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    Budget 31-40k Gaming PC within 40 K

    I'm looking to upgrade my current PC in the first week of July and would like to get your thoughts and insights on the same. What is your budget? 31-40K What is your existing hardware configuration (component name - component brand and model) A 6.5 year old Config. CPU - CPU Intel E7200 2.53...
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    42 inch HDTV suggestion

    1. Budget. 55-60k +5k ok if thats really worth it 2. Viewing distance. 8-10 feet 3. Sources/inputs such as HD DTH/consoles/stand-alone media players etc. DTH/PC 4. Preference for plasma TV/LCD TV/LED-LCD TV. LED 5. Preference for brands. Sony/Samsung/Panasonic/LG 6. Willing to purchase it...
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    Audio Earphones For Jogging /walking. Budget 1-1.5 K

    Hi, I need good earphones for jogging / Walking. Will be using the same with my Defy. A mic will be nice to have too but not absolutely necessary. Regards, Rahul
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    Query regarding whirlpool SUD 701

    I am planning to buy this washing machine. Just wanted some queries answered before I do so. 1. Can I use it with a in house water tank of 500 litres ? 2. how many minutes does the wash cycle last ? 3. In my building i get direct water for 35-45 minutes. Is this ? Kindly reply at the...
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    Query Regarding Whirpool SUD 701

    I intend to buy SUD 701 by this weekend. I am getting a quote of 26 k from a local dealer. But i have a few queries which i am sure will be answered by members here using the same machine. 1. What is the water consumption per wash ? the dealer said that it will require around 200 litres of...
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    Storage Solutions DVD Writer buying advice

    Hi guys, I want to buy a DVD writer. pls let me know which one to buy and the appx price. Budget around Rs 1100/- 1. Samsung 2. LG 3. Liteon 4. any other Thanks and regards, Rahul
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    Where to buy body fat calliper in Mumbai

    Hi, i want to buy a body fat calliper. Easily availble in US but not so here. Please suggest where to buy the same in Mumbai. Also suggest if there are any sites to buy the same online. Thanks
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    Mobile Phone 10 K

    Want to buy a phone for my better half. budget 10-12 K Order of priority Looks Camera Display Music
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    FS:Battlefield Bad Company (Golden Edition)PS3

    Its Brand new. Had won this on Since its a PS3 game its of no use to me as i dont have a PS3. I have still not opened it. Its MRP is 2799/- Kindly Pm me ur offers. Mumbai Buyers preferred
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    FS:Battlefield Bad Company (Golden Edition)PS3

    Its Brand new. Had won this on Since its a PS3 game its of no use to me as i dont have a PS3. I have still not opened it. Its MRP is 2799/- Kindly Pm me ur offers. Mumbai Buyers preferred
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    Whey Protein Advice

    Hello guys, have started working out at home for weight loss. have the weights and all the stuff. After going through a number of articles, i have learned that taking protein supplements is also essential. Kindly advice on which brand of whey protein should i go for.
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    Won the 'In Bad Company' Contest on Tech2 India > 'In Bad Company' Contest Comes to an End > News on Games Gaming hey guys Yesterday got a call from tech2 guys saying i won the 'In Bad Company ' contest. thought someone was joking. But its confirmed now. its on there website. :hap2:
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    PC Peripherals UPS or stabilizer for a new RIG

    Hey guys, Finally upgraded to this config. Thanks to all the TE guys for their suggestions. Intel E7200 Zebronics 7050 mobo Transend 2 gb ddr2 ram 800 POV Black diamond 500w Palit 9600 GSO. Now i need one more advice from u guys. To protect my pc from voltage fluctuations do i need a stand...
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    Fs:POV Black Diamond 500w

    Hi, Selling my brand new POV Black Diamond which i bought from PRIME on 28-June-2008.Have the original bill as well. Its not opened yet. so i cant post pics of it. 3 years warranty (less 5 days) Reason for sale - Buying Corsair VX450 Mumbai buyers preferred.
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    PC Peripherals Upgrade for myself

    will be upgrading by this weekend. Have the following in mind. Intel E7200 - Palit N73V / Biostar 7050 - Transcend 2 gb Ram Zebronics Bijli w/o PSU. CM Extreme 460W Palit 9600 GSO Kindly give ur comments and suggestions. Which one shud i prefer biostar or Palit. Which 9600 GSO card to buy...
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    Unlocking Iphone

    Was going thru Saw this Link for unlocking iphones. Unlocking IPhone
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    TE Members Living Close to Laminton Road

    Hello TE Members I am posting this thread to know all the TE members living close to Laminton road. I have spent my childhood there. Was 14 when i left that area to stay at Parel. But still own a house there. Will be going back to live there again in a years time but none of my childhood...
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    ear phones for SE W810

    I have been using W810 for 1.5 years. Great phone. but wish the earphones would have been better. earphones HPM 70 have been replaced twice in the 1 year warranty. And now the warranty period is over dont want to buy the same as they dont last for more than 3-4 months. The new ones cost around...
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    WTB: 8600 GT DDR3 with warranty

    Want to buy a 8600 gt ddr3 with warranty. Mumbai sellers preferred.
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    CPU/Mobo Config for a friend

    A friend of mine wants to upgrade. Have suggested him the below config based on the suggestions given TE members. pls give ur comments and suggestions. He wont be overclocking and will use it for moderate gaming. Intel E7200 - 5.8 k Biostar GF7050- 2.1 K 2 X 1 Trasncend Ram - 2.2 Zebronics...