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    iPhone 3Gs 32GB White with OtterBox(New in BOX)

    Hello Mates Selling "iPhone 3Gs 32GB White with OtterBox(New in BOX)" This is the Phone i was using for the last 6 Months with good care. Bought OtterBox BRAND NEW (can see in pics) for personal use, but my preference shifted to Samsung Galaxy S2. Im Looking for Quick sale & priced also...
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    Xfx gtx 285

    Hi Mates Selling XFX GTX 285 on behalf of a friend Purchased December 2009. With 11 months + warranty. Reason for sale upgrading. Product Condition: Very Very Good. Coz it was never benched, didn't game also. Most of the time this was in off state. Selling @ 7000 shipped. eBay Link...
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    INTEL Core i7 2600K 3 months old.

    Hello Mates Selling my INTEL Core i7 2600K 3 months old binned, guaranteed to work at x53 multi. With Original Box & unused heatsink. Reason For Sale: Will be upgrading to next gen. This is almost new in condition, used it for just 2 months particularly well. Reached frequencies...
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    eVGA GTX560 Ti [Brand NEW]

    eVGA GTX560 Ti [Brand NEW] Price Updated Hello Mates Selling a eVGA GTX560 Ti [Brand NEW] Accessories Accessories Include - 1x miniHDMI to HDMI cable, 2x Power Connectors, 1x VGA, CD's for drivers. WITH FULL BOX AS NEW SPECIAL ITEM eVGA POSTER GPUz screen e This was bought from US...
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    Asus P8P67 WS Revolution LGA1155 (Sandybridge Board)

    Hello Mates Selling Asus P8P67 WS Revolution LGA1155 (Sandybridge Board) B3/Digi+VRM, UEFI BIOS, NF200, Dual Intel LAN, CUDA Expected Price: Rs 14,200/- "No trades of any-kind". It was purchased for 17200. Time of Purchase: 27th May 2011 Indian warranty valid/Remaining...
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    EVGA P55 CLASSIFIED 200 + Core I5 655K(Combo)

    Hi Mates Selling eVGA P55 CLASSIFIED 200 + Core i5 655K(Combo) Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: eVGA P55 CLASSIFIED 200 + Core i5 655K(Combo) Expected Price: Rs 12,300/- for BOTH. Time of Purchase: CPU was purchased NOV 2010 & MOBO was bought from US in OCTOBER...
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    Laptops required

    I want to buy 2 laptops. New & old all welcome. Must be in good working condition. Should be less than a year old. Indian warranty is a must. Must be of the Intel i series. Budget no bar. Offers by PM only.
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    3g Data card Unlocked With/ Without Warranty

    Hello fellas I need a 3G Data Card With or Without Warranty. Unlocked or locked which can be unlocked later. My quote is Rs. 900-1500 it depends on speed it supports the higher the better & im ready to pay more than that. Thanks for reading.
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    MSI N460GTX HAWK "Talon Attack"

    Hello Mates Selling my MSI N460GTX HAWK "Talon Attack" Condition is as GOOD as NEW ,its is just 32 days old ,Changed the TIM to MX-3 & TEMPS are now IDLE at 32c.... Overclocks up to 952 core & 1150 memory with latest AB 2.1 beta3 .This thing overclocks like hell on AIR :). Reason For...
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    Thermalright Venomous-X

    Hi mates Selling my Thermalright Venomous-X BOX Cooler Bill MORE PICS here This was bought from Lynx-India MARCH 2010 Selling Reason - Will upgrade to Corsair H70. CONDITION AS GOOD AS NEW ... Selling at Rs.2800 + shipping TIM...
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    Zotac GTX 470|RMAed - BRAND NEW|

    Hi Mates I'm trying to sell my newly RMAed Zotac GTX 470 bought from Lynx-India april 2010 Original receipt RMA receipt Accessories Reason for sale :- Don't need it any more 460 hawk suffixes my need. Bought the original card in april ,I have recently to RMA for fan stopped working...
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    |Brand New| XFX GT240 1GB DDR3 *GRAB IT ASAP*

    Hi Mates Selling BRAND NEW XFX GT240 1GB DDR3 Yes as the title says its a brand new card recently(Today / 19.10.10) received from a competition held at my collage 2weeks back . U get the warranty too ,I contacted XFX support (Rashi Peripherals)u get 5years warrenty & u get a...
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    |UnBoxing|MSI N460GTX HWAK "Talon Attack"

    |UnBoxing|MSI N460GTX HAWK "Talon Attack" MSI N460GTX HAWK "Talon Attack" MSI's GTX 460 HAWK "Talon Attack" is the company's flagship GeForce GTX 460 model, and the equivalent of the "Lightning" series which is used on high-end cards like the N480GTX Lightning . As thermal solution, MSI's...
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    |Un-Used Items|T-RAD2 GTX & CORSAIR 2GB 1600MHz CL8 DDR3

    Hi Mates Selling these unused items T-Rad2 GTX ^ One thing i need to confirm is ,T-RAD2 GTX fits to PALIT GTX460 (Confirmed through hole spacing same as 9800gt)& some GTS450's Crapping is strictly prohibited :P Interested one's can always drop a PM ;)
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    Gtx460 1gb |any brand|

    Hi mates Need GTX460 1GB Any Brand Price should be reasonable :) Seller have to ship it to Guwahati(ASSAM) Regards PrasaD
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    NEED GT220 1GB DDR3 urgently

    Hey mates I urgently need a GT220 1GB DDR3 urgently Any folks in selling mood ,I will surely buy :) Thanks for looking Regards PrasaD
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    Core i3 / i5 / Gigabyte H55M-USB3

    Hello Mates Just need to buy any of u guys willing to sell Core i3 / i5 / Gigabyte H55M-USB3 For good price Thanks for looking :)
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    DangerDen Black Ice SR1 280 Radiator 5K shipped

    Hi Mates Selling Danger Den Black Ice SR1 280 Radiator / 2x 140mm Its one of the best Rad in its class for its price ... One of my friends bought this for me from UK As im not going for Water Cooling in near future .Here's it up for sale Wishing to sell @ Rs.8000 shipped :) No...
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    Sparkle 9800GT 1 GB GDDR3 Green Edition *Brand New*

    Hi mates Selling Sparkle 9800GT 1 GB GDDR3 Green Edition on friend's behalf Yes ,Its BAND NEW as the title says Specs :- # Core Clock: 550MHz # Shader Clock: 1375MHz # Stream Processors: 112 # Model #: SX98GT1024D3G-VM He got this as a refund for CPU bought 2 weeks ago from...
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    Xfx radeon hd 5450 1gb gddr3

    Hi mates Selling my XFX RADEON HD 5450 1GB GDDR3 which i bought this for this competition at hwbot. :) More info here's GPU challenge! GPU HD5450 Competition!!! - Page 33 - -