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  1. gigy

    FS: Home Audio Video YAMAHA RXV 550 AV RECEIVER

    Product Name: YAMAHA RXV 550 AV RECEIVER Expected Price: Rs 20000 Shipping charges: Pickup only Manufacturer page URL: Description if any: Used product in good condition. 6.1-channel...
  2. gigy

    FS: Mobile Micromax canvas HD 116

    Product Name: Micromax canvas HD 116 Expected Price: Rs 11000 Shipping charges: no shipping Manufacturer page URL: Description if any: Used for 20 days, no visible damage. Then sent to service center for camera module failure...
  3. gigy

    How to start a forum

    Hi all, Can anybody guide me with what's needs to start a forum. Its going to be a private one in friends group of 150 guys. Do i need to take support from software guys or is there any software which can make the process easy. A free one will be prefered. will be thankful for a follow the...
  4. gigy

    Samsung wave 575 (3g model)

    For Sale ! Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Samsung S5750 Wave575 - Full phone specifications Expected Price: Rs 5600/- .Bought for 6600/- with screen guard Time of Purchase: 27/09/11 Indian warranty valid/Remaining...
  5. gigy

    A week old Nokia E7 for sale

    sold for 16k + shipping
  6. gigy

    Used Wharfedale 9.2 pair and Jamo sub200 for sale in Mumbai

    I am upgrading my speakers and hence these are for sale. 9.2 are two months old and jamo bought from an other member about three years old. Both are in fully working condition. Don't have the sub packing. Have the 9.2 packing. You can listen to them before deal. Both are in Mumbai and I prefer...
  7. gigy

    Used Logitech Z5500 in mumbai

    I am selling of my used z5500 for 7000/- about 3 years old out of warranty fully working and no operational issues. the display is slightly faded and the center speaker mount has a crack which is stuck properly. Local buyers prefered as i cant ship it Package consist of the 5 speakers ...
  8. gigy

    Suggest which washer, drier to buy

    Hi all, I am planning to replace our washing machine and plan to go for washer drier instead of only washing machine. i don't have reviews from any family/friends as to which model to go for. have seen two models of LG. they also have a steam model. Model : F1403RDS29 Washer : 9.0 Kg Dryer : 5.0...
  9. gigy

    Micromax W900 3.2' win 6.1 phone for 7k

    I have stumbled upon this particular model of phone and impressed with its features. have anyone of you seen it, reviewed it. unfortunately last month i bought a omina ll for a large screen. * Quad-band 850/900/1800/1900MHz * Weight :113g * Dimensions:112×55x14.2mm *...
  10. gigy

    Matrix Orbital GX Typhoon Black USB Graphic Display WB-BBI

    Matrix Orbital GX Typhoon Black USB Graphic Display WB-BBI for 2kshipped. gives bling bling to a htpc. originally bought via kmd route for 4250 about a year back but actually started using from last six months. no warranty left. bill is not traceable. no issues in working. it has got lot of...
  11. gigy

    AV Receiver

    AV Receiver and a pair of speakers I am looking out for 7.1 AV receiver from reputed brands. open to all types of offers. price based on the features although will be happy to get DTS-HD Master AudioT and Dolby® TrueHD. would prefer wharfedale 9.1 or 9.5 speaker pair if somebody want to...
  12. gigy

    Audio How logical is the idea of using a Z5500 as a active subwoofer

    Hi all, How good or bad is the idea of using a z5500 as active subwoofer in a 7.1 setup along with a av receiver. i have a z5500 about to be sold of to my neighbor but as i was looking for active subwoofer i got this idea since its anyways selling for 10k. no replies till now? my be i have to...
  13. gigy

    Graphic Cards Need advice on HTPC card for driving 40 incher at 1080p

    I am planning to add a graphics card , and have 5770 in mind for my htpc. is there a better option connsidering the pc will be running 6 hours daily and i need a graphics card with good power management option. have a corsair 400w psu. the card should be able to do the max possible audio...
  14. gigy

    Used Logitech Z5500 for 9500

    Used Z5500 with remote for sale as plan to upgrade in sometime. functionally all fine with it. the display has backlight on one side only. center speaker mounting had cracked previously during transport, i have used araldite to fix it. local pickup only as its too heavy to ship. have bill of...
  15. gigy

    Suggest a two-in-one

    Hi all. Please suggest a two-in-one kind of music system which can play dvv and fm. a usb audio,video playback support is also welcome in the price less than 10k. It has to be simple for the elders to use and move around if required. intended use is in bedroom and kitchen. I have Lg LPD103 in...
  16. gigy

    1gb ddr2 laptop ram of asus eepc 1000HE

    I am upgrading my netbook ram to 2gb, so the 1gb of it is on sale. Brand name Asnit. This is the details i could get of sandra. Memory Module 1 Model : B4BJ5SG3DN1 Serial Number : 000001F1 Type : 1GB DDR2 SO-DIMM Technology : 16x(64Mx8) Speed : PC2-5300U DDR2-333 Standard Timings : 5.0-5-5-15...
  17. gigy

    Sapphire HD 2600Pro

    Selling my sapphire hd2600 pro to buy 4770. perfectly fine in all respects. Dont know if there is any warranty because cant trace the bill as of now. Local pickup only.
  18. gigy

    Powersafe 600w ups

    Selling my used working powersafe 600VA ups as need one with bigger capacity to power my 32" lcd and htpc. This needs a new battery as it last for a minute only. good to take care of power fluctuations but needs new battery for backup time. There is tape around because i had damaged the...
  19. gigy

    Audio External optical to 5.1 converter

    Please advice me on what option i have in market for a optical to 5.1 analog converter. I have a optical output which needs to be connected to 6 channel amplifier.
  20. gigy

    WTS Zebronics Dhoom Slim

    Selling my super slim cabinet from zebronics as changed over to a bigger size cabinet to include graphics card and bigger smps. This has a temperature controlled smps. ratings in picture I had made a fan inlet to cool my notorious 780 chipset. Bought for 2350. build quality is very good, not...