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  1. PH0ENiX

    Where should I shop for an AC in Delhi NCR?

    I am looking for a store/market to buy two new AC's with hot and cold functionality at the best price, Ive selected models from Mitsubishi, Toshiba, daikan & o general. Thanks!
  2. PH0ENiX

    WTB Hifiman Sundara / other headphones

    I am looking for a pair of headphones for around 15-25k. preferrably, hifiman Sundara, they used to sell for 23-24k online till last month, now the price got bumped to 26K~. What's even more infuriating is that concurrently, the official price got slashed to US$350 from $500!
  3. PH0ENiX

    WTB Behringer Audio Interface

    Looking for an audio interface + mic, I can do 4k tops depending on the condition. Delhi NCR, ill cover all shipping.
  4. PH0ENiX

    Anyone brought lithium-ion batteries from Aliexpress?

    I need a battery for my ipad pro (battery model: A1577) Literally No one has it. Apple service centers charge a bomb. aliexpress is my last hope. battery costs about 2K. Will i experience any trouble with customs? Is it even legal?
  5. PH0ENiX

    FS: Storage Hardware Crucial M.2 MX500 500GB ssd - excellent condition

    CRUCIAL MX500 500GB AGE: 9 months | purchased February 2019 CONDITION: 5/5 Flawless SHIPPING: Included in price INCLUDED: SSD only WARRANTY: U.S purchase | 5 Year warranty Applicable in India. HEALTH: 98% 2% drop is absolutely inconsequential. Be assured this drive will last for a long time...
  6. PH0ENiX

    iOS Battery replacement for iPad in Delhi

    can anyone suggest someplace to get battery replaced on a 2015 12.9 iPad Pro? Preferably under 2.5-3k.
  7. PH0ENiX

    battery replacement for iPad pro in Delhi.

    I have a 12.9 2015 ipad pro. The battery doesn't hold a charge past 30? minutes. Its either the battery or something else perhaps? Whats the best place to get it done? i would prefer keeping the cost under 2.5K. a new battery is 1.8k online. Its working better than ever after all these years...
  8. PH0ENiX

    WTB Cheapo old GPU below 1K.

    Delhi. Looking for an old GPU 500-1K shipped. Lower the better. Should be perfectly functional with one display output (dvi, vga, HDMi, dp)
  9. PH0ENiX

    FS: Headphone Little Bear B4 portable headphone Tube Amplifier - price drop

    Condition - 10/10 Perfect Working Condition, minor scuffs/scrathes. age - 4.5 months Included - Bill, Amp, cable, Power Adapter Asking price - rs3999 SHIPPED Indian price - rs7500 ( | U.S price - rs5200 This is hands down the best tube amp you can buy below 10-15K. Comes equipped...
  10. PH0ENiX

    FS: Photography (13999) Canon EOS 650D Body W Battery Grip, IR remote, 2 batteries, Sd Card

    Shutter Count - 4287 (very low, 650D has a average life of 100,000) Age - 2 Years, Kept in dry box, well mainteined howerever No box & lost the bill so no warranty Condition - 4/5 No issues, light wear. scuff on the bottom from battery grip. Included - Body, battery grip, 2 batteries, body cap...
  11. PH0ENiX

    Budget Above 25K 30K S10e replacement- ASUS 6Z vs Redmi K20?

    1. Budget? A: 30K 1.This is a tough one, S10E is practically perfect for me sans it the 3100mah battery W 3 hours Screen On time. 2.Also If I am correct, Battery life will get worse over the next 12-24 months. that pretty much scares me from keeping this phone as I don't plan on replacing it...
  12. PH0ENiX

    Opinions about yeelight smart bulbs (and others in general)

    As the title says, I am looking to buy 5 yeelight tunable white bulbs for my room. (4 wall fixtures & 1 floor lamp) Can anyone here vouch for them? Also whats the point of RGB bulbs? Worth spending extra 300 per bulb on? I obviously want my room looking like a cyberpunk brothel But don’t yall...
  13. PH0ENiX

    FS: Others PRICE Drop - Cryorig H7 CPU Cooler - 1.5K | Kindle 8 gen - 1.5K | Deepcool Rockman Fan Controller - 399

    Cryorig H7 cpu Cooler Condition- 9/10. Small scratch on top, otherwise in pristine condition. Purchased- September 2018, Included- cryorig fan, Deecool 120mm fan, 2 fan brackets, mounting bracket, Box Price- 1500 Shipped Used for 3 months with an i3 8100 & kept in storage...
  14. PH0ENiX

    FS: Others Offloading unused gadgets. Logitech G102 / Bluetooth Music Receiver / Mi Band HRX / GT640 2GB

    Selling gadgets I collected over past 6 months but hardly used, if ever. All prices include tracked Shipping. delivered within 2 days of shipping Accepting Bank transfer / UPI / crypto TP Link Bluetooth music adapter purchased: December 2018, Included: Bill, Aux cable, Usb power...
  15. PH0ENiX

    WTB Dirt cheap GPU (budget 1.5K~)

    I am looking for a Dirt cheap old gt610 or amd gpu that can drive a 1080p display. pairing with a ryzen rig for a month. No gaming. Location- Delhi, Wont mind paying shipping.
  16. PH0ENiX

    FS: Office Hardware Soundmagic e10C / KZ ZST iem

    Selling the following items KZ ZST Candy iem. Purchased from last July. Was swayed by Retrowave aesthetics nothing more. Mids are harsh for my taste never activly used aside from 1 week period or so, The Hifi armature text is fading from wear after being kept in jeans. Comes with...
  17. PH0ENiX

    FS: Desktops (Further Price drop) Z370 Aorus/ I3 8100 / antec DF500 / RGB Ram heatsinks

    Selling my Gaming Rig built last April. Never actually got a chance to finish it completely but I need a laptop now. i3 8100 - 10/10 condition. Used with a cryorig H7 Cpu cooler, total overkill. Was supposed to be replaced by a 8600k/9600k but never got around to do it. Purchased from U.S...
  18. PH0ENiX

    Ryzen procy, itx motherboard

    Hi guys i am looking for 5 1600/ 1700/2600 or other AMD processors in 10-20K range. Also looking for a Mini itx/m atx motherboard. especially asrock,gigabyte and Rog boards. located in delhi, will pay through bank transfer/paytm/cash.
  19. PH0ENiX

    Samsung galaxy S8/S9

    Looking for a galaxy s8 with screen intact without burns and acceptable condition- budget 20k, depends on condition and phone version.
  20. PH0ENiX

    Budget 71-90K Laptop for schoolwork.

    my first post this year! I need a new laptop, I have a mid-range rig that i use for all my work, but i cant take it anywhere. I will pull the trigger next week. it should last well enough to function as a video player after 2 years. Note- I will avoid Gamery designed laptops,love gaming but...