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    FS: Mobile Google Pixel 3 XL 64 GB Clearly White

    Bought in USA. Will be shipping original cable and charger (US pin) along. Don't have box here in India. No scratches/dents whatsoever.
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    All OS e-sim query

    I have a Google Pixel 5, an Indian sim and US sim. While I'm in US, I'd need Indian sim only to get Indian bank OTP's. With Pixel 5 being dual sim dual standby, I'm thinking of using e-sim and a physical sim, but have this doubt regarding calls/sms. I'm aware I can switch on/off sim that I need...
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    Storage Solutions Need to replace SSD on ASUS X555UB Laptop

    The current HDD on my laptop ASUS X555UB seems to be running very slow, and I'm looking to replace it with SSD. How do I find out the dimensions/model of SSD that can fit in & replace the current HDD. I'd be buying SSD from USA, please recommend any good SSD's as well. Thanks.
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    FS: Others PayTM Rs. 1000 cashback on movies

    Get 1000 rs. cash back on booking movie tickets via PayTM. I shall give you the cashback promo code once you buy the coupon from me. Terms & conditions of the coupon: (T&C pic available, and attached as well) 1) The promo code is valid until 28 Feb 2018 (inclusive of Feb 28th) 2) Redeemable...
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    FS: Others Xiaomi Mi Band 2 : Mint condition

    Selling mint new condition Xiaomi Mi Band 2 that I bought impulsively. Used for less than a week, now lying unused. There's a good review written by @pauldmps - I can accept Cash/Bank Transfer/PayTm
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    Laptops Want to upgrade Laptop Memory (RAM)

    Hi folks, I want to upgrade my laptop memory. Currently laptop is running with 2 x 2 GB sticks. They are from ADATA and the serial # says 2RX8 PC3-8500S-777 So it is DDR3 1066 Mhz sticks. Can i replace it with 1333 Mhz sticks? Will that cause any effect to the hardware?
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    Camera To buy Nikon D5300 or D7100 ?

    Confused between buying D5300 or D7100. Somewhat inclined towards D5300 since it has the movable screen. Which one to go for?
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    iOS Audio Recording app

    Looking for a spy type audio recording app for Android and iOS which can listen and record anything that's spoken in the room where android/ios devices are kept. Is there any such app? Or any recording app that can record phone calls and the app should be hidden.
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    iOS How to unlock US purchased iphone 5s?

    Bought an iphone 5s off craigslist USA. How and where do i get it unlocked from 3rd party people in USA? Please pass on some leads. Thanks.
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    Laptops Sony Vaio Laptop screen replacement

    So my Sony Vaio VPCEB26FG screen got busted as i stepped on it after being drunk on saturday night :p :( Got cracks on the left part of the screen. Top half of the screen is visible perfectly fine, bottom half is gone completely. Laptop turns on perfectly fine, can navigate and use laptop...
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    Camera D5300 or D7100?

    I am looking to buy a DSLR from USA. Either Nikon D5300 or D7100. Confused between the 2. Which one do i go for? Prices on Amazon found are D5300 with 18-140 VR AF-S - 1047$ D7100 with 18-140 VR AF-S - 1447$ I'm out of budget for D7100 as of now. Wanted your suggestions should I save more and...
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    WTB Norton Internet Security 3 PC

    Looking to buy 3 PC 1 year license. Or Kaspersky Internet Security 3 PC 1 year?
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    PC Peripherals Receiver for Microsoft Wireless Mouse

    I have been using a MS Wireless Mouse 1000 since 1.5 years. Recently the receiver got damaged and is broken. Unable to use the mouse now. Is there anyway i can get the receiver replaced from Microsoft or get it in some store?
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    Some sites not opening with ASUS RT N13U B1

    Hi guys, Need your help on this. I am using Railwire connection in Bangalore. Have set it up on ASUS RT N13U B1 wifi router. Enabled GoogleDNS. I am able to access most of the websites. But some sites like Yahoo Mail, Tumblr etc doesn't open at all while using the wifi connection. But if i...
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    Need Joomla template

    I am building a website for our business using Joomla. Can you guys share some links where i can get good templates, free for now. Thanks.
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    Android Change home country in Android?

    How to change home country in Android phone/tablet? I am trying to change my home country from Singapore to India. I tried changing my home address in Google Wallet, but still the country doesnt change in Play Store. It still shows the currency in S$. Checked Google settings, there is no...
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    Just a wifi router or ADSL+ router?

    I have airtel broadband connection in Mysore with a modem that was provided by them long back. Currently will need to make my ground floor setup with wifi. Will plan on second floor later since no one stays there currently. Should I be buying just a wifi router or modem+wifi device? Budget...
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    Confused - 7" or 10" tablet

    Need to buy a tablet for reading/movies/browsing/games with 3G/cellular capability. Confused which to go for - a 7" or a 10" screen. Would prefer buying Nexus 7/10 or the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2. Please advise. Nexus 10 doesn't have the cellular version yet. Any idea when that would be out? Dont...
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    Anyone here staying in Singapore?

    I will be going to SG on a onsite business visit next weekend for around 6 months or so. Need info on accomodation and stuff. Anyone here around in Singapore?
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    Audio SoundMagic PL30 RMA - Bangalore?

    Hi Guys, I am unable to hear any audio from both the ear plugs of my SoundMagic PL30. The cable got cut at the end of the connector. Anyone know who would be able to fix this in Bangalore? The IEM's are out of warranty. Is it better to get them RMA'd or go for a new one?