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    WTB Battlefield 2042 promo key (bf2042 game key)

    Hi, let me know if anyone's willing to sell their bf2042 key that came with recent purchase of rtx gpu.
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    WTB z97 motherboard

    Comment or message if selling intel 4th gen z97 motherboard.
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    WTB Radeon RX Vega 56/64

    anyone selling this comment or message.
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    WTB 2012 AMD FX 8350 or FX 9000 CPU

    If anyone is selling one of these old AMD CPUs please message.
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    WTB GTX 1660 super or GTX 1660 ti

    Looking to buy 1660S or 1660 ti, message if you are selling.:)
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    WTB RTX 3060 TI/3080 FE (Founder's edition)

    Location: Bangalore Please let me know if anyone is selling the black color FE model. AIB is also okay, message model & price.
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    WTB i7 4790k + z97 motherboard

    I am looking to buy i7 4790k with z97 motherboard in good condition. Let me know if you got this for sale.
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    WTB SLI Flexible cable for dual graphics card

    I require 2 flexible SLI cables , Please ping if anyone is selling their SLI cables which comes along with motherboard box. Need only flexible cables, HB (high bandwidth/rigid) doesn't work in my case.
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    WTB LGA 1155 z77 or z68 motherboard for 3rd gen cpu

    Please ping if you are selling either z68 or z77 motherboard.
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    WTB WTB: 1155 Motherboard for i7 2700k

    Please pm if you are selling good working condition motherboard for this CPU.