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    Stuff From Manchester

    How about some asda muffins. They are awesome. Just kidding. I studied in manchester and used to love those muffins if you are there try them buddy.
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    PS3 40GB NTSC - 20 PSN Games Included

    Excellent and smooth transaction..very helpful seller. Cheers
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    PS3 Slim 250 GB UC2 Bundle - 19.5k - Chennai

    I was in the market few days back to pick up a PS3 and found the PS3 Slim with 1 year warranty for 20k but with no games thrown in.
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    PS3 Slim 250 GB UC2 Bundle - 19.5k - Chennai

    Theres nothing fishy as You can easily find a 250gb ps3 slim in chennai for 20k.
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    PS3 80GB with Games

    Hi, Do you still have your PS3 for sale? If so I will be interested in picking it up immediately. Cheers
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    New Xbox Arcade Jasper + 60Gb

    Dude do you still have it for sale? I would be interested.