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    The New iPad :)

    Hello Guys, One of the best Birthday Gift you could ever get from your friends ! Yes you heard it right, My friends Gifted me The new iPad on my Birthday :) i am so freaking Happy :)
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    CPU/Mobo need high end x58 motherboard urgent

    wanted a high end x50 motherboard urgent.. dont want asus cause those are assholes rashi guys suck.
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    WTB Want to buy intel i7 3820 CPU

    Want to buy intel i7 3820 2011 socket CPU... if any one is selling new/used pm me your offer..
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    FS: Games Dota 2 key for Counter Strike Global offensive key.

    Hello, im willing to trade a DOTA 2 key for an CS:GO key on steam. if anyone has a CS:GO key and willing to trade PM me ! :happy26:
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    FS: Cabinets For Sale Antec 1200 Full tower Case with 8 blue LED High flow fans and dust fillter

    For Sale ! PM me for any thing dont low ball the thread.. Product Name - Antec 1200 full tower gaming case ! I'm Selling the case along with 8blue led fans.. its a year old and the only problem it has is one Front USB 2.0 slot is not working (another 1 works and with rest of the front panel...
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    WTB Ipod Classic !

    want to buy an ipod classic [any size(GB)] should be in prefect working condition ! Pm me ur deals ! thanks
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    Audio Can you tell me some Good desktop/Studio Speakers?

    hey guys.. im looking for a new set of speakers so i though this time around ill go for the studio speakers as i hear alot of ppl saying its good. can u suggest me some good 1's (cheap :P). im looking for high bass and loudness with clear voice etc..etc im coming from an old setup of logitec...
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    Crank That Sh#t Up Version 2.0 Diwali Special (warning Pic Heavy)

    Hello peeps .. Got some Stuff i would like to share with you guys Razer Blackwidow Dragon Age 2 Edition Razer Death Adder Dragon Age 2 Edition x2 (1 is up for grabs. only local buyers) Razer Golitus Dragon Age 2 Edition Xtrac Ripper xxxl mouse pad SteelSeries QCK Tyloo Edition...
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    Need Help regarding !

    Hello, i just placed an order on and i havent got any more updates from them other then a mail confirming that my order is placed. when i tried calling no replay for my calls and even no reply to my mails. i look up on their facebook page and many people are complaining about the...
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    Audio Need a new pair of Earphone's...

    Hey Guys, I need some help in choosing some earphones.. can u tell me which one's i should i get ? i dont want in-earphone, currently i use SENNHEISER MX 460 so want something that is better then it...
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    Car & Bike weee Swift ! (before civic)

    hey Guys Got a swift before the civic comes in next week.... there were some issues with the bank that got settled hence the delay on the civic since my last post abt it... but no problemo got a swift to learn in ! its a 2nd hand car... 6 months old and 13k run time on it (yea 2010) got it for...
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    Car & Bike Bought a New Honda Civic !

    Hey Guys, i Bot a new Honda Civic ! i wanted to pimp it out ! so could u guys suggest the best audio system (speaker,woofer,amp,player,monitor etc etc..) and also other stuff like reverse monitor sensor and other stuff for it ? links would be nice along with ur post ! :D:clap:
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    Crank That Sh#T UP ! :D

    Weeeeeeeeee Finally build my first Gaming Rig ! its not much Compared to you ppl ! but im very happy since im coming up from an single core AMD 3000+ with 512MB ram and onboard 6100 GFX.... :lol: :lol: :lol: New rig.. ntel Core i7 930 @ 2.80ghz Asus Rampage III Extreme X58 Moatherboard...