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  1. RajeshJ

    CPcam 4Ch MPEG Network DVR forgotten password - RCA LINE with BNC Connector or coaxial Line

    any update ? any one saw above cable in any online shops
  2. RajeshJ

    CPcam 4Ch MPEG Network DVR forgotten password - RCA LINE with BNC Connector or coaxial Line

    I got a old DVR from previous owner which was used for sometime . I powered on its turning on , when i type IP address its asking for Username and password BUT sadly he dont know the username and password , i already tried many default username and password and sadly none worked...
  3. RajeshJ

    Business Purpose VOice call to Australia

    For business purpose i am looking for available options for Voice calling to australia [mobile & Landphone] one option is skype voice calling ,Is there any cheaper alternate for bulk calling ?
  4. RajeshJ

    Good Broadband in banglore -bombanahalli

    i am looking for good broadband service in bombanahalli banglore , currently i am stuck with local cable network which provide ~75GB for 900 rs /- after 75 GB 512kbps . req : i dont care FUP limit but after FUP i should get minimum of 1 Mbps , 512kbps(64Kb/s) is too less
  5. RajeshJ

    DoS attack: RST Scan / IP Spoofing Attack - on Router Log how many device you have in network ? is ur IP address of Ipad ? if your router have option to block source IP block traffic from above two address & , Also Remove all unwanted...
  6. RajeshJ

    Asus RT-N13U Queries.

    1) No it doesnt work as ADSL router 2) Yes 3) Yes if configured using GUI (Easy )
  7. RajeshJ

    Suspicious external resource in SBI netbanking page few others also reported it in quick heal blog (not sure official blog/unofficial) they were visiting with https
  8. RajeshJ

    Asus RT-N13U B1 - DD-wrt thread

    my isp use IPOE
  9. RajeshJ

    Asus RT-N13U B1 - DD-wrt thread

    i too had similar issue BBNL broadband , but i changed remember me time to 24 hrs(user control panel) and now i dont need to re enter UN & PW frequentl
  10. RajeshJ

    Raspberry Pi - Discussion Thread

    My Ext 500GB hdd is not properly supprted by Pi ( showing only in dmesg) so currently using Pensdrive 32 GB Any1 have good guide to configure pyLoad and web server (alrdy configured torrent)
  11. RajeshJ

    Download Box Suggession

    i also dont have smart tv to attach USB , i also need to use ssh/telnet to Pi for installation
  12. RajeshJ

    Download Box Suggession

    from where u buyed ? Green India Electronics? Also buy its power AC able from electronics shop ?
  13. RajeshJ

    Download Box Suggession

    I check green india for raspberry pi, cdroid but their site doesn't mention warrantyI checked their contact, they also from same state, i will try call them tomorrow
  14. RajeshJ

    Download Box Suggession

    How to buy raspberry pi officially?
  15. RajeshJ

    Download Box Suggession

    thank you , i dont find ethernet port in it & i dont think it have warranty long term warranty i dont want to spend 4k and after 6 months throw in trash , Warranty of 1 year is a must kindly post similar hardware
  16. RajeshJ

    Download Box Suggession

    I was using asus n13ub1 till now , now i want similar but not router based , warranty is a must kindly suggest all my available options --I want to download http/s /ftp/torrent without running PC
  17. RajeshJ

    Asus RT-N13U B1 - DD-wrt thread

    For a month I didn't use my Asus n13ub1 when I chked now I couldn't ping so I flashed new firmware (stock) now Web interface is loading From wired and wireless Now I tried flashing DD-WRT build latest also 19xxx,20xxx build I am able to load Web interface only via WiFi Ping to router is...
  18. RajeshJ

    Asus RT-N13U B1 - DD-wrt thread

    Any1 know how ot configure IPOE connection ? my new BB ISP is using IPOE instead of PPOE , so currently i am using TPLINK ADSL Router with Ethernet cable ISP provided connected to WAN PORT
  19. RajeshJ

    (NO GPUs) 'How much can I sell this for?' thread

    Buyed From FLipkart Asus RT-N13U B1 Wireless N with All-i... Qty: 1 Rs. 3050 Delivered on Wed, 19th Dec'12 with Bill Warranty 3 Year Asus India Warranty and Free Transit Insurance. How much can i expect for it now ? ----- 2) 300Mbps Wireless N USB ADSL2+ Modem Router Model No. TD-W8968...
  20. RajeshJ

    Graphic Cards WTB Graphic card 7k or below Online/Shop

    R7 250 x says it have Video Codec Engine , does it give any good real world performance when encoding video ? normally almost all latest generation cards using CUDA , some popular encoding software support CUDA , so now VCE give better encoding performance than cuda api ?