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  1. RajeshJ

    CPcam 4Ch MPEG Network DVR forgotten password - RCA LINE with BNC Connector or coaxial Line

    I got a old DVR from previous owner which was used for sometime . I powered on its turning on , when i type IP address its asking for Username and password BUT sadly he dont know the username and password , i already tried many default username and password and sadly none worked...
  2. RajeshJ

    Business Purpose VOice call to Australia

    For business purpose i am looking for available options for Voice calling to australia [mobile & Landphone] one option is skype voice calling ,Is there any cheaper alternate for bulk calling ?
  3. RajeshJ

    Good Broadband in banglore -bombanahalli

    i am looking for good broadband service in bombanahalli banglore , currently i am stuck with local cable network which provide ~75GB for 900 rs /- after 75 GB 512kbps . req : i dont care FUP limit but after FUP i should get minimum of 1 Mbps , 512kbps(64Kb/s) is too less
  4. RajeshJ

    Download Box Suggession

    I was using asus n13ub1 till now , now i want similar but not router based , warranty is a must kindly suggest all my available options --I want to download http/s /ftp/torrent without running PC
  5. RajeshJ

    Graphic Cards WTB Graphic card 7k or below Online/Shop

    My old graphic card died HD 5750 XFX i buyed in 2010 feb , till now i it was giving me ok performance for farcry 4 /AC4 /Roughe etc in my Benq G2220 HD monitor , now for few days its giving me issue like no display (initially sometimes i was able to enter bios , but wile loading os it says...
  6. RajeshJ

    Drinking water buying bangalore request

    Sorry, this thread is not about health, but could not find any other topics /Non tech zone After moving to Bangalore i find many packaged drinking water but some of their packing look trash, and scared to buy So if you are staying here in bangalore kindly suggest good packaged drinking water...
  7. RajeshJ

    Audio [Query][Repair][Creative SBS A520 speaker ]

    My Creative SBS A520 speaker 's Right rear Speaker's Cable got broken(>.> pet dog) . My product is under warranty , any idea how much they charge to fix the issue if i give to official Creative ? Any Service Center in Kerala,Kannur Will i have to send Entire Unit by courier ? or just the...
  8. RajeshJ

    Cordless Phone Battery Purchase :Need Battery

    Phone : MDL : WT-3390 Battery Pic uploaded : its Ni-Ca 3.6V 280mah Kindly show me a site from which i can buy this battery , cant find any local shop seling this
  9. RajeshJ

    Suggest a good Professional Toolkit [Drill+hammer+etc]

    1) For Basic Home repair works i would like to buy Professional took kit with following 1) Drilling machine 2) Hammer 3) Plier 4)Nose Plier etc Is it best to buy items indidually or as a set like this in link
  10. RajeshJ

    Microwave oven 10-13k Convection:suggestions pls

    I am planning to buy oven to cook foods , chicken , cakes(+) etc, when enquired shop said Convection is the best to cook cakes , tried google also Kindly suggest good 1 in my budget , i am new to oven cooking CE104VD...
  11. RajeshJ

    FS: Processor Intel Core2Duo 2.93 GHz E7500 LGA775-

    Product Name:Intel Core2Duo 2.93 GHz E7500 LGA775- Expected Price: Rs 3000/ offer in Mail Shipping charges actual Manufacturer page URL: Reason for Sale: Upgrade Product condition: 8 Due to Year [ Used this PC in offer for billing & office ,Net ]...
  12. RajeshJ

    CPU/Mobo AM3+ Motherboard Upgrade Suggestions (max 4.5k)

    Hello friends My Two year old + motherboard on my secondary pc died , so i am planning to give my my board of primary pc (compatible) to old pc and upgrade my board to new My old Board GA-880GM-UD2H Gigabyte Features i am looking Amd3+ socket (so can upgrade cpu later Four Memory slot Sata...
  13. RajeshJ

    Application to Draw a Circle with Diameter

    hello all , i want to take a printout of a Circle with Diameter 8" ,For this purpose can any1 suggest a software to Draw circle in Given Diameter ? If possible freeware , Note: CIrcle should have Perfect 8" Diameter Thank you all
  14. RajeshJ

    [URGENT] Tax Issue while purchasing From Online shop

    Hello all , i Buy ed a telescope from sky watcher India [Locaation -Maharashtra ] and Payed Cash via Bank Transfer , everything was fine BUT today i got call from Transport that Item has Been Holded by kasaragod malleswaram check post and I need to go there [3 hrs + ] and Pay Fine 10,000 Rs [YES...