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    SONY CYBERSHOT DSC S930 10.1 MP Camera

    Deal closed @ Rs.5300/- (including shipping) to gsnkalyan. Thank you all for showing interest.
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    SONY CYBERSHOT DSC S930 10.1 MP Camera

    Price Bump 5K + Shipping.
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    SONY CYBERSHOT DSC S930 10.1 MP Camera

    Hello TE Members, This is my first thread. I have recently purchased a SONY CYBER-SHOT DSC S930-10.1 MP Camera. 1YEAR SONY INDIA WARRANTY + ORIGINAL FREE 2GB MEMORY STICK PRO DUO IN THE PACKING BOX Bill Invoice dated on 26th August 2009. I have not yet opened the camera and the box is...
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    HTC Touch Diamond II Review

    Thanx for the review. Was hoping to buy a touch phone but this is too costly. Does anyone know how the Samsung touch phone at 10K?
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    Anything from Lamington Road @ ur DoorStep!!

    Sorry Rahul, but have to say you did not quote the price as well as when i said that I stay at Navi Mumbai Vashi. You said home Delivery not possible because you felt you would get caught at octroi. So please remove Anything from Lamington Road @ ur DoorStep!! TAG.
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    1st Dhamaka For Today -Power Colour Graphic Cards

    dusro ke bund main chole kyon daal raha hai beta jab khud ki bund lagi ho... amar and his so called frnds are lowerin the quality of forum.. look at the way this person uses awful language in support of sire !
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    where to learn developing a website from ?

    may be you should learn to check out some of the guidelines laid down by our own mods themselves. i dont understand why you people have to poke your nose around in every other thread to show how stupid u are. anyways i don't want to interfere much in this thread. let it be what it is. it will...
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    IIPM ! plz help anyone :(

    Well... its a very disheartening incident that has happened with my 2 friends. they had done their BMS (Bachelor in management studies) degree from Mumbai university. after BMS, they decided to persue the next big indian dream "MBA". for that they took a year off and prepared for...
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    Dead Space Gets 8.7 Saints Row 2 gets 8.0 reviews out

    damn :E saints row gona release for PC on 7th NOVEMBER !
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    Can Arjun do this ?

    nO He cant !!!! i doubt if he did the previous thing in real :P
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    PC Peripherals Does CM690 have a cabby speaker?

    nope it does not have ! my friend has one
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    India blocks Chenab flow into Pakistan.

    now a big GHANTAA for you . do one thing: open a NGO for all these people who dont feel @ home in INDIA. serve them drinks, take them to parties, also let some sleep at your home ! to them you wont be a Macho Man but a godsend SAVIOR but in my eyes you would be another such Gaddar who is...
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    India blocks Chenab flow into Pakistan.

    ^^^^^^ Well said. And these brave people keep on sayin let those terrorists bomb us, our spirit never dies, Why you get angry? , n other sh%t. Actually spirit is lost, of those who die and whom they belong. These pakistanis should be ripped apart from world map. As the way they are...
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    Its Delhi now

    Boss ! i am not the one who started all this. people here were just sharing their griefs here, suddenly Mr. Party pops out, makes fun out of others thoughts and ridicules the whole thing going on in this thread. anyways i have work to do. cant explain each of my actions who dont considers...
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    Its Delhi now

    damn man... u are totally SICK y u name callin others in the forum (faggot moron... etc )... when u urself a MORON, Faggot, NutSack :P cmon man.. get out of this thread if u cant add anythin. u always come and start flamewars ! wat a Lame **** :ohyeah: PS: ppl on these forum who are...
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    Its Delhi now

    y dont u just shut the F up rather than makin a hysterical statement here :E lousy ass ppl like u are shame to this country. rather than donating money for uniforms, do some work URSELF. first... gather some guts in ur NUTS !
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    FS : Brand New Box packed [WeP TOP.UPS-600VA UPS]

    Nice UPS.... hold it for me !
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    Dell Ultrasharp 2408WFP - A quick review

    And one more thing....Tera yeh Display dekh kar meri gand jal rahi hain....