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    Storage Solutions Crystalmark shows Current Pending Sector Count, need HDD recommendations

    I had bought a HDD from a user in TE. The drive was old when I bought it and it worked well until a few days ago, where it would get randomly unmounted and mounted (On windows and mac). I used crystal mark and saw the temps were 48 C and during load it was reading 50+C. My case is Antec VSK10...
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    Best charger for LG G8x and Dell Venue 10 Pro 5056

    I lost my Dell charger and new one costs too much, but since its usb C, I thought I would get a QC or USB PD charger. Since my phone also supports it, I would prefer a PD 2 or QC 4 charger. Any recommendations on which brand to go for? I'm little tempted to get GaN charger, but then it becomes...
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    WTB Tech stuff / IEMs / headphones, will be visiting Mumbai next month, would prefer take it then

    I'm visiting Mumbai for some personal work. Since I'm looking for some openback headphones, I could take them off your hands lol. If there are somethings which needs minor repairs, I could take them off your hands too. My budget would be limited (due to travel and all) but will try my best...
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    WTB Wireless charger for LG G8x

    Looking to buy a wireless charger for my LG G8x, idk spending 800-1k for wireless charger seems too hard to swallow, willing to spend 400-500 on it. The phone seems to support 10 watt charging, but definitely looking for something faster than 5 watt.
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    People with long hair, what's your routine?

    I shampoo once or twice a week, use coconut oil and don't tie my hair too tight. I braid my hair before sleeping to prevent tangles, been working great so far.
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    Anyone bought anything / heard about ?

    With ban of Aliexpress there aren't many places where we can buy chinese products. This website claims to deliver to India (and they do charge delivery fees). I was wondering if anyone has used this site before. Also FYI, I'm planning to buy KZ Bluetooth module from this website.
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    Windows Can't install Windows 20H2 on MSI B450i

    Whenever I install the latest Windows 10 (Insider latest or 20H2), I would get stuck in "Getting devices ready: 75%" or so. I disabled the LAN with my BIOS, then Windows runs with no issue. I'm able to set up and using USB to ethernet dongle I can update the system. HOWEVER even after...
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    Audio Decent speakers under 2k?

    I'm currently using some old model F&D 2.0 speakers (which I bought used for 300 lol). They are loud but don't have any bass. Was looking at 2.1 speakers but there are many options (F&D, Edifier, Philips etc). I'm looking for decent bass and clear sound. My setup is in my hall which is medium...
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    I think my audio interface just died :/

    Pretty much the title. Model is M-Audio Fast Track C400. Been using it for around 2+ years, I bought it used and pretty sure its 5+ years old. The interface lights up when connected but my mic/guitar input is not recognized. VU meter doesn't move no matter how loud the sound. I think I...
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    Budget 20-25K Anyone bought LG G8x for 20k??

    I had placed it in wishlist, but couldn't order one. Phone has great internal specs, but since LG has lesser brand value than Samsung, Apple, etc their phones depreciate in value like crazy. Not that I mind that, as long as it has decent innards and good package it shouldn't matter much. K20...
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    Need help getting a product return -

    This is gonna be a continuing story, so please bear with me. If there's a more appropriate thread to post this, let me know. I wanted to build a mini-itx/micro-atx gaming system (cuz I would like to have something small and portable yet powerful). I bought Ryzen 7 2700 and decided to buy MSI...
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    WTB Looking for an RX 580 or Vega 56

    My budget would be max 10.5k for an RX 580 and 14k for Vega 56. I'm from Manipal, Karnataka. Open for RX 570 as well. Would prefer at least some warranty.
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    WTB Xbox One wireless controller

    Hay, budget would be around 3k or so, saw used controllers on OLX and fb, but they sell it to others :( Anyone selling their wireless contollers?