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  1. bigquads

    Health & Fitness Does anyone here cycle?

    Hi folks, I'm planning to start cycling and debating between the following 3 models: 1. Btwin Triban RC 100 from decathlon - Road bike with a flat bad, not drop handles 2. Btwin Riverside 500 from decathlon - Hybrid 3. Firefox Roadrunner PRO D - Hybrid While the road bike is super light at...
  2. bigquads

    PC Peripherals Need wireless gaming (without latency delay) headphones suggestions

    Need wireless gaming (without latency delay) headphones suggestions within a budget of 5k if possible. Cannot stretch beyond 8k.
  3. bigquads

    WTB 2/4TB Internal HDD with warranty, local pickup only

    Looking to buy 2/4TB Internal HDD with warranty, local pickup only. Thane / Mumbai area.
  4. bigquads

    Car & Bike Does anyone here ride an Enfield?

    Does anyone here ride an Enfield? What performance mods have you gotten?
  5. bigquads

    FS: Others Redgear Pro Wirless Gamepad and RJ45 Cat-6 Amazon Basics Ethernet Cable (15.24 M or 50Feet)

    Redgear Pro Wirless Gamepad...
  6. bigquads

    Windows Windows 10 time just will not sync - Help!

    I have tried registry edits, changing sync server and what not. I have to manually sync the time every time I boot up.
  7. bigquads

    Subreddit for Techenclave ?!?

    Shouldn't we start a subreddit for TE? As pointed our rightly by @mcfly , we'll have a better reach. Any other benefits that comes to mind?
  8. bigquads

    FS: Games Sony PlayStation 4 Games for Sale

    Selling my Sony PlayStation 4 Games. Local pickup available for Mumbai/Thane. I've barely used them - sold my PS4 and built a PC because I just couldn't enjoy FPS games on PS4. All games are in brand new like condition, not a single scratch on the CD itself. The retention hub of cases too are...
  9. bigquads

    What improvements would you suggest to improve in my build to let me stream without loss of frames.

    Currently I'm getting about 200-250fps in CSGO in low-med settings. I'd like to max out video settings and be able to stream the same on YouTube / Twitch while still getting 250 fps. My current config: CPU Ryezen 5 3400g GPU GTX 1060 3GB MoBo B450M RAM 16GB (8GB *2, 3200Mhz) Storage SSD SN550...
  10. bigquads

    How do I configure my SSID for extender to match with Router?

    Hi All, I have a router that puts out 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz and hence it appears as two different SSIDs. I also have an extender to extend my 2.4Ghz network. Is there any way I can change the SSID for the same to my router's 2.4Ghz SSID? My goal is seamless transition between networks. Where I leave...
  11. bigquads

    WTB Cheap CPU cabinet without RGB

    Planning to make a secondary build. Need a cheap CPU cabinet without RGB. Don't even need tempered glass panels. It could be a very old one.
  12. bigquads

    Budget 25-30k Any clue when Asus zenfone 8 will release?

    I'm due for a mobile upgrade having used Poco F1 for almost 3 years now! Brilliant phone but now it's noticeably slower and has battery issues. Looking towards the Zenfone 8 even though 40K range might be more than I want to spend on a phone.. I'm spoilt by the VFM factor of Poco F1 now.. I'm...
  13. bigquads

    Giving away my desk for free..

    Hi Guys, bought a new desk for myself. My old one needs to be sold/go away. I'm getting very low offers on olx so thought I'd give it away to one from our community for free. The catch is, you pay for tempo/transport and take it away after my new desk arrives. Thane/Mumbai folks preferred. The...
  14. bigquads

    WTB Want to buy Speakers for PC

    Is someone interested in selling speakers for PC? I'm looking to buy something like creative 2.1 pebble +Sub available on Amazon for 3k. If I get a nice deal on TE, especially Mumbai/Thane, I'll pick it up!