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    Video dilemma on led TV's samsung UA40D6000SR Vs LG 42lw5700

    I am planning to buy led tv. Initially I finalized on samsung UA40D6000SR but when I went in shop that guy told me manu things about LG 42lw5700. According to him plus points of lg are 2d to 3d converter (i am not sure how much difference it will make later) 3d goggles do not require...
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    Query regarding battery charger and recharable batteries

    I am planning to get battery charger and some batteries In charger I have options of BC-9009 and MHC-9000 I went through the few threads here and found following BC-9009 pros compact (though not priority) can charge single battery better display cons over heating issue. can not charge too...
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    webmail to pst

    Is there any application which will download (automatically or manually) all mails from webmail to .pst file. I work on environment where I have properly configured outlook where I download mails to .pst. But I have another webmail (from other company) account that needs to access (for this I...
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    which dslr to get from US

    My brother is giving :) me dslr and bringing it from US. I have shortlisted canon rebel t2i. Since he is coming in 2-3 :( days he is gonna buy it from store. He is getting above one i n $909 (849+tax) from bestbuy/terget/BH video. Can some one tell me what is the difference between EOD550D and...
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    Storage Solutions Strange problem with my cd/dvd writer

    When I write any file to cd they get written. But while reading win xp says it's blank disc. I use ImageBurn to write to cds. I tried that cd in couple of another pc the result is same they say that it's blank cd. I can read other cd's (movie, games cd) properly. But not the one which written...
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    Video I want to split cable tv signal for my HTPC and normal TV

    I want to split cable tv signal and provide them to tv as well as HTPC, I have used to regular cable and splitter normally we get in hardware/electric shop but after connection picture quality was very poor and distorted :@. Has any one done it ? Can any one give how to do it, any links...
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    finalized on inverter and battery need good dealer and pricing in pune

    I have finalized on su-kam 800VA (pure sine wave) inverted and excide 150Ah battery. I am in Pune. Can someone suggest good dealer who will give good rate. Currently I am getting quotes of rs 5500 for inverter and rs 9500 for battery. Just few questions 1. Should I go for tubular battery ...
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    WTB:8GB mini SD or 8GB microSD with adapter.

    I want to by 8GB mini SD or 8GB micro SD card for my HTC mobile. Please suggest me which one to go for and dealer/site who offers cheapest deal.
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    PC Peripherals HTPC+graphics card+sound problem

    Hi Recently I made HTPC and It's gr8 apart from few things. 1) I am using Radeon 4350 PCI-E (512Mb, 1GB) gfx card. It has VGA, DVI out and S-video out. I can see video on TV (as LCD out of budget now!!) but I have to connect stereo-to-component cable for getting sound...
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    PC Peripherals HTPC help

    I am planning to build HTPC. Please let me know what are the components (compulsory +optional) that I need. My budget is 10-15k. If you have any HTPC rig please specify config.