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    Audio Headphones for 3-5k

    Looking for headphones with mic. From my research Kingston HyperX Cloud is a good one but it's a little out of my budget also a revision named Cloud II launched few days back. But overall I am skeptical if I should spend that much on headphones.I play games on weekends only(TF2, FPS, 3-4 hrs...
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    Masters in networking

    Hello everyone, I want to do masters in US. I am an engineering passout but with absolutely no interest in programming(which did mess up my degree). Now i want to get serious about my career, and since the only fields I am interested are computer hardware(requires knowledge of EC) and networking...
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    Best budget tablets to buy under 10000

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    User Guides Downloading a Torrent via a Proxy Server

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    WTB h100i

    you read the title, now send me offers shiped to indore :)
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    asus rt-n13u b1 compatible with bsnl evdo?

    i have an asus rt-n13u... sealed pack with me... i use the bsnl evdo connection. the model of evdo datacard is UE100 (some PRITHVI)... is it compatible with the router? if yes then i will open the router and use it else i will just sell it off.
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    hi fellas... joined te a year back... but started using it just a few days ago... forgot password and was too lazy to calculate & answer the security question :lol: