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    FS: Home Audio Video JBL Professional 104BT reference monitors almost like new

    I own the same pair of speakers and Highly recommend it for the sound quality. It is not loud speaker but perfect for a small desktop/laptop setup for personal watching movies and listening music.
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    FS: Consoles PSP-2008 plus 3 PspGames (Patapon 1&2,Echochrome)

    Bump. Still available.
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    FS: Others Sea to Summit Water Bag(Biking,Cycling,Camping)

    Bump. Still available.
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    FS: Others 4 season Tent at about Half Price(Almost new)

    bump. Still available. Open for slight negotiation.
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    FS: Photography GoPro chesty & El Grande Extension pole (38in)

    bump. Open for slight negotiation.
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    FS: Games Chrono Cross and Air Combat(Psone)

    Bump Air Combat still available.
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    FS: Games Infamous Art Book( From Infamous 1) plus ps4 Infamous Second son.

    Bump. Infamous Art Book is still available.
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    FS: Others Bluerigger HDMI cable with Ethernet 6.6ft

    Bump. Both cables still available and brand new. Please note not negotiating any further . Rs 650 shipped for both is the final offer and its almost Rs 300 less than Amazon for same cables. Rs 300 Plus Rs 50 shipping for single cable. Kolkata Buyer can take both for Rs 600 but must come and...
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    FS: Photography "quick sale price dropped"YI Lite Action Cam -4K,touchscreen,EIS

    bump. Sold to @Sumit74 . Payment received. Will ship it soon.
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    FS: Games MGS4 Limited Edition Box USA

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    FS: Games The Art Of Mass Effect Universe with ME2 Collector Edition.

    Thanks. Feedback left for you. Please leave feedback too. The Art Book is still Available . Open for slight negotiation.
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    WTB DJi Drone

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    WTB PS4 Used Games Discs

    Selling Marvel Spiderman Game of the year edition with all the dlcs that came with it.
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    FS: Games Spider-Man PS4 GOTY with all dlc

    bump. Still Available. Rs 1000 + Rs 70 shipping. Fixed Price No further negotiation.