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    FS: Tablet Kindle 10th gen 4gb backlight model (Latest non paperwhite) white.

    I bought this kindle certified refurbished few weeks back. Have bill. It's been used only once. As you can see it is almost like unopened. This is the absolute best price. I was able to snag a great deal. The kindle came in a custom Amazon cardboard box. The original kindle box is not used by...
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    FS: Home Audio Video JBL Professional 104BT reference monitors almost like new

    These speakers are perfect for music but I don't find them adequate for films, so putting em up for sale. I am currently using 2 sets of speakers for both purposes, want to buy one set of speakers for both purposes to avoid Will probably go for edifiers 1700 or 1850. Shipping will...
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    WTB 256/500gb Sata M2 ssd for asus vivobook ryzen 5 2500u laptop.

    As title suggests. Preferably less used, in warranty ssd, for reasonable price. Not looking for high end stuff. Looking for maybe crucial bx or wd blue level stuff at 2-3k price range for 256 depending on ssd qualiyy and 3.2-4.2k for 500gb. Thanks for looking.
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    FS: Others Apple TV Siri touch remote with silicone cover.

    It is in perfect working condition. I am selling because I have 2 and the funds I raise will be used to buy a shield soon, if all goes well. This remote was bought from an esteemed member here and is in perfect working condition. Sold to @blackhorn
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    FS: Storage Hardware Crucial P2. Nvme SSD 250gb 10 days old and micron sata ssd 256gb and WD elements 1tb

    Bought this for a mini pc which I sold here yesterday. Buyer did not want storage parts, so selling it seperate. It is as good as new. Selling this for 3100. Also selling micron 256gb sata ssd for 1500 plus shipping. This ssd came prebuilt with the mini pc. SOLD The WD elements is 1tb and is...
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    FS: Desktops Lenovo thinkcentre m720q tiny micro pc. I3 9100t 8gb ram 506gb ssd's.

    > I bought this micro pc off OLX last month for 22k, it is in really good condition but my laptop with Ryzen 5 2500u is sufficient for my use case, I will upgrade the laptop with a 1tb m2 ssd from the proceeds of this sale. > The pc came with a micron 256gb SSD. I added a brand new 250gb Nvme...
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    FS: Tablet iPad Pro 2018 512gb with magnetic keyboard.

    This is a feb 19 model. I am selling this on behalf of a close friend. Comes with all cables but no box. This was bought from Dubai. Prefer to sell it locally in Kerala. iPad pro is 12.9 inch. It is wifi only, not cellular. I apologize for not including the above info, I am not too familiar...
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    FS: Home Audio Video MiBox 4K full box

    Selling my MiBox 4k. I bought this in August last year from my local mi store. Selling because MiBox purpose has been replaced by my new thinkpad NUC and apple tv. Price is inclusive of shipping costs. If you book as buyer using delhivery etc, will reduce from price. Sold to @prime
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    FS: Headphone BOSE QC 35 IIs in warranty with bill and box.

    Selling my Bose qc35 IIs. I finally got to compare them thoroughly with the nc700s I bought from here and decided to keep the nc700s. These are not used much and are in perfect condition. Have straight up reduced 10k from purchase price. So please don't bargain. Thanks for looking, cheers!
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    Gamepass Ultimate gameshare

    Hi guys I have a gamepass account with around 31-32 months remaining. This account is lying unused so I though I will put it up for sharing for half price of new by allowing you to set it up as home console(I.e for 100 per month) or TRF the ID/pass permanently for a discounted price (not sure if...
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    FS: Home Audio Video FS Mi Soundbar in warranty with bill box, as good as new.

    Hi guys, Payment received from @Pardeep Bansal > Selling: Mi Soundbar, which I bought on 02/03/21, from our local Xiaomi store. Have invoice, box and all original packaging and cables. > Condition: 5/5, I would have hardly used it for 30 hours. > Reason for sale: Selling cause I upgraded to...
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    With the euros coming up, I was planning to subscribe to sonyliv for an year@999. Many sites specify that liv allows simultaneous streaming on 2 screens at a time. So if anyone is interested to join in for 499rs, please let me know. Shared with @mh09ad5578. Thanks.
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    FS: Games Xbox series Controller White and Red dead redemption 2 Xbox disk

    This is the robot white controller. MS serial number check shows warranty till December 21. I bought this off olx for 4100 last week, it was sealed, I might have used it for 5 hours max. I am only selling because I am getting confused with both my controllers being the same color, it works...
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    FS: Storage Hardware Crucial BX500 120GB SSD + ADATA sata usb 3.0 hdd enclosure

    Selling my crucial BX500 120gb SSD which was used for a month max. Got it to replace 500gb hdd in PS3 but then PS3 broke soon. Tried using with enclosure but 120gb is useless for that and my laptop has only one sata port so can't use it there too. Hence selling. Have attached amazon invoice...
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    FS: Consoles Xbox One X with 2 controllers and 2 disks

    It comes with the box and accessories, a black controller and Forza Motorsport 7 disk. You can see in the pic that the rubber on the left thumbstick of the black controller has worn out and there is 1 scratch(purely cosmetic which comes with use) on top of the xbox. Hence given condition 3/5...
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    FS: Home Audio Video Apple TV HD (Not 4k) in warranty

    I am selling my apple tv HD which I bought last week from a reputed member here, and used sparsely. I am only selling it because I wanted to test it for a specific use case, which it could not satisfy effectively. It has a couple of months warranty remaining. Already taking a small loss here so...
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    FS: Headphone Bose QC 35ii with 8 months warranty

    Hi guys. Selling my Bose QC 35ii which I bought a few weeks back from here. These were bought by the first owner, who is a reputed TE member from Amazon on 24/10/2020. It comes with the carry case, box and all the accessories which were part of the original packing. I am only selling it...
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    FS: Storage Hardware WD Passport 4TB HDD

    Selling my WD passport 4tb external HDD. I bought this used locally from a person I know for 5,350 just a month back, with plan to use private trackers but then realized it has too many hassles(drains the entire bandwith, making internet unusable for anything else). So giving up and selling as I...
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    FS: Storage Hardware Unopened WD Elements 1tb external hard disk.

    Selling unopened 1tb wd elements hard drive. Has warranty till 2024, if you check the serial number. Will share the serial no via PM. This was received by my cousin brother with a laptop he purchased, so it has no seperate bill. Price inclusive of shipping. If shipping exceeds 200, you will...
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    FS: Consoles XBOX Series S Indian unit, full bill box

    Hi all I am selling since I have a series X coming. It is in good condition. You can see fingerprints from use on controller and box, else it is as good as new. Shipping at buyers risk. Alternatively, I can sell the console with box and accessories, without controller for 23,000, since I can...