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    FS: Processor AMD Ryzen 7 1700 8 Core Processor

    I am on a 1700 and x370 titanium, Windows 11 works 110%, no tweaking needed - only had to enable tpm 2.0 in bios.
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    Bitcoin drops

    "The problem with socialism bitcoin is that sooner or later you run out of other people’s money" – Margaret Thatcher
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    Where should I shop for an AC in Delhi NCR?

    I am looking for a store/market to buy two new AC's with hot and cold functionality at the best price, Ive selected models from Mitsubishi, Toshiba, daikan & o general. Thanks!
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    Amazon India lightning deals

    Any routers / repeaters near 5K? I am moving to a new apartment with bedrooms - a long? living room - and a guest room on the other side.
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    Very old members resurfacing with very few posts

    IDK but I got cat
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    Need suggestions for buying AC

    Any good place to buy AC's in Delhi NCR? looking for mitsubishi, toshiba AC's in general.
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    When you Joined TechEnclave or DigitForum ....

    I was 12, immature and an ahole when I joined digit forum about 8 years ago, came here few years later. Reddit has been the demise of a lot of forums, I see the trend reversing as the site gets more and more popular.
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    A-VO-ID: Do a minimum RC of Rs.35 per 28days or No outgoing calls (Even with Main Balance!)

    Personally its because I dread the idea of a Jio-airtel duopoly, during the lockdown my mobile data usage is down to virtually zero, and the plans suffice for me.
  9. PH0ENiX - Feedback Thread

    Will things ever go back to pre-pandemic "normal"?
  10. PH0ENiX

    Need suggestions for buying AC

    Anyone's opinions on smart ac's from Panasonic? What is this threads recommendation for a 1.5 ton AC under 50K, for Delhi summers and ideally with heating for winters.
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    Tidal Sharing - Rs 550 per year

    I turned off my Tidal subscription this month following this MQA expose. You guys might wanna check out.
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    WhatsApp sues Modi government over new privacy rules

    Thank you for exposing hypocrisy and owning this libtard forum. Anyways some facts i dug up:- 1. Do you legitimately think we let this slide because congress was in power? There was an outcry. A forum link...
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    FS: Others 750W PSU,80+ Gold, Fully Modular Gigabyte P750GM

    PSU received, Works fine.
  14. PH0ENiX

    Is trustworthy?

    I am still having trouble understanding what you guys are reffering to, Can you link me to one please?
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    Is trustworthy?

    Thanks to this thread, brought the Sonata HD Pro from audiostore, hopefully I will get it this week.
  16. PH0ENiX

    Is trustworthy?

    This is probably the best place to ask, I am getting a pair of Hifiman Deva monday, they need an amp: 1. What Amp/dac should I get for use with a smartphone between 2-5k? 2. Whats makes about sonata HD pro great? a lot of people suggesting it here.
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    Hot! USA to India New service Cheap

    when will your next batch of products leave for india?
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    Amazon India lightning deals

    He5XX/deva (different branding, same headphones) is better than he400i and worth the extra 3k. Sundara meanwhile (27k) is an upgrade from deva/he5xx in every way, but are Sundaras worth an extra 13K? almost twice as much? I would argue NO.
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    Amazon India lightning deals

    hifiman deva was available for 13,750 or $185(vs $220+30 shipping in US) today, (14999 lightning deal + 1250 ICICI Card discount) unbeatable deal at this price. It goes on a lightning deal atleast once a week.
  20. PH0ENiX - Feedback Thread

    did you pay any duties?