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  1. Satan

    Help: Buying Wireless Repeater

    This thing is driving me crazy. Consumer wireless repeater and access point options are all over the place. Let me paint the picture for you. # 4 storey house with the ADSL Router (TP-Link w8968) on the 1st floor. # Need coverage for the Ground, 2nd and 3rd floor. # No option to wire the...
  2. Satan

    Budget 71-90K Video Editing: PC vs. Asus GL552JX

    Hey fellas, It's been forever since I've posted and even longer since I've assembled a computer. Need some help deciding on what to buy for a friend. Primary Use: Photoshop and Aftereffects for video editing (Green screen work) After almost 8 years of not having kept up with the PC scene, I...
  3. Satan

    MS launches Surface Pro 4, Surface Book and flagship Lumia

    Not sure if any of you caught the launch yesterday. Absolutely loved everything they introduced. They seem be back on track with Satya Nadella. Hope this is the first wave of more cool things to come from MS. If you haven't seen it already Surface Pro 4 SPECS 128GB 6th Generation Intel Core...
  4. Satan

    WTB Laptop DDR3, Desktop DDR2, Mobile CPU

    Need the following RAM Laptop DDR3 1066 / 1333MHz: 4gb x 2 Desktop DDR2 1066MHz / 1333MHz: 4gb x 2 Desktop DDR2 1066MHz / 1333MHz: 2gb x 2 MOBILE CPU Mobile Intel Core 2 Duo T9900 / T9800 / P9700 SWITCH Gigabit switch: 8 port
  5. Satan

    [IC] Supplements from (Pills & Small Bottles only)

    Hey guys, I was trying to get somebody to bring down a few Multi Vitamins and Omega products for me but unfortunately that trip has been delayed. I'd like to a get a few things like Orange Triad, Omega 3-6-9, Apple Cider and few other things. I'm able to source some of these from the local...
  6. Satan

    FS: Others Galaxy Note - Seidio Active Case with Holster - BRAND NEW

    Product Name: Seidio Active Case with Holster - Galaxy Note - BRAND NEW Expected Price: USD 55 Shipping charges: Included Manufacturer page URL: Description: Seidio Active Case with Holster for the Galaxy Note. It's...
  7. Satan

    Galaxy Note 2 @ Rs. 34900.00

    Great Deal for you guys. Galaxy Note 2 @ Rs. 34900 with the Samsung Desktop Dock. Best Deal out there currently that doesn't involve incredulous waiting times. WHITE ONLY - @MODS Please merge this thread with the existing...
  8. Satan

    Samsung Galaxy Y - Brand New Sealed

    Samsung Galaxy Y Expected Price: Rs. 6300 Shipped / Rs. 6000 for local pickup Description: BRAND NEW - SEALED Unit (Comes with a 2GB Memory Card) Reason for Sale: Don't need it. Gift from eBay. Product condition: 10 / 10 (BRAND NEW - SEALED) Purchase Date: Received on 28.March.2012...
  9. Satan

    Just Announced: Sony releases PS3 Firmware v4.0

    Sources: Gaming Examiner | Sony announces PS3 firmware 4.00 in preparation for PS Vita PS3 Firmware 4.0 Preps for Vita Launch - PS3 Firmware update 4.00: No new features shock PS3 owners
  10. Satan

    Help: SG Domain Registration

    Any idea on where to get the cheapest SG domains? GoDaddy and most of the other regulars in the Domain Registration space are not able to register a .sg domain. Need this urgently for someone and all the prices I've found so far are ridiculously expensive.
  11. Satan

    Graphic Cards 6 Display Video Wall Setup

    Here's something to get you guys excited ;) # I need a 6 monitor (3 x 2) setup # Sizes will be either 32" / 42" / 46" LCD's depending on the final cost. # Frameless / Ultra thin Bezel Displays (Sound / speakers are not required) # Solid Video Card to drive the system. It will basicaly be...
  12. Satan

    Wrestlemania 27

    Atlanta, GA 3rd Aril 2011 Special Guest Host: Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Special Referee: Stone Cold Steve Austin Prominent Hall of Fame Inductee: The Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels Matches on the card 1) Edge (with Christian) vs. Alberto Del Rio (with Brodus Clay & Ricardo Rodriguez) Singles...
  13. Satan

    Samsung TV's (CCFL-LCD, LED-LCD, Plasma)

    Got this in the mail today if any of you are interested. CCFL-LCD 32D400 - 25250 32D450 - 27060 32D550 - 30680 40D550 - 45160 LED-LCD 40D5000 - 56925 40D5500 - 58735 46D5500 - 81360 32D6000 - 49685 40D6000 - 72310 46D6000 - 95840 46D6600 - 113035 Currently this is only for Bangalore. He...
  14. Satan

    Samsung 55C9000 @ 1.4L ONLY!

    There was a 50% off sale on Saturday @ Reliance Electronic stores all over Bangalore. You guys are not going to believe it, but among other models from different brands, they sold 14 units of the Samsung 55C9000 at only 1.4L!!! Apparently everything sold out within 3 hours. Any of you hear...
  15. Satan

    Payment Gateway Discussion

    Hey fellas, I have a few questions about Indian Payment Gateways. Is there anyone working in the industry that can answer some of these questions? 1) Why are they so expensive? All gateways charge a one time setup fee which is anywhere between 10k to 75k depending on the company and the TDR...
  16. Satan

    Indian BLACK MONEY: 1.45 Trillion USD (1450 Billion USD / 65,25,000 Crores INR)

    Indian BLACK MONEY: 1.45 Trillion USD (1450 Billion USD / 65,25,000 Crores INR) While most of us already know about this, what baffles me the most is how our current government is able to pull the wool over our eyes on an issue of this magnitude and scale? How is it possible that a country of...
  17. Satan

    Motorised Recliner

    Not exactly consumer electronics but since this is up there among basic requirements for a good HT setup, I figured this section would be best to post in. I managed to find some fantastic recliners at Damro (Marathahalli, bang opposite Staples) at even greater prices. Of course it's been a...
  18. Satan

    The "What is the name of that song" thread?

    Figured we could use one of these threads. I'll start with a song that's been playing recently at the gym. Nobody knows the name of the song except that the ID3 tag says "E-Pop". It's a very "fun" track and if I'm not mistaken, I think it's in Spanish. As you can imagine, Google doesn't know...
  19. Satan

    WD 1TB External MyBook Essential (w LED Indicator) & Transcend PortableStorejet 160GB

    Item: Western Digital MyBook Essential Capactity: 1 Terabyte Date of Purchase: May 2010. Copy of Original Invoice will be provided. Condition: Just like Brand New Usage: Used only for Backup of Master Media Drive (Movies, Series, Music). Drive could not have been used for more than 100-150 Total...
  20. Satan

    Hitachi Travelstar (320.GB & 500.GB) & Deskstar HDD's (1.TB & 2.TB)

    UPDATE 2: Price Revisions Finally we're getting somewhere. This is what I have been given so far. Hitachi Deskstar Internal 3.5" 7200 RPM HDD 1 TB: Rs. 2450 + Tax 2 TB: Rs. 5200 + Tax Hitachi Travelstar Internal 2.5" 5200 RPM HDD 320 GB: Rs. 1850 + Tax 500 GB: Rs. 2400 + Tax (No Stock...