkin were purchased from India , paytm/ebay For new listing i have linked , the items are exactly same . Check pics for exact condition . Ask for more pics if required All except Spigen Slim armor are impulse purchases . Havent used them for...
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    BSNL Injecting Advertisements in browsers

    Hi Have been seeing Ads in my chrome browser . I have Ublock installed then also its coming . Funny part is coming when browsing Chinese sites only like Baidu and others . Region Punjab , Broadband UL plan , OS Win 10 x64 Has anybody seen these ?
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    FS: Others 120GB HDD , 3TB/Month & 2GB RAM VPS

    Its a VPN by 2GB RAM 120GB HDD 3TB/Month 100 Mbps 2 dedicated IPs Presently on Debian7 working as seedbox and FTP can install any Linux Distro but no Windows . $40/ year cost lifetime you will be paying to the company and not to me through Paypal/CC . If no one buys it this...
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    FS: Mobile Oneplus 2 at 18k

    Gave it to wife too big for her . Their is absolutely no scratches or imperfections on the mobile except the small bump as in picture . Its so small so not coming properly in pics . It has never fallen down ever Always with a screenguard from Day 1 which has my finger impressions , clumbsy while...
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    FS: Others Raspberry Pi 2 - MODB - 1GB + Black slim case enclosure RPIC108

    Both are fully functional and Pi has been switched on maximum 5 times . Also giving Black coupe slim case enclosure RPIC108 , which is included in price Both will be sold together only Both purchase date Sept 15 seems issue with pics so dropbox...
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    IC Connectify Hotspot MAX Lifetime for $15/3 PC

    Hi Anyone interested ? I know it can be done through simple commands but still i want it . Its lifetime license with 75% off I want one . 2 license available, any one interested Price approx $5 per key . Actual can only tell after i buy . Should...
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    Paytm Wallet Hacked and emptied . Options ?

    Hi My paytm account got hacked and somebody stole 2000/ by recharging Airtel Mobile 9521458363 at 9.25 pm right now . Available Balance before hack was 2075/ I have called up Paytm , emailed them at and . They have given me ticket number but what are my...