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    Storage Solutions Crystalmark shows Current Pending Sector Count, need HDD recommendations

    I had bought a HDD from a user in TE. The drive was old when I bought it and it worked well until a few days ago, where it would get randomly unmounted and mounted (On windows and mac). I used crystal mark and saw the temps were 48 C and during load it was reading 50+C. My case is Antec VSK10...
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    Best charger for LG G8x and Dell Venue 10 Pro 5056

    I lost my Dell charger and new one costs too much, but since its usb C, I thought I would get a QC or USB PD charger. Since my phone also supports it, I would prefer a PD 2 or QC 4 charger. Any recommendations on which brand to go for? I'm little tempted to get GaN charger, but then it becomes...
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    FS: Monitor and LCD 1080p 24 inch Benq LCD monitor with vga/dvi/hdmi

    Like GPU prices, monitor prices have also increased. Even my bro had bought the same monitor for same price, but now it retails for 11k ‍♂️
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    FS: Power Cooling and Modding MX Mini DP to HDMI | Cold Cathode Tube | iPod Nano

    That nano doesn't have a water mark, it is most likely the battery which has swelled up. It can still be fixed tho, but likely a headache. Video which details more about this -
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    Steam Deck is official

    Lol I like how for a hands on, he pulled up with thermal camera, LDAT sensor, USB dongles, monitor and several controllers. He tried his best to get as much info about it as possible.
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    Apple announces lossless Apple Music is coming in June at no added cost

    Admittedly I'm not much into lossless music, I'm a happy pleb using Spotify with my KZ ED16. But this video on MQA is def something worth checking out - Since large part of music is 'how it makes us feel', there is huge snakeoil market.
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    A-VO-ID: Do a minimum RC of Rs.35 per 28days or No outgoing calls (Even with Main Balance!)

    I'm not sure if my memory serves me currectly, but I think around 2016-ish I would spend 5 rupees for 1 day internet, 25 MB I think. Airtel also had a 'credit' feature where you could claim small amounts of internet/talktime and they would deduct it from you once you had sufficient balance...
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    WTB Tech stuff / IEMs / headphones, will be visiting Mumbai next month, would prefer take it then

    Bump, got my food suggestion, now waiting for any deals lol
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    WTB Tech stuff / IEMs / headphones, will be visiting Mumbai next month, would prefer take it then

    Thanks for that, I did hear about Jimis burger but couldn't remember the name until I saw your comment
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    WTB Tech stuff / IEMs / headphones, will be visiting Mumbai next month, would prefer take it then

    I'll be visiting Vashi, Kurla and Dombivli. I'm down for any cuisine, veg non-veg, birds, animals, etc etc lol
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    WTB Tech stuff / IEMs / headphones, will be visiting Mumbai next month, would prefer take it then

    I'm visiting Mumbai for some personal work. Since I'm looking for some openback headphones, I could take them off your hands lol. If there are somethings which needs minor repairs, I could take them off your hands too. My budget would be limited (due to travel and all) but will try my best...
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    Windows 11 announced

    I'm running windows 11 preview atm, and I do agree that it looks good. I use macOS just for Logic and FCPX (not for work, just hobby) and I can see elements of Windows moving towards more user friendliness. And yes people have been heralding (and failing) and declaring Linux to be the Next Best...
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    Windows 11 announced

    And the ones which don't run, Steam is looking to get them sorted out before the actual release of Steam Deck. Honestly, if the compatibility works out well for Steam OS, Windows 11 indeed would be in danger, since vast majority of gamers will now have a good reason to go after linux.
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    Since you have mentioned that we are trying to model after China, I think the same reasons would apply to our government as well. Remove all inkling of opposition and resistance. But streisand effect lol
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    Steam Deck is official

    @tech.monk Its not OT but can be considered as the competition
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    Steam Deck is official

    It would have been even better had they used the latest AMD architecture rather than going for 2nd gen, mainly given the efficiency, but I think silicon shortage might be a big reason for using older CPU. As for why Valve is trying to get into consoles, I think they believe there exists a...
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    Whatsapp sending telemetry data

    Ah yes, 'de'identified data. Surely there is no way the data can be traced back to the individual /s
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    FS: Headphone Jabra elite 65t