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    Amazon's EMI discount offers - What's the catch?

    On Amazon homepage they are showing an EMI discount offer. I tried adding a phone to cart to see what happens. And then applied my ICICI debit card. It shows 3 months No EMI and the price difference is 1500 - the discount price. Though I am hesitant about buying stuff so I can't help but wonder...
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    Budget 25-30k Successor for my OnePlus 3T

    I bought my Oneplus 3t around 4 years ago and it has been amazing - even with the phone still running on Android 7.1. Combined with a Nilkin hard cover it has survived numerous falls. Within the last year, problems have come up. The power button has gone kaput. Fingerprint sensor requires...
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    Spam and inaction on Jio

    For past couple of months I am being spammed by Pokerbaazi on my Jio number. And in spite of raising multiple spam complaints they always tell that the operator found - No marketing activity. When DND had started I was spammed continuously by a company and they had to pay a huge price for it...
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    Supreme Court verdict deals blow to banks’ NPA recovery efforts

    The Supreme Court's surprise verdict of quashing the Reserve Bank of India's (RBI) February 12 circular will weaken the banks' ability to change the management of defaulting companies and resolve the debt of Rs 3.8 lakh crore across the stressed sectors such as power, sugar and shipping. Of the...
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    Rahul Gandhi on Rs 12K minimum income plan for poor

    Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Monday pledged to roll out a monthly income guarantee scheme, if his party comes to power at the Centre, to ensure India’s 20 per cent poorest families make at least Rs 12,000 every month. The scheme would cover 5 crore families and benefit nearly 25 crore...
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    Buying online abroad using Indian Credit Card

    I have a friend who is traveling back to India. And I wanted to buy some stuff off but it seems none of my cards - Citi Debit/Credit and ICICI Credit work because they want a billing address. And they expect the billing address to be US. So any ideas how to get around this...
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    T-Mobile Slapped With A $40 Million Fine For Its Deceptive Design

    I believe something similar is happening on Jio.
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    Passport Help required

    I took out my passport today after a long time. Turns out passport somehow had absorbed a lot of moisture. Now while all of my details like Name, Number, DOB etc are visible, photo is completely gone. The pic is now just a blob of colors. Does anyone what process needs to be followed in such...
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    Android Microphone issue on OP3T

    For some reason my OP3T's microphone has stopped working during calls. My first reaction was that the microphone went kaput but voice recording works, so does the Google Now app. Then there were tons of tuts out there which talked about disabling and enabling Google Now. But that doens't work...
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    Portuguese non-neutral ISP shows us what future internet might look like
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    Need Help with some muck up with disk

    I was having issue with my usb not formatting to full capacity. So I was reading this thread: Now I completely missed the fact that the usb stick was disk 2 and not disk 1, I ran the delete partition...
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    Budget 10-15K Decent Android experience with VoLTE and preferrably ViLTE

    My MOTO G3 is on it's last legs. Voice output is terrible and sometimes connecting is also impossible. 1. Budget? A: INR 10k-15k 2. Preferred display size, type and resolution? A: 5" and above, IPS LCD preferably something with IPX7 certification 3. Preferred operating system? (Android (with...
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    Issue connecting to YT, Play Store, Google News

    Since late last night I am unable to connect to some of google services - YT, Play Store, google news. Gmail opens but the chat doesn't work. Drive is responding extremely slow. This is on Airtel BB, Bangalore. Anyone else facing the same issue? Pings to the services give me this IP...
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    Indian ISP and encryption?

    I came across this article today: Quote: 40 bits..
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    Wallet Feedback Thread

    So given the pervasiveness of wallets in our live, I think a mega thread of different wallet threads is required. My experience with different wallets have been thus: a. Paytm - Used to have a lot of cashbacks etc and there were constant issues but things have calmed down quite a bit. Offers are...
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    Windows Windows 10 shuts down improperly instead of hibernating

    My laptop keeps shutting down improperly if kept on hibernation for a long time. If the hibernation is like 5-10 minutes it's fine.
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    Microwave Oven or with convection or OTG? Really confused

    I am looking to buy a microwave for noob level baking and grilling. But the amount of info online has my head spinning. First what I know till now, there are three types - 1. Solo for heating and defrosting 2. Oven for grilling 3. Convection for grilling and baking Now there seems to be...
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    SUV cabs in Bangalore

    Not sure if this is the right forum but does anyone know if Ola even provides a SUV service? I have been trying their service since morning and haven't found any cabs when I go for their "prime SUV" option. I do see cabs under Uber XL but I am having trouble paying my last trip amount with...
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    Doodhwala - Worst of the "delivery" apps

    I have been trying new startups left and right in Bangalore but many of them are not entirely up to the mark. While its not as if established brands don't have issues many of these from "young" and "hungry" entrepreneurs just have dreams and very less actual business acumen. First there was...